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Mizuki told Naruto that he could pass if he approved this test, stealing the Scroll of Seals. The blonde haired boy wanted to become a ninja, and more than anything, a Hokage, nothing would stop him from passing the test.

Naruto laid on the ground while looking at the scroll, reading its content of forbidden techniques.

"Kage Bushins?..." He read, and then his shoulders dropped in disappointment, "Man, I suck at those" He keep on looking at the content of the scroll. "Let's see what else there is…"

Suddenly, the scroll seemed to come alive, the large paper began to unroll itself, making the scroll thinner and thinner, the letters were only a blur as Naruto, with wide eyes, watched them move at great speed.

"What the hell?" He said, not understanding what was happening.

Suddenly the scroll reached its end, only a small piece of the paper remained strapped onto the rod. Naruto looked at the drawing in front of him, it was a circle with four triangular form pointing to a inner red circle that had a curvy line swirling to its center. It reminded Naruto of the swirl like symbol that every shinobi wore in the back of their vests or the upper arm section of their shirts, but most of all, the symbol he wore in the back of his own jumpsuit and adornment on his left shoulder.

Then he noticed the letters written on the paper. It said…

"To whoever is reading, If you have found this message, then the seal must have recognized you as a member of the Uzumaki Clan"

Naruto stopped reading and blinked. Uzumaki Clan?... He had a clan?. He decided to keep reading and then find out more about that.

"…my name is Kerosuke, founder of the Uzumaki Clan, I have sealed something of great value into this scroll, so when the time comes, an Uzumaki would release it and claim his or her rightful heritage"

Something of great value for him and him alone?. Now that sounded interesting.

"To release the content sealed inside, draw some of your blood and place it upon the symbol of our clan. Do it, and the gift I have left for future generations of Uzumakis, shall be yours"

"All right then" He said with a cheerful grin, he pulled out a kunai, and made a small cut on the palm of his hand, when blood started come out of the wound, he pressed his palm into the symbol of his supposed clan.

Suddenly the seal started to shine, a current of electricity ran through his arm and went straight to his belly.

As fast as it began it stopped.

"That's it!" He shouted, an angry look forming on his face. "Where's the 'valuable thing' of my 'rightful heritage'?"

"Naruto!" Iruka shouted as he approached, jumping from tree to tree.

"Oh, hey Iruka-sensei!" Naruto waved at him.

Meanwhile, inside Naruto's mind, Kurama, the Kyuubi no Yoko, stood up inside his cage as he felt a presence entering his jailors inner world. He could feel a powerful chakra that was much like his own, so big it could easily rival the Seven Tail's own chakra levels.

He knew who this person was. A figure came out of the shadows and stood in front of the cage.

It was humanoid in form, but its skin was as black as coal and was somewhat scaly, at the end of its fingers, red claw like nails made their presence, the color really stood up over the coaled black. The figure was dressed in tight long sleeved red coat-robe, on the back was the symbol of the Uzumaki Clan, on its waist there were two katanas strapped, one on each side of the hips, both of the handles were blue strapped. Its face was as black and scaly as the rest of his body, behind his black lips, his teeth were as sharp as razors, scarlet and metallic-like hair fell from his head, reaching the end of its neck.

"Kerosuke, is that you?" He asked, somewhat incredulously.

"Kurama" His demon comrade greeted in a hoarse dark voice. "I felt your chakra the moment I entered into the boy"

"What are you doing here?" The fox asked.

"Well" The demon Kerosuke shrugged. "I figured sealing myself so one day one of my descendants would release me into their beings so I could share my wisdom with them" He said nonchalantly.

"Why do I have trouble in believing you?" Kurama deadpanned. "And what wisdom?"

"Har har" Kerosuke laughed sarcastically. "All right you got me, there is actually a purpose of why I did that"

"And that is…?" Trailed off the fox, waiting for an answer, but all he got was blank stare.

"Can't tell you"

"I see…" Nevertheless of whatever purpose the old demon had in mind, Kurama saw his chance. "Many things has happened, it's been over seven hundred years since the last time we've met, humans try to use us, the Bijuu, as weapons, please, release me so my power won't be wrongly used"

"No" Was the only answer.

"WHAT!" Kurama roared, his eyes wide with fury.

"I can feel you Kurama, you're… different from when Rikudo created you and the others" He said with a sad look on his eyes. "I can fell you are so full of hatred and anger… what happened to you?"

"...Humans happened…" The demon fox hissed while resting once again over the wet floor.

"I'm sorry" Kerosuke said, he looked at the paper with the word seal in it, seemingly holding the bars together, but the old demon knew better.

Kerosuke jumped in front of the seal, holding himself with one of the bars, he pressed his hand against the paper, feeling the lock behind it.

'The person who made this seal deserves my applause, he or she sealed half of Kurama's chakra, into the boy, and hid the key to unlock the rest elsewhere… the quality of this seal seems indicates that it was made by someone from my clan, or a seal master as talented as them' He analyzed the seal with great interest, thinking who could have done something like this. Suddenly his eyes narrowed. 'Wait, this seems feels like a variation of my Trigram Seals, there are at least, five, six, seven… eight' His eyes narrowed even more in suspicion. 'An Eight Trigram Seal?... Something like this should require help from godly power to work, like…' His eyes shouted open when realization dawned on him. '…like the Death God… to think my descendants created such a powerful seal at the cost of their lives… I have to admit I am somewhat proud' He stopped himself as felt something even more strange. 'What is this?... The person also sealed two different chakras into this seal, one them indicates it's from the person who made the seal, well that kind of answer if my family did this, and the other one…' His eyes widened. A small grin formed on his lips. 'Let's see, I think I can meet my family without wasting their chakra, clearly they sealed it inside for a reason'

In a place full of many colorful lights and shapeless forms, Minato Namikaze appeared, standing over an invisible floor, it seemed the time came for him to…

"Minato?" A very familiar and loved voice called him, in front of him stood his wife, Kushina, a stranged adorning her face.

"Kushina?" He said, it was impossible, that they both were there at the same time. "It can't be possible that Naruto unleashed eight tails AND is trying to tame the Kyuubi at the same time"´

"Worry not, nothing of sorts is happening right now" A new voice spoke, and out of nowhere a demonic figure appeared, Minato and Kushina looked at the creature with wide eyes, they could clearly feel its chakra was overwhelming like a Bijuu, but the strange thing was that it wasn't as malevolent as theirs. "And don't worry about your chakra, I made sure it can't be wasted while having… meetings like these"

"Who… who are you?" Asked Kushina, feeling shocked that its chakra felt incredibly much like her own.

The creature grinned.

"I am Kerosuke, Master of Seals, Scarlet Whirlpool of the West, the Redeemed Demon, close friend of the great Sage of Six Paths, and patriarch of the Uzumaki Clan!" He introduced himself, his voice never faltering and full of pride.

Minato and Kushina looked at the demon with wide eyes, and responded in the only way they could.


They fainted.

"Huh" Said the coal scaled demon, his slitted blue eyes watched the now unconscious figures in front of him. "Didn't know one could faint while being dead"

Kushina slowly awoke from slumber, standing on her butt, she lazily rubbed her eyes.

"What a strange nightamre 'ttebane" She whispered.

"Uhm, Kushina" She turned to look at her husband who was standing right next to the scarlet demon. "It wasn't a dream"

"What?, Oh no, my dream was that Naruto married Hiashi-teme's daughter, and she was a weirdo, and I had to put up with the Hyuuga traditions for rest of my life" Both men sweatdropped at this. "This is actually a nice wakeup call back to reality… even though reality really sucks"

"Going back to the matter at hand, we must speak my great-great-great-great-great-you-get-the-idea-granddaughter"

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