Kisa stared at Takano as he smirked his way with an evil smirk, he jumped and shivers ran down his spin. What's his problem…? Kisa thought to himself turning to see Ritsu put his face in the palm of his hand with a blush on his face. Kisa blinked his eyes and looked between both of them. What the hell happened?

Well Kisa-san, this is what happened.

(18 hours earlier)

It was another day at work, hustling and bustling about manuscripts and deadlines and dealing with crap from the printers. Ritsu was exhausted as soon as he entered the office, his phone never stopped ringing An-chan calling him constantly along with his mother.

He decided just to turn his phone and in his bag, Takano's eyes were constantly on Kisa-san's desk and smirking in his direction. Ritsu shook his head. Of course he remembered that the week before he did say something about taking revenge on Kisa by having sex on top of his desk, but… Ritsu's cheeks grew hot and he turned his head away quickly. His imagination running wild, he squeezed his eyes shut but only made the images worse.

(Ritsu's Imagination)

Takano's hands were undoing his pants and pulling them down, slipping his member in his mouth and licking his tongue around his shaft, his fingers finding his ass and penetrating with two fingers. His mouth coming to the tip of his erected member and licked. His hand stroking down the shaft while we sucked on the head of his penis, Takano's dark hair falling in front of his eyes but Ritsu's eyes were locked with his. He pulled his mouth away from his erected member and stood up, lifting him up on Kisa's desk while capturing his lips and removing his fingers then replacing them with something bigger, harder and hotter. Ritsu's mouth opened and let out a moan. Takano's thrusts hitting deeper inside of him, hitting his pleasure spots. He clung to his sleeve and lifted his head up only to be met by another passionate kiss. Takano's thrusts quickening and growing harder. Takano taking hold of Ritsu's hardened member and stroking up and down Ritsu came instantly since of Takano's earlier ministrations he was already at his peak and adding the pleasure he was feeling from his backside he didn't need to be pleasured that much until his climaxed reached his body. Takano's hand released his member and brought his hand that was dripping with his release to Ritsu's lips. Ritsu blushed and flicked his tongue out and licked his own seeds off of his larger hand.

"Onodera, snap of your daydreaming and call the author!" Takano's booming voice snapped him out of his imagination and blushed deeply. Takano's eyes blinked at his reaction. Ritsu's face was red hot and his breathing was heavy and his hands were shaking. Takano smirked, he knew what Ritsu just thought about, it was written all over his face. Well to him it was anyways. Ritsu was his open book. It was amusing to see his reactions up close a personal, but he also enjoyed teasing him from a far.

Ritsu couldn't get up, he knew perfectly well that his pants a revealing bulge and it would be obvious standing up. He crossed his legs and pulled his sweater down as far as it could go to cover his crotch. He bore the pain of his squeezing pants and took a breath and continued to work. His urge for Takano to relieve his problem came on strong, imagining his tongue moving around his shaft like his mind thought up. He brought his hand up to his hair and tugged snapping him out of the thought and started typing an email to one of the authors that he was editing. He heard the clock ticking and he couldn't help but look up. Work was over in two hours. Two hours of uncomfortable pain in his lower region. He did think he could bare it. So he quickly got up and turned walking to the bathroom.

Nobody seemed to notice his abruptness except for Takano that is. He smirked and covered it with his hand looking back down at several pages of a manuscript. His mind just couldn't get rid of the look on Ritsu's flushed face just snapping out perverted daydream. He was curious now, thinking what it possibly could be about. Maybe it involved Kisa's desk. He enjoyed this guessing game. So his imaginations also started running wild.

(Takano's Imagination)

Ritsu's pants just finished dropping around his knees, Takano seeing his erected member in front of him. Takano pushed Ritsu slowly back until he was sitting on Kisa's chair, Takano getting down and taking Ritsu inside of his mouth sucking him off until he felt Ritsu's hands run through his hair and tug. "Takano-san… No more…" He panted out his cheeks flushed, his eyes full of want and love. Takano captured his lips and wrapped his hand around his cock pumping. Takano enjoyed his body shiver underneath his touch, his tongue losing to his own in the battle for dominance. Takano's hand released his member and Ritsu whimpered from the loss of pleasure. A smirk graced Takano's lips and he inserted two digits into Ritsu's reveled hold. Ritsu's mouth pulled away from his kiss and opened, he let out a blissful moan. His head turning to the side moaned out his name and for him to continue, urging him by moving his hips with the pumps of his fingers. Takano kissed his lips once again it wasn't a passionate kiss, but a chaste kiss, just a peck on the lips then he slid his mouth down to his neck and kissing down, unbuttoning his shirt he kissed his nipple and licked around it, hearing his moans of pleasure. He bucked his hips which made his fingers plunge in deeper and he smirked. Takano got up, unzipped his pants and thrust deep inside of him. Lifting Ritsu off of Kisa's chair and onto his desk he continued thrusting fast and deep inside of him. Taking his hole over and over again Ritsu finally threw his head back from the immenseness of the pleasure and released all over himself. Takano saw the sight and his release was reached with a few more thrusts.

Takano heard his desk phone ring and he snapped out of his perverted thoughts, he shook his head ignoring his arousal and picking up the phone. It was an author who wanted to discuss some ideas, that got his mind off of his uncomfortable problem for a moment but as soon as the phone call was over it was looking up from at him beneath his pants. Crap… he thought. Ritsu was not back yet and he smirked. He got up and walked out, nobody noticing since it was hell in the work place. Three days away from publishing just became his favorite day. But next month it would be worse unless an incident like this happened again. Which he was sure Ritsu would not allow. Takano slipped into the men's bathroom where he knew Ritsu was and sure enough he heard heavy breathing in on of the stalls. "Onodera." He spoke announcing his presence.

Ritsu escaped to the bathroom rushing in a stall and locking it, he needed to get rid of his problem. Images came to him where Takano was the one doing this, stroking him with his large semi-rough hands, running them all over his body, his tongue licking him and sucking him. Ritsu's hands quickened in pace and his breathing did as well. He grew hotter and hotter and seemed to not be able to find release. He knew the difference between his own touch and Takano's even if he was imagining it was Takano his body knew it wasn't. But wanting a release he kept stroking himself, he didn't know how many minutes passed but he just continued doing so. Moaning little moans when he tightened his own grip like he imagined Takano would do to tease him. He was so caught up in his fantasy and pleasuring himself he didn't hear the door open. Until… "Onodera." Takano's voice came from the other side of the stall. His breath stilled and his body stiffened. His hand completely stopped, his member pulsing and throbbing with want of release. A knock came from the other side of the stall door.

"Open up Ritsu." He said. "I'll help you with your problem."

Without another moment of hesitation Ritsu's hand went to the stall's lock and opened it. Takano came in quickly and took in the sight of Ritsu. Chest rising and falling, cheeks flushed bright red, cock in hand while it twitched begging for release, pants around his knees. Takano couldn't help but laugh a little but he took Ritsu's hand and led it away from his member and brought it to his pants zipper.

Ritsu's shaking hand unbuttoned and unzipped Takano's pants and they fell only a little, Takano's hand guided his inside his boxers and Ritsu's hand came in contact with Takano's throbbing hard member. "Touch me." He whispered and Ritsu did. Tightening his around it and started moving up and down. Slowly and it made Takano grab his and do the same torturous act. Ritsu's mind hazed over and his eyes closed. His heart raced and blood pumped fast through his veins. He felt like he was on an adrenaline rush the way Takano's touch made him feel. Just the feel of his hand touching his member made him cum.

Takano, didn't have to really stroke Ritsu's erected friend, it quivered underneath his grip and shortly after just one stroke he released, his hot seeds covering his hand.

Bringing his hand away from Ritsu's now satisfied member he brought it to his lips and flicked his tongue out licking at his seeds, Ritsu's eyes watching him do so. What surprised his is that, Ritsu's free hand the one that was not stroking him came up took his hand and brought it to his own lips and finished cleaning his hand of his cum. "You…" Takano opened his mouth to say but instead Ritsu leaned up and captured his lips his hand still pumping on his cock. Takano bit Ritsu's lips as he felt an aching urge to thrust his hips into Ritsu's hand. Tongue met tongue and they shared another passionate dance.

Takano couldn't wait any longer he wanted a release, but he didn't want to cum just by Ritsu's hand, his erected member craved something much tighter. He pulled away from their kiss and turned Ritsu around, his hand leaving his erection. Ritsu knew what he wanted so he placed his hands on the wall above the toilet and Takano trusted inside of him. Making Ritsu moan into his sleeve, Takano bit down his own moan and continued thrusting, loving the feel of the tightness that surrounded him. Ritsu's walls were clamping around him as he thrust in deeper and harder, Takano's hands on Ritsu's hips tightened their grip and leaned forward so his chest was against his back. He brought his lips to Ritsu's ear and bit lightly. Ritsu's head turned and kissed Takano's lips while moaning and gasping in pleasure. Takano continued his thrusts and reached his hand forward taking Ritsu's once again hardened member in hand and pumping. Ritsu moaned in the kiss and pulled his lips away when he felt himself release, his seeds shooting into the toilet bow, a few more thrusts and Takano soon came inside of Ritsu.

Ritsu was coming back from the high of his climax that when he felt Takano's hot seeds spill out inside of him it just sent him sky rocketing right back up. Takano pulled out and he felt Takano's hot cum pour out of his hole dripping onto the tiled floor underneath their feet.

After that, they cleaned themselves up and went back into the office, seeing their co-workers working so hard and looking so miserable that they sort of both felt guilty for feeling so satisfied and refreshed.

The day soon came to a close and there was only a few people left in the building but no on the Manga editing floor. Ritsu and Takano were still at the office, Ritsu packing up his things and finally turning on his cell phone only to see that he had missed 83 text messages and 32 phone calls from his mother and An-chan. He sighed, running his hand down his face. Ever since An-chan found about his and Takano's relationship she's been asking about details, his mother on the other hand had no clue but still accused him of breaking An-chan's heart. He placed his phone back in his bag, deciding to check the messages and missed calls when he arrives home. He didn't notice that hovering over his shoulder was Masamune Takano a scowl upon his lips. Ritsu jumped. "W-what are you doing Takano-san?" Takano's brown eyes looked at his face.

"You still talk to her?" He said with a hint of jealousy in his voice.

"An-chan…? Yeah she texts me every day." Takano's brow scrunched and he pulled Ritsu toward him, so that his back landed into his chest and tilted his chin upward while his lips crashed down on his harshly. Ritsu's green eyes widened by fluttered shut, returning the kiss while placing a hand on Takano's cheek.

"Takano-san, I don't love her." He reassured. "She's just a friend. Nothing more"

"It doesn't matter Ritsu… She has feelings for you." Takano replied.

"I don't need them, I only need yours." He bluntly said and kissed his lips. Takano's embrace around Ritsu tightened.

That's when the thought struck Takano; maybe he could ravish Ritsu more in the office and get his revenge of Kisa. A wicked smile curled on his lips and he couldn't help but remove Ritsu's jacket. "What are you doing…?" Ritsu asked.

"Ravishing you in the office" Takano replied bluntly while kissing his neck so what ever protest Ritsu had to say died the moment he started kissing his neck.

Ritsu's pants were son off along with his shoes and socks. He only had his shirt on. Takano's shirt was off his pants were to his knees while Ritsu sat on Kisa's desk while Takano entered him. Clinging to each other while Takano thrusts deep inside of him, moaning out each other's names, sloppy kisses landing on each others lips, Ritsu arms tightened around Takano's neck while he felt Takano burry deeper inside of him.

Takano pulled out and took Ritsu off Kisa's desk, placing him on the ground to stand he face Ritsu towards the desk and swiftly entered him once more, Ritsu's hand reached down and held the end of Kisa's desk, while Takano rammed into him from behind. He moaned out his name while the force of his thrusts shook Ritsu's body and Ritsu's body shook Kisa's desk, some papers toppled over onto the floor but Takano didn't seem to care and honestly neither did Ritsu, they continued they're hot office sex. Takano's hand taking hold of Ritsu's quivering member and stroking him. Two more strokes, two more thrusts and they both release. Takano spilling his seeds inside Ritsu and Ritsu's release spilled on Kisa's desk and the floor underneath his desk.

They gathered their clothes, picked up the papers scattered on the floor, cleaned the evidence they left behind and left with just the memory of doing such naughty things on top of Kisa-san's desk.

Takano got up from his chair and got ready to go home, everybody in the office did as well.

Ritsu tucking everything he needed in his bag and slipping on his jacket he looked over at Kisa. I'm sorry Kisa-san... I'm really sorry.

Takano looked at Ritsu, he knew he felt bad so he walked over to him just for fun and whispered. "Don't worry, He'll never find out. That is if you let me do whatever I want to you for a whole month."

Ritsu's eyes widened and he turned to face him. "You're… You're evil!" He called making Kisa look at him strangely.

A wicked smile came to Takano's lips. "Do we have a deal?" He asked amused.

A deep hot red blush crept to his cheeks and Takano knew he had won.

Ah, life is sweet. He thought planning out everything he wanted to do to Ritsu for a full month.

Kisa stared off after the two men he worked with. What was that all about…?

Oh Kisa-san if only you knew… If only.