Authors Note: This is what happens when you have no life and you end up writing in the middle of the night. After watching preview clips of 3x12 'The Spanish Teacher.' I ended up watching 'Sexy and I know it' on an endless loop (still watching now. SOMEBODY BETTER STOP ME NOW!) Damian's dancing towards the end had me dying (He seriously looks like he's having a seizure.) So, I had to write about it. This is my first time posting here so excuse me if i don't know what the hell I'm doing. If you don't recognize any of the characters, it's because they're OCs. I only own Amelia (who may end up in future stories, but who knows.) Roxie belongs to my dear friend Christy (Starkid_Xanny, you should check out her stories, they're fabulous.) Ana and Triston belong to my other lovely friends Deirdre and Zoe respectively (Don't know if they have accounts here, sadly ;A;) Anyway, Read, Review and most importantly, Enjoy! :D

Disclaimer: If I owned Glee, I would work on the damn continuity issues that show has. Alas I don't, I just own my own writing and my character Amelia (/le sob.)

'I'm Sexy and I know it.'

Amelia watched as everybody danced around the room as the extremely good looking Spanish Teacher sang. Looking over at Rory dancing with him, a blush crossed her cheeks, biting her lip slightly. Green eyes went over to Finn who was doing a body roll as she rolled her eyes slightly (she could've sworn she saw Schue checking him out, that creep.) A pair of hands pulled her out of her seat as she was twirled by Rory.

"H-Hello." she said with a laugh as she danced with the Irish boy earning a chuckle in response.

Rory was about to respond, but Amelia was pulled away by her friends Ana and Roxie, the two of them skipping off and dancing to the beat of the music next to Triston. Rory had no obligations to this, seeing as he enjoyed watching all of the girls prance and dance around to the music.

'Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Yeah!'

Amelia smiled as she shimmied her hips and shook her hair with the girls when the Spanish teacher turned to them. Turning to the boys he said the same thing. Amelia observed all the boys, a smirk crossing her face as she looked at Rory who looked like he was about to have a seizure. Looking over at Roxie she noticed her trying to stifle a laugh, still shaking her hips with the girls. The second time Rory's seizure like shake came around, Amelia let the fit of giggles escape, unable to continue dancing as Roxie joined in with her.

As the song ended, Rory walked over to her.

"Amelia, was there something that was funny?" he asked, blue eyes filled with curiosity "I saw you over there laughing." he continued as Amelia shook her head.

"No, everything's fine Rory." she said smiling as Rory gave a small smile.

"Okay then." he said with a nod, giving her a hug before walking off with the boys. Amelia watched him walk out of the classroom, a small smile gracing her features before Ana snapped her out of her thoughts.

"Come on! Triston, Foxie and I are going to get ice cream and you're coming." Amy turned around to see her friends standing there as she nodded. "Coming." she replied before joining them as the four of them made their way down the hall and over to the local ice creamery.