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Pairing – Draco/Harry

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"That lousy git! If he says one more word about my family I´ll curse his ferret-ass back to hell."

Ron tightened his fists and stared at Draco´s back with hatred. Then rubbed his eyes jerkily with his hands ,as if irritated.

"uuuhg don´t you just wanna kill him?" He said between clenched teeth. Proving Harry´s statement to be true.

Harry watched the blonde boy walking away from him, his cocky still graceful movements, his broad shoulders and pale skin.

Yeah, I fucking hate him, I want him dead.

As much as he wanted to say those words, he couldn´t. Even though, those words would have been the most smartest and healthiest to say given the circumstances.

But Harry wasn´t healthy. Or smart.

He was madly in love.

And this love wasn´t healthy or smart, it was inconvenient and a complete dead end.

Harry knew his love would never be returned, or accepted. He is the enemy.

He´s a slytherin, son of a death eater, not to mention he was boy and he had hated Harry since the first time they met.

Sometimes Harry regretted his choice he made the first day five years ago. What if he had taken Draco´s hand.

What if he had been put into Slytherin. Maybe he would be the one at Draco´s side.

No. Don´t think like that.

Harry shook his head. He loved his friends, and he felt guilty over his thoughts. He felt guilty over his feelings for that blonde, ice-cold boy.

"Ey, mate? What do u say?" Ron waved his hand in front of Harry, making him drop his intense gaze on Draco´s back.

Harry looked up at Ron and smiled half-heartedly.

"Hm, yeah, sure" Harry said ,avoiding Ron´s eyes.

Ron looked at him with that dumb look of his for a while, then ended up arguing with Hermione about some homework he hadn´t done.

Harry shut his mind off, he had been friend with those two long enough to know those arguments wasn´t worth listening to or interfere in.

They didn´t lead anywhere, except for them both being equally mad at each other for the following week.

Harry felt a sudden want of being alone, and therefore stopped walking and watched his friends continue up the stairs, completely unaware of him doing so.

He turned around and began walking in the opposite direction. Not fully sure where his feet lead him.

He did however notice that when someone suddenly ran right into him and thereby making them both fall on the floor, the person who had ran into him, now tried to get

up in a rather rough way, no regard of what it might be doing to Harry´s crotch.

Harry let´s out a grunt as the person, that Harry now noticed had a familiar, bright blonde hair color, brushed his knees against him while trying to get up.

But when the blonde boy manage to actually stand up, he winced in what seemed like pain, and lifted his right foot and lost his balance.

To prevent himself to fall once more, he took support to the closest thing to him, which happened to be Harry.

Harry caught him under the arms and felt himself getting warm.

"I got you" Harry said sheepishly.

He switched position so that Draco could lean over Harry´s one shoulder.

Draco glanced absently at Harry´s hand which where placed right above his waist, but he didn´t say anything.

But, Harry noticed, his icy blue eyes was flacking panicky and didn´t seem to focus.

He looked so different, he had always had a smug smirk on his lips, a cocked eyebrow or a teasingly expression on his face. But there wasn´t any of it there.

Only darkness, like something terrible was hanging on his shoulder, trying to push him down. Harry wanted to ask, help him. Hug him... Kiss those full, pale lips.

Draco sighed deeply, though he seemed totally unaware of it. His eyes however was gradually focusing, and was no longer darting around.

"Should I take you to the hospital wing or something?" Harry asked carefully.

Draco´s eyes snapped up to his, and it seemed he had been totally unaware of his presence until now.

"...Wha.. Yes." he said absently. But looked as if though he hadn´t understood what Harry had just said.

Even the more reason to take him there, Harry thought. He seems completely lost. So Harry took a firmer grip around his waist and lead him through the long corridor.

It was quite hard, because his hands where sweating and the places on his body that touched Draco´s where burning.

His breathing where strained, but at least he could blame that on having Draco leaning all his weight on him.

But god it was so embarrassing, Harry´s hands where so sweaty and without thinking he kinda stroked his hands up and down Draco´s waist to wipe of his hands.

Draco squirmed uncomfortably under his hand and that´s when Harry got aware of his own actions, and what they may have seemed like.

In the urge to proof his innocence he let go of Draco making him stumble forwards.

His lean body falling helplessly to the floor.

He squeezed his eyes closed in a expression of pain then grunted and brought his arms to cover his face and kind of rocking back and forth on his back,

while moaning as in despair.

Harry bent down beside him and nervously started to tug at his arms, but soon gave up and started stroking them instead while talking to him soothingly.

"S´kay, shhh. Sshh."

His moaning slowly decreased and soon they where nothing more than small grunts every now and then.

He stopped rocking and just l still on his back, while letting his arms slowly slide down his face, down to the floor and then turned his head and looked Harry in the

eyes, this way Harry could see the transformation that evolved in Draco´s eyes.

His gaze turned from bitter realization to thoughtful that was replaced with a painful look, followed with determination and eventually and suddenly rapidly,

his eyes got darker, and soon they where blank of emotion, his face mirroring the numb expression which wasn´t a expression at all. It was … nothing.

He rose up and drew a hand through his messy blonde hair to tidy it, and brushed of his clothing.

Then he coldly looked down on a stunned Harry who hadn´t found the ability to move yet.

Draco´s jaw clenched slightly before he reached a hand out to Harry who took it, and then pulled him up.

"Y-You okay?" Harry stuttered.

Draco´s jaw clenched further, and he raised one eyebrow at Harry but managed to keep that numb look in his eyes.


His cold eyes wandered lazily and indifferently across Harry´s face then downwards, as if inspecting him.

"You´re bleeding."

Harry winced in surprise at the sudden speaking and looked Draco in the eyes.

"Wha...-" He raised his hands to his face to look for any injuries, but as he did, he saw just where he where bleeding – His hand.

"Oh... I didn´t even...-" He mumbled but stopped as Draco suddenly took a step closer to him, then another one, an other one.

Harry stumbled backwards automatically and soon his back hit the wall.

He stared at Draco cautiously as he approached him slowly, then he stopped, right in front of him.

Harry could feel his calm breaths stroking his face and he bit his lip to keep himself from whimpering.

But Draco just stared at him, then rose his hand against his jaw and almost without touching him at all, stroked his fingertips against it.

"You got blood here" He said with a bored tone.

As he stroke his thumb against Harry´s jaw to wipe off the blood, apparently, his other hand made it´s way down his arm, crossing his wrist and

... Shit. Pants...Tightening...!

"hmmp!" Was all that Harry could manage to say as he ducked from Draco´s cold hand on his face, and then slid under his arm an ran up the stairs towards Gryffindor


Not seeing how the thin, blonde boy sunk to his knees, resting his forehead against the wall as his hands fell loosely to his sides.

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