A/N Just a short one-shot before I put up my next chapter story; I'm in one of my moods…

Kayla: And that mood would be…

Chelsea: Is it your romance mood or…the other mood?

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Kukai: How in the world…

Me: Well, that should keep them busy for a while. I don't own Shugo Chara and this takes place just before Ikuto stays with Amu. It will be AU sort of. My take on what would happen if Amu actually went to her mom for help for once in her life. Enjoy!

Amu's Point of View

I was sitting at my desk staring at my math homework. Finally, I just sighed and my head hit the desk, "I don't get this!" I yelled to the air, where Ran, Miki, and Su were floating.

"Aw, come on Amu-chan!" Ran said, "You can do it!"

"No, I can't!" I yelled and grabbed my jacket, "I'm going to go ask Rima."

I walked downstairs with my charas following, "Mama!" I yelled knowing she was home while papa and Ami were out somewhere, "I'm going to Rima's to ask for help for math!"

Mama looked at me, "I could help you Amu-chan," she said.

"No," I stated in my Cool and Spicy tone and put my shoes on.

Mama sighed, "Alright Amu-chan," she said, "But just remember that I'm here to help with anything if you need it."

"Yes mama," I said and left.

I walked in silence with the sun just setting, "Maybe it's too late to go to Rima's~ desu," Su said worried.

"No," I stated, "The sun's still out."

"Yeah, and we're asking for help with homework so her parents can't be that mad right?" Miki asked.

I stopped walking, "Maybe this was wrong," I said.

"But we need-" Ran was cut off by someone.

"Amu-chan~ nya!" I turned and saw Yoru flying up to us.

"Yoru?" I asked.

Yoru stopped in front of me breathing heavily, "I-Ikuto~ nya!" he yelled.

I went wide eyed, "Ikuto?" I asked.

"Nya…" the cat chara nodded, "He's hurt really bad! He can barely walk!"

Ran, Miki, and Su gasped, "Let's go!" I yelled at Yoru.

I followed Ikuto's chara towards the park. Ikuto says he's my enemy, but I don't believe that. Ikuto's my friend and I don't turn my back on my friends. We finally made it to the park and I gasped. Ikuto was leaning up on a tree, like always, but this time I could see blood coming from his arms. I ran over to the high schooler, "Ikuto!" I yelled and bent down to him.

Ikuto lazily turned to me, "Amu?" he asked weakly.

I went wide eyed, "Ikuto," I stated and took my jacket off, "You're losing too much blood!"

I pressed my jacket on Ikuto's wounds, it was too small to get to all of them, "No," Ikuto said shaking his head, "Leave me alone. I'm fine; just a scratch."

I glared at him, "You are not fine, I'm not leaving you here to die, and you've already lost too much blood if you think these are scratches!" I yelled, "Yoru, how did this happen and how long ago?"

"Um…" Yoru said, "About 30 minutes ago."

"30 minutes?" I yelled shocked.

"Nya!" Yoru yelled, "Sorry, but I couldn't find you!"

"Well, what about his other friends?" I asked, "Doesn't he have friends in school?"

"They-they wouldn't understand," Yoru said, "And they can't see me."

I sighed, "Fine, but how did this happen?" I asked as I continued to press Ikuto's wounds with my jacket.

"Um…" Yoru said, "His-"

"Yoru!" Ikuto yelled angrily, but weakly.

"Nya!" Yoru yelled, "This has gotten out of hand Ikuto!"

"Wait, this has happened before?" I said shocked.

"Yes!" Yoru yelled, "It just hasn't been this bad~ nya!"

I looked at Ikuto in shocked. I then remembered a report I had to do at my other school. Child abuse happens in children of all ages. It can sometimes cause an older child to disconnect themselves from others in hopes of them not finding out or them getting hurt…to hide the marks on their body they tend to wear long sleeves all year round… I went wide eyed, "Ikuto…" I said then gulped, "Did your stepdad do this?"

Ikuto didn't answer, but Yoru sure did, "Yes!" he yelled, "He always hurts Ikuto when he fails at something! He's an evil man! Nya! Nya!"

I looked at Ikuto and quickly tied my jacket to what wounds it could reach, "Ikuto," I said, "Are you still with me?"

"Mmm," Ikuto's voice came and his eyes closing slightly.

"Ikuto," I stated slapping his cheek slightly, "Stay awake."

"Go…away," Ikuto said pushing me away, but was too weak to do much.

"Ikuto~ nya!" Yoru yelled, "Amu-chan's trying to help!"

"Don't need help," Ikuto stated.

"Ikuto!" I yelled, "You'll die if we don't get you help!"

"Better than life now…" Ikuto said in eyes drooping again.

I had tears in my eyes, "Ikuto!" I yelled at him angry, "What about Utau? You're just going to leave her alone?"

"She's free to do whatever…" Ikuto stated, "I'm not."

I wasn't sure what that meant, but my blood was beginning to boil, "Then what about me!" I yelled, "I don't want you to die Ikuto! You're my friend!"

Ikuto's eyes shifted to me then winced, "…hurts," he stated.

I gently lifted Ikuto up so I could bring him to my house, "Ikuto, can you stay awake until we get to my house?" I asked.

Ikuto shook his head, "Can't go to your house…" Ikuto said weakly, "Sun's out…"

"He never went anywhere but school when the sun was out because he feared his dad would hurt the people he hung around~ nya," Yoru said.

"Poor Ikuto," Ran said, "If the Guardians knew about this they wouldn't be so hard on him."

I dragged Ikuto out of the park and towards my house, "Amu-chan," Su said, "What about your mom?"

"Mama," I said remembering.

I looked at Ikuto as he winced as we moved, "I need mama's help," I stated, "I don't think I can bandage up Ikuto wounds all by myself."

"I agree," Miki said, "Ikuto may have wounds that we can't see."

Ikuto groaned in pain, "We're almost there Ikuto," I stated.

"Ikuto~ nya…" Yoru said worried.

I saw blood starting to become visible in my black jacket. I shifted Ikuto slightly trying to get him in a position where I could go fast. But a 12 year old trying to carry a dazed and weak 17 year old was hard. Finally, we reached my house. I managed to open the door, but Ikuto slipped slightly, but I caught him, but I couldn't move without him falling. I grunted trying to hold Ikuto up, "Mama!" I yelled.

"Amu?" I heard mama's voice far off.

I grunted again, "Mama! Help!" I yelled trying to hold Ikuto up.

I heard mama running. I saw her on top of the stairs and she gasped, "Amu!" she yelled and ran down the stairs.

"Mama," I said somewhat happily.

Mama lifted the side of Ikuto that was close to the ground, "What happened Amu?" mama asked as we pulled Ikuto towards the couch.

"This is my friend Tsukiyomi Ikuto," I said, "I found him like this in the park."

"Oh my," mama said then spotted my jacket and went wide eyed, "Wait right here. Don't let him fall asleep Amu-chan!"

Mama ran down the hall. I looked at Ikuto who now lay on the couch barely able to keep his eyes open, "Ikuto," I said, "Mama will help you just please stay awake."

Mama came running back in the room with a first aid kit. I moved slightly away so she could have more room to work on Ikuto, "Ikuto-kun," mama said, "I need you to tell my where the wounds are."

Ikuto groaned, "Everywhere…" he said.

"His arms and chest in where his stepdad hit and cut him~ nya," Yoru told me because mama couldn't see him.

"Amu," mama said, "I'm going to have to remove his shirt. You can either stay or leave; your choice."

I looked at Ikuto and bent down next to mama and removed my jacket, "I'm helping," I stated in my Cool and Spicy tone, but it had a hint of worry in it.

Mama nodded and I set my jacket on the ground. Mama started to pull his shirt over his head while I tried to get his arms out of the sleeves without hurting his wounds. It took about a minute to get the shirt off and when we did I gasped and tears sprang to my eyes, "Oh my word…" mama said and quickly began disinfecting the wounds.

Ikuto hissed in pain and I quickly grabbed his hand letting him know that I was there and nothing was going to hurt him, "Amu," mama said as she worked on Ikuto's wounds, "Do you know how this happened?"

I nodded, "A friend of his told me about what was happening to him," I stated, "And I can only assume that that's what happened."

"And what is that Amu?" mama asked, "And how do you know Ikuto-kun?"

"We met once while I was…out for a walk," I said, "And his stepdad did this to him."

Mama went wide eyed and looked at me, "What!" she said shocked, "I knew child abuse existed, but right here in town?"

I looked at Ikuto, "You're not going to make him go home are you?" I asked mama, "Right?"

Mama had a distant look in her eyes, "I'm not sure Amu," she said, "These sort of things aren't easy to take care of."

"Well, then how about forced labor~ nya!" Yoru yelled.

I looked at Yoru and absent mindly asked, "Forced labor?"

"What?" mama asked.

I turned to Yoru for help, "Ikuto is bonded to Easter," Yoru said, "He's forced to do what they want him to do~ nya!"

I turned to mama an angry look on my face, "His stepdad is the director of Easter," I stated, "Ikuto is bonded by something, I'm not sure what, but they force him to things he doesn't want to."

Mama's eyes hardened, "I'll talk to papa and see what we can do Amu," she said angrily.

My spirits brightened. I looked at Ikuto then realized something, "I'm going to make something for him to eat," I said and grabbed Yoru as I ran to the kitchen.

"Nya?" Yoru asked.

"Where's Ikuto violin?" I whispered so mama wouldn't hear, "He always has it with him."

Yoru's ears dropped, "Easter stole it," he said, "We were going to steal it back today, but Mr. Director found out and…well…this happened."

I clinched my fists and closed my eyes tightly; "Go back to Ikuto," I whispered, "I'll find some fish or something."

Yoru nodded and flew back into the living room and worried over his owner. I looked in the fridge and found a can of sardines. I pulled that out and hurried back to mama and Ikuto. Mama was packing up the first aid kit, "Try and eat something Ikuto-kun," mama said and picked up his ruined shirt, "And try and stay awake until your blood count is back up."

I sat on the floor next to Ikuto, "Do you want some sardines Ikuto?" I asked.

Ikuto blinked at me as if his vision was blurry. I set the can down on the coffee table and helped Ikuto sit up. I then took the sardines and fed them to him seeing how he was extremely weak. Mama then came back into the room, "Amu," mama said, "Does Ikuto-kun's stepdad know about you?"

I looked at mama, "He knows of me, but he doesn't know that Ikuto and I are as close as we are," I said.

Mama nodded and went into the kitchen, "I take it Ikuto-kun likes fish," she asked.

I fed him another of the small fish, "Yes," I stated, "And chocolate."

I saw Ikuto starting to drift off, "Ikuto," I said slapping his cheek gently making him jump, "Stay awake."

I suddenly gasped as my hand was close to his cheek. I quickly put my hand to his forehead, "Mama!" I yelled, "Ikuto's sick!"

"What!" mama yelled and ran in from the kitchen.

Mama bent down beside me and hovered her hand above Ikuto forehead, "Oh dear," she said and ran back into the kitchen.

"Ikuto~ nya…" Yoru said worried.

Mama ran back over with a wet rag and placed it on Ikuto's forehead, "This fever had the worst possible timing," mama muttered, "Ikuto-kun, I need you to stay awake for at least an hour and then you can sleep all you want."

Ikuto blinked tiredly. Suddenly, the door opened, "Mama!" Ami's voice came, "Me and papa…" Ami trailed off when she and papa came into the living room.

Ami blinked and papa looked close to tears. Ami suddenly giggled and squealed, "Kitty!" she yelled and ran to Ikuto.

"Eh?" I said confused.

"Ami, you know Ikuto-kun?" mama asked.

"Who's Ikuto-kun?" papa asked, "HE BETTER NOT BE MY LITTLE SPARROW'S BOYFRIEND!"

"He's just a friend papa," mama said, "I'll explain later. Now, Ami, how do you know Ikuto-kun?"

Ami smiled at mama, "I saw him as a kitty when Onee-chan took me to see Utau-chan!" Ami said.

I sweat dropped and mama and papa turned to me, "You know Hoshina Utau?" mama asked.

"Um, uh, yeah…kind of…" I said and laughed nervously, "She's Ikuto's sister…"

"Eh?" mama and papa yelled shocked.

Ikuto winced, "Sorry," mama said quickly.

I looked at the clock and saw Ikuto still had half an hour before he could sleep. I saw mama take papa into the hallway where I assumed she'd explain what was going on. Suddenly, "Kitty Shugo Chara," Ami yelled and started chasing the four charas around the room.

Ikuto groaned and I grabbed Ami as she went by me, "Ami," I said sternly, "Kitty's sick. So please be quiet."

"Oh," Ami said, "Sorry."

I sighed with relief and it was finally quiet, "WHAT!" I heard papa yell; okay so scratch the quiet.

I sighed in annoyance and took the wet rag off Ikuto and went to rewet it in the kitchen, "Ami," I said, "Make sure Kitty doesn't fall asleep."

"Okay!" Ami said happily.

I sighed and wet the rag again and went back into the living room. I sat back on the floor and placed the rewetted rag on his forehead again. I felt his cheek and found that his fever had gone up. I looked at the clock then glared at it stupid thing needs to go faster. Mama and papa came back into the living room, "I'll start dinner," mama said.

Ikuto's eyes wanted to fall and I kept glancing at the clock stupid, stupid clock. Finally, after ten minutes of Ikuto suffering I was able to grab the blanket from on top of the couch and put it over him, "Get some sleep Ikuto," I stated and removed the wet rag, "You need it badly."

The minute sleep was out of my mouth Ikuto's eyes fell shut and his breathing became even; singling that he was asleep. Yoru laid on top of the blanket and fell asleep with his owner. I stood up and grabbed the house phone, "I'm going to call Utau," I stated, "She's not under their stepdad's orders because of her contract with Sanjo-san. Plus, she'll have my head if she finds out Ikuto's here from someone else."

"Why?" mama asked.

"Um…she has a bit of a brother complex…" I stated.

"Oh…" mama and papa said.

"Utau-chan!" Ami said, "I wanna talk! I wanna talk!"

"Shh!" I whispered to Ami, "Ikuto is trying to sleep."

"But," Ami said.

"If I know Utau Ami, then the minute I tell her what's happened she'll be here even if she's in concert or at a photo shoot," I stated.

Ami brightened. I sighed and went upstairs with my charas following. I sat on my bed and dialed Utau's number, "Hello?" Utau asked.

"Utau," I stated, "It's Amu."

"Amu?" Utau asked, "What are you calling for?"

"Um, well, first off, what are you doing right now?" I asked.

"Um, getting ready to record a song, why?" Utau asked.

I sighed, "Just don't freak out till the end," I stated, "Ikuto's…hurt."

"What!" Utau yelled.

"I said don't freak out yet!" I yelled, "Apparently your stepdad had a field day with something sharp and Ikuto almost bled to death. Mama and I fixed him up, but now he's got a really bad fever…he's at my house if you want to-"

I heard the doorbell, "You're here aren't you?" I asked.

"OPEN THE DOOR!" I heard Utau yelled from both outside and the phone.

A/N Okay so this was supposed to be a one-shot, but I got more ideas as I wrote this…so now it a chapter fic. Not sure how many chapters yet, but it'll be at least three.

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