Masamune Takano stared at Ritsu Onodera while he was on the phone with an editor. He looked a little flustered and it got to him. His chest was squeezing tightly thinking about the night the two of them shared together. Ritsu's voice rang through his ears and it tickled his eardrums with the familiar sound, he imagined his moaning and he shot up from his chair. Losing his composure and everybody looked at him. Ritsu's green eyes looked up and met Takano's brown eyes. His eyes blinked a little confused and Takano lifted his hand and covered his face. "Sorry…" He muttered and dropped his hand he walked towards the bathroom, he felt Ritsu's eyes following him and his heart was racing in his ears. His composure today wasn't as strong as always so he was a little out of character that day.

Ritsu got up from his chair after he had finally got off the phone with an author and he headed to the bathroom to wash his face. Ritsu turned on the facet and cupped his hands underneath the running water. He splashed the cold water on his face waking himself up a little. He placed his hands at the edge of the sink and stared into the mirror. Why am I so tired…? He asked himself but remembered the night before with Takano.

The night was a rainy one again; it was hitting the windows and pavement hard. Ritsu lied in bed staring up at Takano, his breath fanned his face while his body heat soaked through his clothing's material. Ritsu felt his hands reach up and touch Takano's back. "Takano-san…" He whispered and Takano leaned down and captured his lips. The kiss was passionate between the two of them. Takano once again enjoyed the sensation of their tongues dancing together in the passionate deep kiss. He was jealous of the person who taught him how to kiss this way but also grateful to them. Ritsu's hands clenched the back of Takano's shirt. Takano reached back, grasped his hand, and brought it down to his chest. He placed it flat against his own chest and Ritsu's eyes widened. "Takano-san…" He muttered embarrassed.

"Ritsu, relax." He whispered. Ritsu's hand felt the thumping beat of Takano's heart and it made his heart race more and his cheeks redden with a deep blush. He was happy that he wasn't the only one feeling the pounding beat of his heart. Takano leaned down and captured his lips and the kiss once again deepened. Ritsu's mouth opened on instinct and Takano's hands moved from his to roam up his shirt and caress his bare chest. Ritsu's voice escaped his lips, moans were heard and he was enjoying himself. Takano worked his way down towards Ritsu's pants and unbuttoned his jeans, he unzipped them and pulled them down, his hand stroked his already hardening member. "Ritsu, you're enjoying it." He whispered while continuing to stroke him. Ritsu's boxers were finally down along with his pants. Takano stopped touching him and Ritsu's protests were shocking. Takano looked at him and smiled lightly. He leaned down and captured his lips. "It'll be back soon." He smiled and then pulled off his shirt and removed his pants and boxers. He leaned down and kissed Ritsu once more and his hand moved towards his member and started massaging his shaft. He moved up to the tip and stroked it with his thumb. Ritsu's body shuddered and his moans escaped his lips and he arched his hips up to meet his hands strokes. "Saga…-sempai…" He moaned out. Takano's eyes widened, then a smile met his lips and he continued stroking Ritsu's hardened member. Ritsu bucked his hips and moved them with his strokes, Takano felt his heartbeat escalate at the sight, he leaned down for a kiss, their lips met passionately, and Takano felt Ritsu's hot seeds spill over his hand. Takano smirked then lifted Ritsu up and placed him on his lap, his legs spread on each side of him and he placed his own hardened cock in between Ritsu's legs and plunged deep into his hot tight cavern. Ritsu's threw his head back and his hands squeezed Takano's shoulders, while sweet moans escaped his parted lips. Takano took that chance and shared another passionate kiss with him, their tongues danced together and Takano's thrusts quickened. Ritsu pulled away from the passionate kiss and laid his head on Takano's shoulder breathing heavily and moaning in pleasure. Takano didn't stop, he continued thrusting deeper and faster inside of the man he loved. Takano felt more hot seeds spill on his stomach from Ritsu and heard Ritsu's cry of pleasure, Ritsu's walls tightened around Takano's hardened member and he held Ritsu close to him while he bit out his name and felt his own release take hold of him. "Ritsu…" He moaned out, Ritsu's cry was heard and he clung to Takano's body.

After their passion, they collapsed on the bed and fell asleep holding each other like lovers did.

Ritsu's cheeks instantly reddened and he took more water in his cupped hands and splashed it now on his hot cheeks. He turned the facet off, and then heard a bathroom stall open, in the mirror he saw Takano walking out, looking satisfied, Ritsu turned and met his gaze with his green eyes, Takano's brown eyes widening slightly after seeing Ritsu. Ritsu only blinked at the sight of Takano and then turned to the mirror taking some paper towel and drying his face. "Onodera," Takano's deep voice echoed in the bathroom, which made Ritsu's face, redden once more, he always felt embarrassed by the sound of Takano's voice saying his name. Takano stepped forward, took hold of Ritsu's shoulder, turned him around, and pushed him up against the sink.

"Takano-san, what are you…" Ritsu was cut off when Takano's lips landed hastily onto his. Ritsu's eyes widened but his body relaxed and let himself be swept away, his eyes closing his hands grasping tightly onto the back of Takano's white dress shirt. Takano's grip was also tight on Ritsu's clothing, wanting to rip them off. Takano's tongue forced its way into Ritsu's mouth and battled with tongues, his dominating Ritsu's easily. "Takano-san, we're at work…!" He called pulling away and trying to push him away, but his strength died as soon as he tried to push him away, he did not want to push Takano away, he wanted to continue this, his body was already so hot and bothered by just one simple kiss.

"I can't wait." Takano just said. Hoisting Ritsu up, wrapping Ritsu's legs around his waist, and carrying him in the largest stall in the bathroom, handicap stalls did have their uses for him after all. Ritsu moaned when he felt Takano's hand slip underneath his shirt and feel up his bare chest, pinching his nipple in-between his thumb and pointer finger. Ritsu gripped at Takano's shirt and bit his lip to hold back a moan. Takano undid the buttons on Ritsu's shirt and slid it halfway down his arms. He leaned down and started kissing his neck, and made his way down to his chest, kissing his collarbone, leaving a faint kiss mark there, he continued down towards his chest. Ritsu was pushed up against the stall door, Takano's tongue licking over his perked nipple. He moaned loudly and Takano reached his hand up and covered his mouth. "Shhh, Onodera, everybody will hear us." Ritsu's cheeks darkened with a blush and he turned his gaze away, biting his lip slightly drawing blood. Takano pushed him harder against the door and captured his lips. His tongue licking up the spot wear a little blood started dotting up. Their tongues danced together and Takano worked on removing Ritsu's pants. He undid the belt and the button as well as unzipped the zipper. His hand brushed his erection hiding beneath the fabric of his boxer shorts and he smirked. "I'll just tease you a little." Takano muttered out wickedly. His hand brushed against Ritsu's covered erection once more and Ritsu clung to him, his arms wrapping around him, moaning in his shoulder, muffling the sound. Takano enjoyed this moment. He felt superior in that moment, Ritsu boxers suddenly got very hot and wet and Takano chuckled. "Quite sensitive today, aren't you?" Takano asked amused, but he loved it, Ritsu being so sensitive to his touches. He loved it.

"Sempai… Please…" Ritsu's eyes were hazed over with lust and something else that he could not put a finger on, and Ritsu's face was too much to look at, Takano's pants were already tight around his lower region but they just grew tighter after he laid sight on Ritsu's face. His hand reached down, unbuttoned, and unzipped his pants. Pulling them down along with his boxers, Takano did the same with Ritsu's boxers and pants, they hung around his ankles and Takano teased Ritsu's entrance. Slipping his pointer finger in only slightly and making it wet for him to enter, he then added his middle finger and thrust in, he kept that up for a few minutes. Ritsu's moan escaped his lips once more and Takano no longer cared, he removed his fingers when the wetness was dripping down his hand. He positioned himself to enter. Ritsu pleaded once more to hurry up, Takano could not help it, he pushed forward and felt himself being engulfed by Ritsu's greedy hole. He cried out in pleasure and held him tightly while Takano thrust deep inside of him. "Takano-san… ah… mmm… Ah!" Ritsu called out, Takano's breathing was harsh like Ritsu's he smiled at Ritsu's moans and cries, he quickened his pace and Ritsu's hands tightened around his shoulders. Takano's left arm tightened its hold around Ritsu and his right hand reached up and stroked Ritsu's member. It twitched and pulsed at the attention; Takano pumped his hand up and down and stroked him to let him feel pleasure where he was feeling it. The Ritsu's eyes started to tear up at the sides, the tears slipped down his face and he let out a stifled cry when his ejaculation took place. It coated Takano's hand and he smiled lifting the hand to his mouth and licking up the seeds Ritsu had just released. Takano licked his lips then he leaned in and kissed Ritsu's lips. Ritsu instantly kissing back, Takano was still thrusting deeply inside Ritsu, a few more thrusts and he would have climaxed. Soon Takano felt himself ready to release, he held Ritsu close to him, who willingly clung to him. Takano's thrusts continued, and three thrusts later, he felt himself release deep inside of his subordinate and the man he loved ever high school. Ritsu called out his name loudly and tightened his hold on him. He felt the hotness of Takano's cum deep inside of him. It felt good to him, familiar. "Sempai…" Ritsu muttered under his breath, his eyelids growing heavy over his eyes and slumping against Takano's broad shoulder. "I… love… you…" He muttered out, his breathing evened out, and Takano's face was full of shock and surprise.

"Ri…tsu…" He muttered out blinking his brown eyes, which held disbelief. His arms held him up and he felt his cheeks redden replaying the three words that Ritsu had just uttered in his mind. He smiled after composing himself, and then started putting Ritsu's clothes back on, as well as his own, and then he carried Ritsu out of the bathroom on his back. Excusing him from work making up an excuse about Ritsu collapsing in the bathroom due to a fever, he walked down the hall with Ritsu resting on his pack and headed to the elevator, "I love you too, Ritsu." Takano said in a whisper. He took the elevator down and headed to the parking garage, walking to his car and opening the car doors, setting Ritsu in the passenger seat buckling him in with the seatbelt. "I love you." He whispered once more then kissed him chastely on the lips. Ritsu might have been sleeping and he may not remember confessing his feelings to him when he woke up. Moreover, he might have not heard Takano's own confession, but Takano was prepared for that, because he heard the three words he has waited so long to hear from Ritsu's lips, not from the past Ritsu, but the present Ritsu in this time, the time they lived in now. The past where they both dwelled in did not seem to matter anymore. He heard Ritsu's confession in the present, not just in the past. Ritsu may forget saying it, but he was all right with that… For now at least, Takano got into the drivers seat, started the car then drove out of the parking lot and towards their apartment building. I will make sure that you will say it to me when you are fully awake and sober so you will remember it the next day when you wake up, and I will make you say it repeatedly. So you will never forget it again. Takano thought then sped away to the apartment holding Ritsu's confession close to his heart and playing it over in his head over and over again.