At and around the Cullen residence, the inhabitants were busy leading their perfect lives.

Bella, Edward and their perfect daughter Renesmee were having a perfect time playing Monopoly, Emmett and Rosalie were out hunting perfectly, Carlisle and Jasper were perfectly reading perfect books, Esme was watching the perfect large-screen television and Alice was shopping online perfectly- her favourite thing to do while at their perfect home.

"Haha! Daddy, you landed on the Boardwalk! Pay up that rent you owe me!" Renesmee laughed.

Bella giggled as Edward handed their daughter her rent- in real United States currency.

"Well played, Renesmee. Well played." Edward said.

Just then, Emmett and Rosalie returned from hunting, having had their fill.

"We had some good hunting today. The buffet choices were of a rather huge variety..." Emmett grinned.

Rosalie rolled her eyes good naturedly.

At the computer, Alice suddenly became perfectly still.

Edward, having heard her thoughts, perked up.

"What was that you just saw, Alice?" he asked.

Everyone else turned to the psychic vampire.

"I don't really know. It was really strange. I saw this group of Asian people… And one of them- an old man- was holding a glowing pufferfish while muttering something in Cantonese…" Alice said, puzzled.

"Edward, can vampires use drugs by any chance?" Bella asked, turning to him, puzzled.

"I'm not on drugs Bella!" Alice pouted.

"She's right. I saw what she did. As strange as it may seem, I saw it." Edward said quietly.

"What could that possibly mean?" Emmett wondered.

"I don't know, but we should keep an eye out for these humans. This more than likely means that we will cross paths with them somehow…" Carlisle trailed off.

"Hey Uncle, how was Dominique able to send us here anyway?" Jade asked, turning off the television and turning to the old man, who was writing something down.

"Good thing they have magic shops in this universe too…" He thought.

"Hey, UNCLE!"

Uncle put his hands over his ears.

"AIIEE-YAAAAHH! Jade, I heard you the first time. YOU DID NOT HAVE TO YELL!"

Jade raised an eyebrow.

Jackie and Tohru entered the room, the latter carrying a box of cookies.

"So… How did Dominique send us here?" Jackie sat cross-legged on the floor.

"I have been doing research. It seems that she has learnt how to become a Bibliopath or the ability to manipulate books and other forms of literature…" Uncle stood up.

"Magical book powers?" Jade scoffed. "Sounds boring…"

"Yes, but look where "boring" got us…" Jackie pointed out.

"Jackie is right. A Bibliopath might seem weak to you Jade, but it is one of the most useful and powerful types of magic in existence. It is not something you should underestimate." Uncle began pacing as he spoke.

"She could animate the story, bringing any characters or words in it to life and summon things from books, among other things. What she did to us was perform a dimensional storage spell that currently has us trapped in the universe that the Twilight books take part in." He explained.

"Whoa." Jade's eyes widened.

"How do we get out of this?" Tohru asked.

Uncle turned away from them and sighed. "I have not figured out that part yet."

"But you said that we will cease to exist if we don't find a way out in time!" Jackie exclaimed.

"That much is true, but I do think I am on the right track to finding that out."

"Let's hope Uncle gets on that that track soon." Jade said.

"Indeed. I do not want to be stuck with sparkly so-called "vampires" forever…" Tohru sank to the floor, sighing.

"Well then, help Uncle get to work!"

Sometime later, Jackie and Jade took a walk in the local park.

"You know, despite the fact that we're in the Twilight world, this town is not so bad…" Jackie thought aloud.

"You're just saying that as part of a false reassurance, right?" Jade raised an eyebrow.

Jackie's shoulders slumped. "Yes, yes I am. I miss San Francisco and even battling Shendu and his siblings again would be better than this…" He flopped onto a nearby bench.

Jade sat next to him. "You're telling me. At least Shendu was a real demon who could do some major damage…"

"Let us not also forget that Shendu does not sparkle in the sunlight…"

Jade snorted. "Demons would look pretty stupid if they sparkled…"

"That would be like rolling Dracula around in a vat of glitter. It just does not work!"

Jackie and Jade burst out laughing.

"Come on, Jade. Let's go back and see if Uncle's made any progress." Jackie made to leave.