"Nick! Quick! Quick come here! Quick!" Jeff yelled. Not even a moment later he could hear the brunet running through the house.

"What happened!"

"Look!" Jeff yelled pointing at a toddler. "He's walking! Sammy's walking Nicky!"

Nick beamed down at the child. "Sammy, can you come to daddy?" He asked as he bent down. The toddler looked up at him in confusion and began walking in the opposite direction.

Jeff laughed. "Wow Nicky, he's only one and a half and he already can't wait to get away from us."

Nick kissed Jeff on the cheek. "Today he's walking for the first time, tomorrow he's sixteen and we're embarrassing him at school dances."

"Hey! I'm a great dancer!"

Nick replied with a soft laugh. "He's growing up Jeffy."

Jeff wrapped his arms around Nick. "Yeah…he is…"