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Harry was standing in front of an ominously bubbling potion, which had turned a unnatural colour of lime green and he stirred it franticly to keep it from get any worse, but it seemed that was just what he did, as it started to whistle loudly. He snapped his head backwards in the direction of Snape, where he sat behind his desk in the back of the classroom and when he heard the loud noise his dark eyes immediately met Harry´s as if it was obvious it was his potion that was whistling. He quirked one eyebrow before he slowly, as if he had all the time in the world, walked in the direction of Harry, though on the way looked over the shoulder of the several students that he passed. Though when he reached Harry, he stopped and looked mockingly at his potion, and then at him. They had some kind of staring contest but when Harry refused to look away, Snape finally spoke.

"Mr. Potter, are you aware that your potion is..." He turned his head to the potion for a second and then got back to staring coldly in Harry´s eyes as he continued. "whistling?" Someone snickered behind his back, presumably Goyle. "Yes, sir." Harry said stiffly. Now the entire class had stopped what they where doing, and watched Harry and his whistling potion and the situation that obviously and yet again, was going on between Harry and Snape. "Hm, then are you aware of that it´s, green? If I´m not mistaken, the potion should be having a dark brown colour, or maybe everyone else has been doing it wrong?" Harry decided to remain silent then, and awaited the doom to be released.

"Can you read potter?" He asked instead. A stupid question really, but he answered anyway.

"yes sir." He said between clenched teeth. "Then why have you stirred your potion clockwise, when it clearly says that you should stir it anticlockwise?" Now it was more then one that snickered and Harry felt like dying with shame and anger. "I misread." he said and Snape remained silent for a long while then taking up the staring contest again. Harry tried not to blink. It seemed Harry won, because Snape released his stare and turned to get back to his desk as he raised his wand, and thereby extinguishing the whistling while saying. "30 points from Gryffindor!" Harry looked up then, and met another gaze, that was far more pleasant that Snape´s. Instead of the dark black, there was now ice-blue ones that rested on him. Then he started approaching and Harry stared wide eyed at him in fear. What was he doing in the middle of class, with everyone watc...

The soft scent of Draco came and left, as he passed Harry and walked to the desk to get some of the remaining worm-hearts, but as he did, Harry felt something being dropped into his pocket. He reached a hand into it, and felt a small piece of parchment. He snapped his head up to Draco where he now stood in front of his potion again, his back turned to him. Harry slowly turned around, pretending to focus on his potion again, though really unfolding the small note in his hand, reading the neatly written sentence.

Meet me at the slytherin prefect bathroom after dinner.

"Ey mate, you coming or what? Lesson´s over, get your stuff."

Harry jumped in surprise, quickly balling the note in his hand and dropping it in his pocket again. He jerked around and stared at Ron questioningly. "W-what?"

Ron raised his eyebrows saying "jeesh, didn´t mean to scare you." He smiled. "I said to get your stuff cause were´re leaving for dinner, I´m starving." He placed his hands on his stomach and rubbed it gently to underline his words. "Oh... Dinner. Yes! Dinner, I´m coming!" Harry stuttered and clumsily snatched his stuff and stumbled out the classroom, with Ron following slightly more stable but just as eager.

Dinner was torture. Not only for Harry who had to endure the endless stuffing of blueberry pie or the gulping of pumpkin juice when he was in dire need of getting out of there. But Ron didn´t move, neither did Hermione who was currently reading the prophet while huffing irritably at Harry´s franticly jumping leg.

"Could you not do that Harry? It´s rather irritating." She finally exclaimed. You could tell she tried very hard not to sound like a bitch, but she failed rather miserably. Harry on the other hand, didn´t hear her request but continued his twitching-leg routine. He could not sit still. His entire being was quivering, twitching and jumping with excitement. And Malfoy was sitting just a few meters away from him, like the shining moon in the night sky. Making everyone else nothing but little glowing gaslights known as stars, but Harry did not provide them any attention. It was just Draco that was worthy. Maybe Harry was stupid and reckless to be staring so intensely at him in such a public place. But then again, it wasn´t very rare. And would somebody be dumb enough to disturb his admiration, he could just tell them that he was observing Malfoy because "I know he is up to something". That line had proven itself rather useful the last couple of years. It left Harry being able to stare as much as he wanted. It was a little bit of heaven in hell.

Draco suddenly made a movement with his hands, making Harry jerk up, straight as a board, thinking Malfoy was leaving. But no such luck. Draco had just dropped his sandwich on his plate, looking rather disgusted. Harry sat down again, pouting slightly when he noticed Draco wiping his hands slowly, each finger at a time, as if wanting to turn Harry on. And then. Then! Then he had the nerve to put his finger in his mouth. Oh sweet merlin. Harry suddenly became extremely aware of his leg jumping seeing as it was repeatedly brushing against his growing member. He let out a flustered huff and then, to Hermione´s relief, forced his leg to stop moving. How could someone look so tempting by doing almost nothing at all? Figures. Leave that to Draco freaking Malfoy, to make Harry jizz his pants during the dinner-feast. Draco was leaning his chin into his hand, with his pinkie finger in his mouth, just so slightly nibbling on the fingertip. His silvery gaze was swaying somewhere right above Harry´s head and Harry found himself momentarily disappointed that he wouldn´t look him straight in the eyes, but soon got over it seeing as the sight was just too overwhelming and didn´t allow him to dwell such silly matters longer then three seconds. Malfoy made a movement with his head, jerking it slightly in the direction of the door. Then rose gracefully from his seat, and strode out the hall.

"... And I just thought that maybe we should practise some Quidditch after dinner so that.."

"I´m leaving!Don´tfeelsogood, !" Harry as good as screamed, not hearing Ron´s feeble attempt to get Harry to train him. Harry practically jumped out the doors, then took out the marauders map.

"IsolomlyswearImuptonogood!" He panted and tapped his wand once on the old parchment.

He didn´t actually know where the slytherin prefect bathroom was located, but if he could just spot Draco there would be no proble..There! The small dot of Draco Malfoy was hovering on the rather large room in the dungeon. Harry quickly folded the map and stuffed it in his robe and raced the first years Slytherins to the dungeons. They seemed just as eager but Harry guessed it was for a completely different reason then his own.

"Urgh, shit." Draco exclaimed and clutched his stomach in pain. He had barley eaten anything but the petty half sandwich he had eaten was now splattered partly on the floor, and the other part on his new school robe his mother had bought him. "Great." He mumbled and pulled out his wand to clean up his mess. Good thing he was a wizard, or else he would have to face Harry with puke all over himself. He doubted that would be much of a hit. Then again, if he wasn´t a wizard he wouldn´t need to meet Harry at all. Well, you couldn´t have anything. Even though Draco usually did have everything, that definatly wasn´t the case this year. He sighed again and brushed his fingers through his hair that was all raggled and damp because of his resent actions. The throwing up wasn´t good for his hair, he had noticed. He had started to loose a lot of hair, and the perfect shine he was so proad of wasn´t there at all. His hair looked lifeless, fitting his skin that also had taken a grey tone lately. Maybe if he was lucky, Harry would loose interest now that Draco didn´t look as fabulous as he used to.

"Malfoy, you there?"

Draco flinched at the sudden whisper and cursed himself for not being more careful. Coming out from the bathroom wasn´t really what he had planned for. It wasn´t very sexy after all. But he hadn´t expected Potter to come here so fast. Did he run here of what? He really was desperate. He considered staying hidden there, but realized that would be stupid and rose from his kneeling position.
"Yeah, I´m here" He said as he walked out the stall with as much dignity he could muster.

Harry snapped his head to him and his eyes shone like a child on Christmas. Fool.

There goes his plan of potter losing interest. Apparently his looks didn´t bother him.

"You wanted me to come here?" He said and smiled even bigger.

Merlin he really is desperate. Draco thought in disdain.

"Yes, I wanted to set some things straight." Draco drawled in a almost familiar sense.

He drew closer to him, slowly trying to be graceful, and by the look Potter gave him, he must have succeeded. Draco saw him gulp and bite his lip nervously. So easily satisfied, Draco noted and took a deep breath for what he was about to say.

"I want you, and I want you to be with me." He finally said breathlessly. A good touch to the whole sexy and full of want façade. The fact that he was breathless out of disgust and self hatred and not want was a whole other story, a story which Potter didn´t need to be aware of. And he was just as blissfully unaware as always, Potter let out a breath which hitched in his throat.

"I- I – You want... Why?" Potters face had gone from sparkling of happiness to frowning out of suspicion. He looked hesitant for a moment, like he was thinking if he would say something stupid, but then looked determined. "I mean... You h-hate me." He looked down at that word, looking pained and ashamed. Draco almost felt sorry for him, but only almost.

"I hated you because you denied me." He answered. He didn´t lie. That part was actually true. "I wanted to be your friend, and you didn´t, so I felt rejected and thought that you should feel what I felt when you rejected me. But I´ve been watching you in 6 years and I´ve grown up. I don´t want to sit by and just watch you any more." Draco closed the distance between them and put a hand on the crook of Potters neck, stroking his fingers slowly up and down his neck, feeling the shiver that ran through him. " when I saw the way you looked at me. The way you pained after me." Draco whispered, leaning in close and letting his lips brush the shell of Potter´s ear. "I knew you wanted me too."

Harry shivered once more, the air had gone thick and exploding with intensity and he suddenly felt the need to reach out to touch. So he did.

A somewhat hesitant hand reached up to Draco´s face, the fingers brushing ever so slightly at his cheek before they reached the stray strand of blonde hair that was uncharacteristicly hanging in front of his bright grey eyes. Harry lifted it with his finger, brushing it away behind Draco´s ear.

Now it was Draco´s turn to shiver. He found it very hard not to flinch away from the touch but he managed not to. He didn´t like the way Potter´s skin felt like. It was coarse and thick, a result of years of having burnt his hands while cooking for the Dursley, doing dishes and garden work and it felt so unlike the hands of a girl. It was unnerving.
Draco rose his gaze for a split second, meeting Potter eyes that was wide open in astonishment, disbelief and caution and was practically devouring Draco with the intense gaze.

"I did." He finally said, taking the intense atmosphere down a notch. "I-I do, still." He stuttered. Then he took a deep quivering breath and moved his fingers down Draco´s neck, wanting to explore every inch of him, wanting to feel the soft hair he had wanted for so long. "I´ve wanted you so bad." He said, clenching his jaws to contain some of the feelings that was trying to burst out of him. Then he let out a breathless laugh and pulled away slightly from Draco´s face, looking content. But reached his hand of to the blonde hair once more, brushing his fingers through it again.

"I like this ruffled look, you should keep it." He took a strand between his fingers and followed it til´the tip, then let it go, making it hang in front of his eyes again.

Draco almost let out a bitter laugh at that. The irony of Potter´s words was just so good. He´d defiantly be seeing more of this look, it was all for him after all. Or all because of him.

He didn´t say anything though but settled with a crooked smile, as that was all that he could muster at the moment. He studied Potter´s face for a while, though made sure to avoid his eyes, and his gaze stuck on the lightning shaped scar on his forehead. The chosen one.

Now they had something in common. He didn´t know which of their destinies was worse. But at least Potter had had training the past 6 years. Fighting the dark lord wasn´t exactly new to him.

Draco however hadn´t. He had spent 6 years hating Potter, and now was meant to want him. And Potter wasn´t the only one that might die if he where to fail his quest. Then again, if he didn´t stop throwing up every time they met, he would probably die anyway.

There we go. I´m sorry this is all so gloomy and sad and miserable all the time. But well. that´s just Draco. He is a gloomy person, right? Nowww tell me what you think of it :D