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Amu's Point of View~ At the Hospital

Mama went into labor while we were at school. Ikuto came and got me and Hikaru and we went to the hospital where we were sitting in the waiting room with Ami running around in a circle chanting, "I'm an onee-chan!" over and over and over and over again.

I sighed and laid my head on Ikuto shoulder bored, "Bored?" Ikuto asked.

"Drop the smirk," I stated not even having to look at his face.

Ikuto laughed lightly and ran his hair through my hair once, "You're such a kid," he stated.

"Look who's talking," I stated not even looking at him.

What? Ikuto's been living with me for almost a year, if not over. I should know how to make comebacks by now; which I do. Ikuto chuckled, "You're getting better at your comebacks Amu," he whispered in my ear causing me to shiver, "But I still know what makes you tick."

With that said he bit my ear gently. I blushed and sat up quickly, "Pervert!" I yelled.

Ikuto smirked his "I won" smirk. I glared at him, "Ami, stop running around," I stated.

Ami stopped, "Can we see them yet?" she asked.

"Not yet," I stated, "A nurse or doctor will come get us when we can."

Ami whined, "But I wanna see them now!" she wailed.

I sighed and rubbed my temples, "It'll be a while Ami," I said, "Be patient."

Ami whined again, but sat on the floor because there were no other seats near us and I didn't want Ami across the room. Suddenly, a nurse came in, "Hinamori Midori's family?" she asked.

"Yay!" Ami yelled, but I grabbed her hand before she could go anywhere.

Ikuto and Hikaru stood up and we followed the nurse down the hall and into room 309B. I saw mama sleeping and papa was in a chair next to her. Next to papa was a bed with glass around the edges; this is where I saw the triplets. I went over to the bed and smiled. They all had light purple hair with pink highlights, but they were sleeping so I couldn't tell what their eyes color was. Papa came beside me with Ami in his arms and Ikuto and Hikaru beside him, "Kids, meet Hinamori Rei, Mei, and Kei," papa said softly so they wouldn't awaken.

Ami giggled happily. I looked at Hikaru and he just blinked, but then a smiled spread across his face and he laughed softly. I smiled wider at this. Suddenly, the triplets began to stir and they opened their eyes revealing golden colored eyes. They began to whimper and papa put Ami down and picked the one on the right up gently and held her. I did the same to the one in the middle and Ikuto picked up the last one, "Who's who?" Ikuto asked.

Papa sweat dropped which caused us to sweat drop, "Really papa?" I asked.

"Well, they're hard to tell apart," papa argued.

I sighed, "Okay," I said, "Let's do it now then."

"But how will we tell them apart?" papa asked.

"Well," Ikuto said, "This one has a birthmark on her right arm."

Ikuto then went wide eyed, "A-Amu," he stuttered, wait, this can't be good, "It's in the perfect shape of a guardian egg."

I went wide eyed, "And this one has the same one on her neck," papa said shocked.

I looked at my sister in my arms and went wide eyed, "And this one on her leg," I said, "But what does that-"

I was cut off when the Humpty Lock began to glow. I saw Ikuto's pocket glowing meaning the Dumpty Key was also glowing. Suddenly, mama woke up, "Huh?" she asked, "What's going on?"

"We don't-" I was cut off when we were all blinded by a bright light.

When the light disappeared I found myself in a bubble with my sister still in my arms. I looked around in shock. Ran, Miki, Su, and Dia were also in the bubble with me. Suddenly, Ikuto appeared in a bubble next to me with my other sister and Yoru appeared above him. Then mama, papa; with my last sister, Ami, and Hikaru, "W-where are we," mama asked.

Suddenly, three charas appeared in front of us. One had chin length brown hair and golden eyes and wore a brown Sherlock Holmes outfit. The one in the middle had waist length light blue hair with golden eyes and wore a sparkling red dress that came to her ankles and flats. The last one had dark red hair that came to the middle of her back and wore a light purple Equestrian outfit and a dark purple Equestrian helmet. I blinked, "Um, who are you?" I asked.

The detective chara flew up to me slightly, "I am Minori," she said, "I am Hinamori Rei's future chara."

My mouth dropped. The chara with the red dress flew up to papa, "I am Sakura," she said, "Hinamori Mei's future chara."

Papa and mama blinked confused. Finally the Equestrian chara floated up to Ikuto, "And I am Yumi," she said, "Hinamori Kei's future chara."

"Why are you here?" Ikuto asked.

"Quite simple really," Minori said smirking, "We're here to tell you where the Embryo is."

"Embryo!" we all yelled making Rai, Mai, and Kei squirm.

The three charas nodded, "Together, the three of us, can Character Transform into the Embryo," Yumi said.

I think I lost my jaw, "What?" I asked, "Rei, Mei, and Kei…are…"

"The holders of the Embryo," Sakura said, "We are only forms of their charas set up by the Humpty Dumpty Set. When the time comes the three charas and holders will not know. What you must do Holders of the Set is protect the three until they find their own protectors."

Ikuto and I blinked. I was quiet. Finally, Ikuto said something stupid, "Looks like I wound up baby-sitting after all," he said.

"IKUTO!" I yelled as a light in cased us.

The light soon disappeared and we were all back in the hospital room. It was deathly quiet. I gulped, "Well, um, now what?" I asked.

"We protect them Strawberry," Ikuto said, "What else do you expect us to do?"

I sighed, "I guess I should call everyone and tell them," I said, "I mean, the whole reason the Guardians started was to find the Embryo and now it's found."

Ikuto nodded and we all stared at the triplets. I held Rei close to me and took in a deep breath. This is where the real battle begins.

No One's Point of View

"So, you understand?" Hoshina Kazuomi asked.

Raiko and Akihiro nodded, "Yes," Raiko said, "We train our newborn siblings into capturing the Hinamori Triplets. Then we get our revenge on Ikuto right?"

"Correct," Hoshina Kazuomi said smirking.

Tadase's Point of View

I was walking down the sidewalk with Kiseki above me when suddenly Matsumi was in front of me smirking, "Aoki-san," I said smiling, "How are you?"

Matsumi just smirked, "Prince," she stated.

I froze and felt the crown appear on top of my head, "I AM NO PRIN- let go of me woman!" Matsumi had grabbed me, me, by the wrist and was pulling me, "Let go of your king!"

"Yeah…" Matsumi said smirking, "I'll do that after you take me out to lunch."

"I will do no such thing!" I yelled angry, "I am king! You should buy me lun-"

Matsumi put a finger to my lips silencing me, "Now listen here prince," she said glaring hard, "I've taken an interest in your little split personality and I've hardly taken an interest in anything or anyone. So, count yourself a very lucky person," she smirked, "Now, unless you want to find out what it feels like to be a human pretzel, you'll do what I want. Do we have a deal?"

I blinked, but couldn't say anything, even with my character change still in play. Matsumi smirked and dragged me off again, "For the last time woman!" I yelled, "You do not drag a king!"

Matsumi smirked, "You're making this too easy prince," she said.

"I AM NOT A PRINCE!" I yelled.

I then yelped as she pulled me into a restaurant.

Kairi's Point of View

There was a knock at the door, "Coming!" I yelled.

I opened the door, "Yuiki-san?" he asked, "What are you doing here?"

Yuiki-san smiled, "Yaya came to help!" Yuiki-san yelled happily.

I blinked, "Help?" I asked.

Yuiki-san let herself in and removed her shoes, "Yeah," Yuiki-san said, "Kairi-kun said that his onee-chan and Utau-tan wouldn't be home for a long time. So, Yaya wanted to help Kairi-kun cook and clean!"

I blinked in shock, "Um, alright Yuiki-san," I said, but before I could say anything else Yuiki-san cut me off.

"Don't say Yaya's last name Kairi-kun!" she yelled, "Call Yaya "Yaya"."

I blinked, "Um, I'm not very comfortable with that," I said.

I was taught that you never called anyone by their given name unless they were extremely close to you and to me, only my parents, onee-chan, and Utau are that close, "Aw!" Yuiki-san laughed, "Come on Kairi-kun! I do it! It's easy! Just say "Yaya"!"

"I don't-"

"Ya-ya," Yuiki-san laughed, "Its easy!"



"I don't, I mean," I couldn't find the right words to explain it to her.

Yuiki-san looked at me sadly, "Are Kairi-kun and Yaya not friends?" she asked.

"No!" I yelled, "We are, it's just…it doesn't feel…"

This was harder then it needed to be… "If Kairi-kun and Yaya friends then why can't Kairi-kun called Yaya "Yaya"?" Yuiki-san asked.

"It's just…" how do I explain this? "It's not how I was taught."

Yuiki-san tilted her head confused, "Then why do you call Utau-tan by her first name, but not Yaya?" she asked.

I flinched, "I-It's nothing personal Yuiki-san," I said, "But I've known Utau slightly longer."

"But you've known Yaya for the same amount of time," Yuiki-san said.

"That true Kairi," Musashi said.

I glared at my chara, "You are not helping," I said.

Musashi shrugged, "Does Kairi-kun not like Yaya?" Yuiki-san asked.

"What!" I asked shocked, which was out of character for me, "No! Yuiki-san-"

"Then why not call Yaya "Yaya"?" Yuiki-san asked sadly.

"It's not personal Yuiki-san-"

"It is to Yaya," Yuiki-san said, "Yuiki-san makes Yaya feel grown up and Yaya don't wanna grow up!"

I blinked well, I guess that makes sense. Yuiki-san looked at me, "Can Kairi-kun please call Yaya "Yaya"?"

I bit the inside of my lip. I opened my mouth to say something, but then closed it again. Yuiki-san looked at me close to tears. I pressed my lips together and gripped my right wrist tightly behind my back. I gulped slightly, "Um…" I said, "Y-Y-Yaya."

Yuiki-san attacked me in a hug the minute her name was out of my mouth. From where she was standing she sent me falling onto the couch. She laughed happily, "Kairi-kun will do that from now on right?" she asked.

I gulped, "I'll…" Yuiki-san looked at me with pleading eyes and I sighed, "I will try…Yaya," I said.

Yuik-Yaya attacked my neck in a hug, "Yay!" she yelled, "Yaya happy!"

I smiled softly at her energy, "And just how many candy bars did you have before you came here?" I asked pushing my glasses up.

"Yaya only had 12!" Yaya said happily.

I sighed and laughed lightly, "Then how about you use that energy and go clean onee-chan's bathroom," I said.

"Yay!" Yaya yelled and got off me, "Yaya helping!"

Yaya went running down the hall. Well, at least I don't have to clean it… "Kairi-kun!" Yaya wailed, "Yaya saw a spider!"

I laughed lightly and went towards where Yaya ran off to. I noticed Musashi smirking, "What's with the smirk?" I asked as I tried to find which room Yaya was in.

"Nothing…" Masashi said still smirking.

I sighed, "Charas," I muttered and found Yaya in onee-chan's bedroom on top of her bed.

Nagihiko's Point of View

I was walking in the park with both of my eggs in my jacket pocket. I sighed and pulled out the blue egg and Temari's. I smiled slightly, "Please come out soon," I said.

I put the eggs back in my pocket and continued walking. I then spotted Rima sitting on a bench with Kusukusu trying to get her to smile. Rima wore a plain white long sleeve dress the covered her knees with flats. I walked over behind Rima wearing a dark purple long sleeved shirt with blue jeans and brown boots, "Rima?" I asked once I reached the bench.

She turned to me her poker face on, "Are you okay?" I asked.

"Why would you care cross-dresser?" Rima asked crossing her arms.

I flinched slightly, but then relaxed and sat down beside her. She didn't recognize me doing anything because she just ignored me. I looked at Rima and had a pretty good guess on what happened, "Rima," I said gently, "Were your parents fighting again?"

Rima grabbed fist fulls of her dress, "Y-yes," I said, "But…"

I looked at Rima concerned; there was never a "but". Kusukusu looked at me with a hurt expression. I grabbed Rima's hand gently, "Rima," I said, "What happened?"

Rima gripped the bench from under my hand, "D-d-devoice…" Rima whispered just loud enough for me to hear.

I went rigid, "I-I heard my dad yell about it about a week ago, but I thought it was just a threat," Rima said a tear falling down her cheek, "But…just an hour ago…a lawyer was there."

I gripped Rima's hand tighter, "Rima…" I said sadly.

"And I can't talk to Amu because her stupid phone doesn't get bars at the hospital!" Rima yelled her tears flowing down.

I grabbed Rima gently and pulled her to me. She just cried and I ran a hand through her golden hair. I was quiet not really knowing what to do. I never really knew my dad and mom never talks about him. I looked around the park then looked at Rima, "Rima," I said standing up with her, "Let's take a walk; clear your head."

Rima didn't say anything. I grabbed her hand and started walking. It was quiet as we walked. Finally, I decided to say something, "Rima," I said, "Don't be sad about this. We'll help you through this."

"But it's my fault," Rima said after a few minutes of silence.

I stopped walking and looked at Rima, "What?" I asked shocked, "No it's not."

"Because of the stupid kidnapping my parents fight over my safety," Rima said deadpanned, "If it wasn't for that then everything would be like it was before."

I looked at Rima, "Rima;" I said seriously, "No matter how much things point to us we can't blame ourselves…" I looked at the sky, "I'm learning that myself. I blame myself for losing Temari. I don't know what I did, but something I did made Temari go back in her egg. I just have to figure out what and figure out what to do about my new egg."

I looked at Rima and found that she was staring at me. I smiled gently at her, "How did you deal with pretending to be a girl?" Rima asked.

I looked at her smiling softly, "It…was challenging," I said looking forward, "I felt very frustrated because I couldn't be the best I could. I had to do everything that the average girl was able to do; never ever to jump high."

"You like to jump?" Rima asked.

"Hm," I nodded, "I loved to sneak out of the house and play basketball whenever I could."

"You never played sports?" Rima asked.

I shook my head, "It was always dance," I said.

"But you're helping Hikaru," Rima said.

I smiled, "I never said I never played on my own in secret," I said smirking.

Rima looked at me, "I can't figure you out cross-dresser," she said, "Are you more boy or girl?"

I chuckled then thought about it. Finally, after a few minutes I smiled, "I think I'm a mix of both," I said.

I felt something wiggle in my pocket, "Huh?" I asked and took out my two eggs.

Suddenly, both of them cracked and I gasped when two charas came out; one being Temari, "Temari," I said smiling.

Temari smiled gently. I turned to my other chara who looked like a DJ of some sort. He smiled, "I'm Rhythm," he said giving me a thumbs up.

I laughed lightly and looked at Rima who was slightly shocked. I smiled at her, "Do you want to go get lunch?" I asked.

Rima looked shocked. I smiled and grabbed her hand, "Let's go," I said and started running while dragging her.

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