"So what did the healer say," Narcissa looked expectantly at Draco and Hermione who had just returned from her monthly checkup at St. Mungo's.

"Well, nothing we didn't already know," Draco moved to kiss his mother on the cheek. "Hermione is now officially 23 weeks pregnant. The baby is fine, growing perfectly as a matter of fact. We have another picture, too."

"Oh that is wonderful," Narcissa hugged Hermione after looking at the moving ultrasound picture of her grandchild.

"Oh, I always knew you were going to be good for this family," Lucius smirked at her before hugging her as well. "How's my grandchild treating you, Hermione?"

"I am wonderful," Hermione smiled at her father-in-law. "A bit tired but Caelum is a perfect little gentleman. Even when he kicks he's gentle with me."

"Caelum," Narcissa asked in surprise. "When did you decide on that name?"

Before Hermione could answer, the youngest Malfoys made their presence known. Both Hermione and Draco turned to see their almost nine months old twins Scorpius and Thalia be entertained by their bright two-year old Selene. Apparently, none of them had spotted their parents yet. Their laughter filled the sitting room and caused all four adults to smile happily at the them.

After the healers had told Hermione that the fertility potion would affect her for life, Draco and her had been extremely cautious and diligent about birth control. Hermione had been put on the potion and they used a contraceptive charm at all times. Regardless, just like in her dream, Hermione found herself pregnant with twins just a few months after giving birth to their daughter. Draco had often teased her about having a vision, calling her a truly gifted seer who could give Trelawney a run for her money. Well, at least until Selene told him she had dreamt about having another brother just before her parent's second anniversary.

"I never get tired of that sound," Narcissa's face reflected joy at the mere sight of her three grandchildren. All these years waiting and searching for her goddaughter, she had worried she would never have the pleasure to experience her very own grandchildren running throughout this home. And here they were, three grandchildren and one more on the way.

"So, did the healers have any success with a stronger contraceptive potion yet," Lucius looked at his son and daughter-in-law curiously. "Not that we're complaining but you may need a break after this one is born."

Hermione sighed as she shook her head. Draco, on the other hand, was still very smug about having gotten Hermione pregnant for a third time in just as many years. He loved his ever growing family more than anything. Selene was a perfect blend of her parents. She had beautiful, blond waves and grey eyes, the cutest button nose and a gentle demeanor. Their oldest had only been 16 months when the twins were born.

Scorpius was a miniature version of Draco with Hermione's caring personality. He was very shy but even at his young age, he managed to charm witches with his beautiful smile. Thalia, on the other hand, looked like Hermione but with Draco's eyes and blond hair. Her personality was more like Draco's than any of the other children's, she was mischievous, sneaky and had everyone wrapped around her little fingers.

After Scorpius and Thalia's birth, the couple had decided to wait a few years before even discussing the possibility of more children. Knowing that contraceptives alone were useless, they had decided to watch Hermione's cycle closely and had refrained from having sex a few days before and after she was ovulating. However, their restraint hadn't lasted very long and Hermione had found herself pregnant just weeks after their second anniversary making Selene's dream come true.

"The healers are pretty clueless as to what to do," Hermione explained. "So, they suggested we switch to muggle contraceptives."

"I told you that I am not going to put those things on my... well you know," Draco huffed indignantly. "And Mother, don't ask what muggle contraceptives are like... Ask Jean if you must know!"

"Well, it's that or I won't let you ever touch me again," Hermione snapped at her husband. "I'd like to spent a year not being pregnant and be able to chase after them, play with them without having this belly in my way. And every time I get back to my pre-pregnancy weight I find out I am pregnant again. I am just frustrated about always being in this state."

Hermione glared at her husband before waddling over to her children. She loved being a mother and was excited about having another child, however she wanted to enjoy being a mom as well. Being pregnant restricted her too many times. At this point, her healer had already told her to stop picking up her children, something that was hard on her whenever they came running toward her. Just the other day, she had tried to have a picnic with all three of them just to get stuck on the blanket. Unable to get up without help, she had to call for Pokey to help her out. And she wasn't even that big yet.

She had also hoped to spent at least a few hours a week working for her foundation again. Even with some help from both Pokey and Loomy, taking care of three children with another one on the way made it difficult to find any time to devote to her foundation. She still managed to dedicate a few hours a week to S.P.E.W. However, after Dobby's Law had been approved almost three years ago, Loomy was still the only elf to have taken advantage of it to gain her freedom. Yes, elves were treated much better nowadays but Hermione still hoped more of them would ask for their freedom.

"Mommy," Selene squealed excitedly as she spotted her mother. "I tried to teach Scor and Tally the song for Daddy's birthday party tonight."

"Really," Hermione smiled at her oldest. "How did that work out?"

Selene's mouth turned into a pout and she frowned at her mother. The twins were only babbling at this point and while her smart little Selene could be very persistent, Hermione doubted she could manage to teach them to sing Happy Birthday just yet.

"Not good, Mommy," she hugged her mother's leg just as the twins crawled excitedly toward Hermione. "They don't sing well. Loomy says I have to be patient but I wanted to surprise Daddy."

"Well, maybe next year," Hermione smiled back at her just as her husband joined them. Draco picked up both twins at the same time so Hermione could kiss them hello. "I am sure they'll be able to sing it then. In the meantime, if you want to stay up for Daddy's birthday tonight, you need to take a long nap."

"Can I stay up super late then," Selene tried to negotiate with her mother. "It's Daddy's birthday I won't be able to sleep anyway."

"She may be a Slytherin after all," Draco chuckled.

"Your parents just got here," Draco laid down next to Hermione after putting the twins and Selene down for their naps. "They're settling into their room right now."

Hermione nodded. Her parents had cut back their hours at their dental practice and taken on a new, young dentist who was one day going to take over the practice. They now only worked three-day-weeks while spending the remaining time at the Manor to be closer to their daughter, son-in-law and grandchildren. Hermione and Draco had offered them a permanent room in their wing. However, Lucius - to their great surprise - had insisted on them staying in their wing to give the young family some privacy. Hermione, on the other hand, suspected that the great Lucius Malfoy was more than just fond of her dad.

"I am sorry Hermione," the blonde kissed his wife's cheek gently "I'll use those bloody things if you want me to. Although, I do love you being pregnant. There is something rather sexy about you round and swollen with my child growing in you. You're strong and fragile at the same time. And all I want to do is take care of you, spoil you and fuck you at the same time... And at least I don't have to worry about knocking you up for a while."

"You're terrible," Hermione kissed him back.

"But you do love me anyway, Mrs. Malfoy. I believe you find me irresistible which is part of the reason you're in this state yet again," he placed his hand on her stomach.

"You're right," Hermione responded by kissing him "I do love you. I am glad the kids are taking a nap. I need some rest before the party as well."

"I let you sleep after I get another round of birthday-sex," Draco wiggled his brows at her.

Hermione laughed at Draco. He had been demanding birthday-sex any chance he got for the past month or so. She found it extremely hard to resist his advances as it seemed she couldn't think of anything other than sex during pregnancy. Apparently, the pregnancy hormones made her grave it more than ever and they made love several times a day. Many times, she even woke him up during the night because she needed to release her own, very strong desire for him. Her healer claimed it was normal but Hermione wasn't so sure about it. It seemed like all she ever wanted to do was eat, sleep and have sex with her handsome husband. And Draco took full advantage of the situation, knowing she wouldn't be able to have sex for a few weeks after giving birth.

"You and Draco just can't keep your hands off each other, huh." Ginny laughed as she helped Hermione put the finishing touches on the decorations for Draco's 25th birthday party. Hermione had just finished telling Ginny about the healers suggestion of using muggle contraceptives.

"It was our anniversary," Hermione defended herself. "You can't expect us to not... Well you know, we were celebrating two years of marriage."

"And you will have something to remember that celebration by for the rest of your life," Ginny laughed even louder. "And what is your excuse for that post-coital glow you're currently displaying?"

Hermione snickered at the redhead's bold remark. Ginny was very insightful when it came to those kind of things.

"Oh, Hermione," Ginny continued in a teasing tone. "Just imagine the Malfoy from our time at Hogwarts watching. He didn't just marry Hermione Granger. No, you two are catching up with my parents rather quickly. Actually, if you keep going like this, I think you may actually come out ahead of them."

"Weaslette," Draco drawled approaching them from behind. "Hermione may need a break from being pregnant but I'll have you know that we're not done yet. We still have plenty of time to have more children."

Ginny raised an eyebrow and gave Hermione a questioning look. However, after almost three years with Draco, the brunette had learnt how to school her features to show no trace of emotions. So, she simply shrugged in response.

"You're really considering having more children after this one," Ginny gaped in disbelieve as Hermione nodded. "You're crazy! I am still pregnant with number two while the two of you are baking number four and discussing number five already."

Ginny walked away shaking her head leaving both Hermione and Draco chuckling at her reaction.

"I am serious, Draco," Hermione turned to her husband and embraced him. "Just because I don't want to have another child for a few years doesn't mean I am done. I love being the mother of your children but I want a chance to enjoy the ones we have before we have more."

"You don't know how sexy you are right now," Draco kissed her temple affectionately before pointing at her parents who were carrying Scorpius and Thalia toward them. Selene was skipping happily next to them telling her grandparents about the things she had done since she had last seen them. "You know, Granger, I don't care that we didn't plan any of them. I wouldn't trade them for anything."

Hermione nodded in agreement as she waved at her parents. She loved how involved their entire family was with their children. Their children were close to both sets of grandparents. Hermione knew her parents were planning on completely retiring soon and hoped they would take up residence at the Manor permanently. She was sure that she could get Narcissa to help her accomplish that. After all, her meddling godmother loved having her best friend around again.

"Mommy, Daddy," Selene came running toward her parents. "Look, Grammy and Papa. And Jamie and Rosie are here. Grandfather say we're waiting on Uncle Theo, Aunt Daph and Willie ... Again," she sighed exasperatedly. "Rosie sleeping like Scor and Thalia did. And Uncle Ron say I can't wake her 'cause she be cranky."

"Well," Draco picked up his overexcited daughter who sported an adorable pout as she mentioned a sleeping Rose Weasley. "Remember what I told you last week when we visited Aunt Pansy and Rosie at St. Mungo's? Babies need plenty of sleep. But I am sure Aunt Pansy will let you know when Rosie is up so you can admire her all you want to."

"You think so, Daddy," Selene's eyes were wide with excitement when Draco gave her an affirmative nod. "I play with Jamie now, ok Daddy?"

"Ok, Sweetheart," she kissed him before he placed her back on the ground and the little girl ran off to play with one of her best friends.

"Hi Mom, Dad," Hermione greeted her parents while Scorpius was squirming to get his mother's attention. "I am sorry but I was laying down when you arrived earlier. This one is definitely making me more sleepy than Selene or the twins ever did."

"Hermione," Jean smiled at her daughter. "You didn't have three young kids when you were pregnant with Selene, and only one little girl when carrying the twins. It's ok, Sweetie, we understand."

Draco took Scorpius from Jean Granger. However, his son whined as he wanted his mother instead. Following Robert, who was still carrying Thalia, to one of the tables, he gestured for Hermione to sit so she could take the squirming child.

"She's right, Hermione," he handed Scorpius over once she was seated. "I've been thinking about working less to help you out. Most of Malfoy Industries doesn't need much attention and Theo is more than capable of handling 'Magic Electronics' without too much of my involvement. I am sure I can free up some time so you can dedicate some more time to the foundation."

"Really," she moved to look at her husband's face. "You know you don't need to do that? You spend plenty of time with them already. And I am sure I can find some time to handle the foundation. I am actually thinking of hiring a few more people now that Pansy is on maternity leave. She's done a great job since I cut back my hours at the foundation. I think I really only need a few hours a week to make sure things are still heading into the right direction. Well, and I've always run S.P.E.W. on the side and Loomy has been a great help with it."

Draco hesitated briefly looking at her intensely. He knew what he was about to say would make him sound like a sentimental fool but he didn't mind that anymore when it came to his family.

"Well, Selene is growing up so fast. Before we know it she'll be at Hogwarts and I just don't want to miss more time than I have to," the Slytherin finally confessed. "We're filthy rich, I work for fun but at the moment I can't think of anything more fun than to spend more time with you and our children. If we're really going to wait a few years to have more kids, we could travel a bit as soon as Caelum is old enough."

Hermione nodded and then kissed Scorpius who was snuggling up to her. Her son was very attached to her and much less independent than his twin sister. Draco often laughed about it. Apparently being absolutely enamored with the women in their life was a 'Malfoy trait'. Hermione turned to look at his twin. Thalia was happily nestled in her Papa's arms, playing with his face and giggling about the results. Hermione smiled. She loved being a parent more than she ever thought possible and she knew Draco felt the same way.

A happy squeal interrupted her thoughts. Her perfect, little Selene, who had been playing with James, had just spotted Theo, Daphne and William and greeted her other friend excitedly. She thought it was funny how her daughter often bossed James and William around. The trio was still young but Hermione loved thinking of them at Hogwarts one day, inseparable like Harry, Ron and her had been.

"Selene just turned two," Hermione refocused her attention to her handsome husband. "It's still over nine years until she's boarding the Hogwarts Express and gets sorted into Gryffindor."

"I've seen her manipulate you earlier. She'll definitely be in Slytherin. All Malfoys get sorted into Slytherin," Draco retorted haughtily making the brunette laugh. "Considering Jean here was a Slytherin as well, there is no chance any of our kids will even be considered for any other house."

"We'll see," she pulled him down and kissed him lightly, sandwiching a giggling Scorpius between them. They often bantered about which house their children would end up in but Hermione secretly knew all three would be in Slytherin. They were sweet but knew how to manipulate and be sneaky when needed. Yet, after being married to a Slytherin as well as living with a few of them, she didn't mind whether her children were in Gryffindor or Slytherin.

"You're ready for your party," she changed the topic.

Draco just smirked at her as he straightened back up. Taking Scorpius from her, he held out a hand to help Hermione off the chair. Looking at his wife of two and a half years, he couldn't believe how happy she made him. He loved her and their rapidly growing family more than he ever imagined. Yes, they argued and bantered frequently, however, it was generally good-natured or resolved swiftly with amazing make-up sex.

Just as he kissed her cheek again, Pokey popped up with a giant birthday cake and the crowd erupted in a loud and cheerful rendition of 'Happy Birthday'. Holding his wife and son close, he looked at their family. Selene was standing in between James Potter and William Nott, all three of them singing their very own version of the song rather loudly. Thalia, who was much less clingy than Scorpius, was happily clapping while being held by her Papa and giggling as Jean kissed her cheek. Scorpius, who was still clinging on to him, babbled along instead. His own father had his arm around his mother and, to his surprise, both were singing along as well.

11 years later

Hermione Malfoy was holding her youngest son's hand as she walked through the barrier of Platform 9 3/4. It was only the third time she was at the Station since graduating Hogwarts, yet her heart felt heavy. It was going to be Caelum's first year and that meant another one of her children was leaving her home until at least Christmas. Looking around, she quickly spotted her friends close to the barrier and moved toward them.

"Lily," Ginny Potter frowned at her daughter. "Must we go through this every year? It's just one more year and you'll be joining your brothers and cousins at Hogwarts."

Hermione watched Lily turn several shades of red as Scorpius moved next to her to say hi to his best friend Albus. Hermione smiled mischievously at Ginny. They had noticed that Lily Potter happened to blush every time Hermione's oldest son was around. Not that Scorpius had noticed yet. Her son, his twin and their friends had been too busy practicing Quidditch all summer to notice that Lily was interested in anything other than catching the Snitch from right underneath Scorpius' nose.

"I swear, I'll be glad when she leaves for Hogwarts next year," Ginny whispered into Hermione's ear as she hugged her. "At least she won't whine anymore when we drop off the boys to board the Hogwarts Express."

"You'll be at the Manor crying ever day how much you miss her," Draco drawled. Holding nine month old Maia, he swiftly moved next to his wife after their other children had made it onto the Platform. "Just remember the last two years. 'Oh, I miss Jamie so much,' and 'I don't know how my sweet angel Albus got himself sorted into Slytherin but I miss him so very much. Oh, I hope he's alright in that nasty dungeon.'"

Thalia and Caelum giggled as Ginny threw Draco a dark look. Draco just shrugged and moved to greet Harry, Ron and Pansy.

"Theo and Daphne are running late again," Pansy chuckled while holding newborn Hugo in her arms. "So, Caelum you're going to be in Slytherin like the rest of your siblings?"

"Yes," Caelum who could pass as Scorpius' twin nodded eagerly. "I want to be with Tally and the others."

"Slytherin is the best house," Thalia interjected proudly. "And we're going to win the Quidditch and the House Cup this year. Right Mom?"

Hermione sighed. She had long since come to terms with the fact that her family was overrun by snakes. Regardless, she still had high hopes for the little boy whose hand she was currently holding. Leo had her personality from the know-it-all attitude to the bossy demeanor, he was fearless when dealing with his older siblings and kind with Maia.

"Aunt Ginny," her future Gryffindor chimed in. "Were you really mad Albus was sorted into Slytherin?"

"No, Leo," Ginny smiled at the little curly haired blonde. "But your Daddy keeps teasing us about it because it's a Weasley tradition to be sorted into Gryffindor. Just like it's a Malfoy tradition to be a Slytherin. But we both know that you'll be the first Malfoy in Gryffindor, right Sweetheart?"

Leo grinned at Ginny, then his mother before frowning at his father disapprovingly. Hermione couldn't help but laugh at her four year old son who was their first actually planned child. After Caelum was born, Draco had consented to using the muggle contraceptives and they didn't have any more children for a few years. However, on Selene's 8th birthday, Hermione had confessed to Draco that she was thinking about having another child. Draco had been ecstatic, saying he had been thinking about having another child for at least a year. They had started trying immediately and 9 1/2 months later, Hermione had given birth to precious little Leo.

Little Maia, on the other hand, had been the result of a long, passionate weekend away from their children. After forgetting their contraceptives at home, both Draco and Hermione had thrown all caution to the wind and decided to have another child. Maia was their only child with honey-blond hair instead of Draco's platinum blond locks, yet she still had his grey eyes.

"Mom," Selene ran up to her mother holding on tightly to her Divination book. "Jamie is making fun of me because I am taking Divination. He says it's a rubbish subject."

"Well, maybe you shouldn't have told him he's going to marry Clara Zabini when you know he has a crush on you," Draco shot at her.

"I just wanted him to leave me alone," Selene giggled remembering the lie she had told James Potter when he had tried to kiss her over the summer. "I am going to look for my friends. I'll be back before I board the train."

Selene kissed her parents before patting her mother's stomach. She winked mischievously at her mother and turned to look for her friends.

"I can't believe my daughter is excited about taking Divination," Hermione sighed watching her go. "At least that old fraud has finally retired."

"Well," Draco kissed his wife's temple. "Remember the dreams you used to have when you were pregnant with her. Maybe, she does have the gift! She didn't seem surprised at all when we told the kids you were pregnant again. That, or our kids are just used to you being pregnant at this point."

Hermione laughed as Draco put his hand on her stomach. So far, they had only told their children and parents that Hermione was pregnant again. She was only about 11 weeks along with yet another little boy. Draco and Hermione had planned this one to be their last child, completing the Quidditch team Draco had always talked about. If everything went well, Hermione would give birth during the Easter Holidays when the kids were home from school.

"Thanks, Malfoy," Hermione whispered and he raised a brow at her questioningly. "For making me the luckiest girl alive."

Remembering his father's words after he had been released from Azkaban, Draco realized Lucius had been wrong. It wasn't Hermione's blood or reputation that strengthened his family. No, it was her love. Her love had made him forgive his father and kick started their efforts to rebuild their relationship, her love had given him an amazing family and her love made him the happiest, sappiest and most foolish Slytherin ever. She didn't need to thank him for anything. No. He needed to thank her; love, worship and cherish her forever.

"Anytime, Granger," he drawled making his wife laugh happily. "Though you're hardly a girl anymore."

The End

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