1 night, the Bride-to-be, a fox girl named Tamamo-no-Mae, went with her future husband to a wedding license application straight from Celerian.

"Ok, your interests are all on here, if I can get your signatures please"

Tamamo signs her name, and I follow suit.

Celerian gets up and says "OK, you're all set. The ceremony will be performed by me, with Wisy and Rien as guards. Please, invite as many people as you can. Your future husband looks handsome, raawr. "

Tamamo invites as many people as she could get. Among Those she got were Hatsune Miku from Project DiVA as the reception performer, Rin Tousaka, (fate Extra) Manaka Takane(LovePlus,) Rinko Kobayakawa (LOve plus) as bridesmaids, Nene Anegasaki (Loveplus) as food service, and Sakura Matou (Fate Extra) as Medwatcher.

The day finally arrives, wih Wisy and Rien at the Alker Arrival Grounds for security. Just then, Rinko's mum comes with Tamamo's dress. She takes Tamamo into a changing room. When she's ready, Celerian's hair stands up as if to say "That groom is going to be marrying a good wife."

It is finally time, so Celerian is ready.

"WE are gathered here today, to join in holy matrimony the Captain of The USS EXcalibur, and his second officer, Tamamo-no-mae. Captain, do you take this woman to be your lawfully wedded wife. I do. And do you, Tsmamo-no-Mae, sake this man as your husband. I do. Now, then. By the power vested in me, i now pronounce you husband and wife."

Upon hearing thatt, Tamamo kisses me deep and hard. And then, celerian says "Now, I must give you two these. Blue Land Residence Cards, and a brochure. Basically says the Blue Land is a floating island. Yes...What we all are standing on is indeed a floaing island. Oh yes, the next part, I nearly forgot. Take those cards to Alfred and get your home. Also, I want to assign you a personal guard. You might know this girl."

Onto the altar comes an elf wih pink hair and red eyes, armed with a two-handed sword. In her hand was a Beautiful carnation. She said "So...I am your personal guard. You, the fox girl. You are a good fighter, I will teach you how to fight. See that slime over there. I'll get pne to show you, then you do it. Hyah! Now, you go get that one

With one swing of her arm, the Mirror of Amaterasu destroys the slime, with him crying as he dies.

Tamamo takes us to Alfred and says "we have residence cards." Upon seeing them, he says "Ah, I see Celerian put the prefab option on your cards. Very well. Follow me. We get there. He opens the door, turns on the light. And Then..."Surprise!Welcome home, new husband and wife."

In the home was everyone that came, plus their servants. Even Alice, a Holy Grail War casualty, deleted by the Mirror of Amaterasu, was there