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"What did he mean by that?" Raven demanded when he was putting off his tuxedo.

"Not sure," he shrugged, untying his necktie. "He's just messing around with us, I guess. Maybe he knew we're enemies and blah blah blah so he came up with the idea we cannot fulfill. I think he wants to lock us up forever in this castle."

"Great," she murmured, levitating the book toward her. It landed smoothly on her lap. "I love wasting my time with a thief in a castle like this. It makes me feel like a princess."

Red-X smiled, amused. He tilted his head to the side while his hands were unbuttoning the shirt. "I didn't know you have sarcasm in you, Sunshine. Always thought you were morose."

"I appreciate your judgment," she said, not lifting her head from the book. "And stop calling me that."

"Or else?" his eyebrows shot upward. He took off the trousers and wore his gloves.

"Or else I'll snap you in half."

"I am terribly scared, Sunshine," he laughed, getting his cape from the bathroom.

When he was out of the bathroom, he saw her glaring at him. The eyes told him she was annoyed, and in her hands, the black energy spheres were glowing.

"I don't think ruining the only bedroom we got is a wise idea, Sunshine," he chuckled.

She frowned, but he believed she agreed with him as the black spheres vanished. She crept down from the bed and grabbed her folded outfit from the couch while he crawled to the middle of the bed. He took the book that she left lying open and saw the cover.

"Harry Potter?" he gasped. "Really? In such a place like this?"

"At least there's one thing that can assure us we're still in our dimension," she shrugged. She walked into the bathroom with her uniform in her hand.

After hearing the bathroom door was locked, he threw the book on the bed beside him and lied on his back. He exhaled heavily—this thing had gone out of control.

The master, whoever he was, knew he was the one who got the crown out of the box. He also knew his deepest fear as if it was a public knowledge. He felt vulnerable and lost. How was he supposed to get himself and Raven out of that place? Loving her was impossible—his feeling was dead long ago. He didn't want to love again, as to love was to get hurt. He'd had enough.

Besides, she was a titan. If he fell in love with her, they'd get back to Jump City, and he would become their enemy again. It would, again, become a love that would hurt him.

This was the greatest dilemma he'd ever faced. If he didn't love her, or try to, they'd probably never get out of that place. If he did, he would, or they would, end up hurting.

He hoisted himself when Raven was out of the bathroom. She was already in her leotard again. She fixed her cape and took the boots from under the bed, slipping her feet into them. She looked like the normal Raven again—he was slightly disappointed by that.

"What's the plan?" she asked.

"The plan?" he raised his eyebrows.

"Yes. You're going out of this place or not?" she rolled her eyes. She joined him, sitting on the side of the bed, right across him.

"Oh, right."

His sly brain worked fast, then. Raven couldn't be allowed to know that he, the famous thief, was afraid of falling in love. He wouldn't let her know his vital weakness—she was only a temporary ally. He'd do that in order to convince her that he had no idea what the kid was talking about, just like her.

He folded his feet like Raven and closed the gap between them, leaving around one feet between them. "Now, Sunshine, look into my eyes."

"What?" her eyebrows knitted together.

"Well, he asked me to love you, right? Confession time," he sounded as if he was sure it was going to happen—as if he believed that the fake confession would bring them out of there.

She raised one eyebrow, but then complied. She stared into his eyes, through the mask.

"Dear, Raven..."

"Roth," she continued for him.

He smiled. Now he knew her last name—a knowledge that not everyone knew. "Dear Raven Roth," he said, and he took the chance to take Raven's hands. She automatically pulled them off his hold but his grip was strong. "It's to get us out of here."

His threat worked—she let her hands stayed within his, even with a scowl that stayed on her face.

"Dear Raven Roth," he wanted to keep smiling because that face amused him. Raven Roth, one of the titans, had her hands in his. It would be memorable. "My sunshine, my life. I love you, and I want you for the rest of my life."

That was a cheesy line he wouldn't enunciate to any girl he'd ever dated. Too cheesy and too melancholy. Sappy lines always made boys look less manly.

They just waited for a hole to swallow them again, back into the museum. Actually it was just her who was hopeful. He knew it wasn't going to work. Whatever magic the crown possessed, it knew his truth. Judging from how powerful it was, Red-X knew that it wouldn't be hard for the crown to tell if he really loved her or not.

Damn those Harry Potter books for being real, his head groaned. He'd never believed in magic. Now he did.

After minutes of waiting, she was convinced that nothing was going to happen. Raven sighed, pulling her hands from Red-X. "It's not working."

He faked desperation in his voice, "So what are we gonna do?" Truth was, he knew what to do, but not sure of how.

"Not sure," she bit her lip anxiously. "Do you think that kid was lying?"

"Most likely," he lied.

"About the creatures?"

He shrugged. "He could be lying."

"Maybe it was a way to prevent us from finding the front door?"

"Maybe," he agreed. "Do you think we should find out about it by ourselves?"

"Precisely," Raven nodded.

She jumped from the bed, and within seconds they were already in the vast, cold hallway, trying to decide which way to go first.

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