"Hey Jeffy?" Nick asked as he gazed down at the blond laying on his lap.

"Yeah Nicky?" Jeff asked looking into Nick's brown eyes.

"What made you know that you loved me?"

Jeff smiled. "Nicky, I've always loved you! Ever since we were little kids!"

Nick smiled sweetly at the blond. "No, I mean, what made you realize that you were in love with me?"

Jeff didn't reply for a minute because he was trying to think of how to answer the brunet's question. "…That's a really good question Nicky…I don't really know…I mean, it's gonna sound dumb…"

"What do you mean 'dumb'?" Nick asked, confused.

"I mean…I don't know, it wasn't like this beautiful romance novel, love story kind of thing. There wasn't this amazing, sweet defining moment for me that made me suddenly realize that you're the only one for me…if that makes sense. It's…hard to explain…I've always loved you. Like I said, when we were six I loved you. You meant the world to me even back then…" Jeff paused for a moment with a goofy smile plastered onto his face. "Then we started growing up and I still loved you. You…you weren't like all the other boys Nicky. You were…you were just different. You always protected me…you were my knight…You always supported me and never made fun of me like the other kids. When I was awkwardly taller than everyone else you never laughed at me or called me names. You even protected me from the bullies. We grew up attached at the hip! When we were little I didn't feel right when you weren't beside me holding my hand…I still don't feel right when you're not around…I never had a defining moment that made me realize that I was in love with you…Just one day, around the seventh grade, in English, you looked over at me and gave me the sweetest smile…for no reason, you just smiled at me and that's when I thought 'hey, this is who I want to spend the rest of my life with'…" Jeff trailed off for a moment. "Sorry, I just started rambling didn't I?"

Nick laughed. "It's alright, I love it when you ramble. Especially when it's about how much you love me." The brunet said as he pulled Jeff in for a kiss.

"So," Jeff began, playing with Nick's hair, "What about you? I told my side of the story, what's yours?"

Nick smiled. "Well, it's kind of like yours in a way or two…I've always loved you. I've loved you since the moment we met! I was this awkward new kid and you were so kind to me…you treated me like you knew me for years! You made me feel so…special. You still make me feel special. You were always there for me…You were always…just there. No matter what. You were there to hold my hand through the good and the bad and as we grew up none of that changed. We've spent out entire lives by each other's sides…So it only makes sense that we would fall in love right? Well, unlike you, I did have a defining moment that made me realize that I didn't just love you."

"Go on…" Jeff said smiling.

Nick smiled back. "It was the summer before seventh grade. You and I were laying on my bed watching this horrible marathon of some crappy show that you were obsessed with and…I don't really know why or how it happened but you scooted over and cuddled up against me…and that's when I realized that I was in love with you. I don't really know why that's the exact moment, I mean we cuddled all the time before, and after, that but for some reason it was special…And I've been madly in love with you ever since."

Jeff snorted. "You realize that you fell in love with me first right?"

Nick laughed and lightly pushed Jeff. "Whatever!"

Jeff laughed with Nick. "We didn't start dating until around the middle of Freshman year….We were both secretly in love with each other for two years…"

Nick sighed. "Think of all the things we could have done in those two years…"

"What a waste. Neither of us even knew the other way gay until Freshman year…"

Nick laughed. "Well, that isn't really true…I've known you were gay in the sixth grade."

"How did you figure it out?"

"I read your diary…"


"It wasn't my fault! You were staying the night and it was open and taunting me! It was begging to be read…"

Jeff sighed. "Well, at least everything worked out in the end, right?"

Nick smiled. "Right."