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It was nighttime. Except for the guards, who were supposed to guard the estate from intruders, everyone was asleep in the military estate in South Carolina. This was where the Lord General resided. And this was exactly the place where she would break in to take what rightfully belonged to her.

Dressed in a man's breeches, shirt, cape, mask and hat she climbed up the wall to a window which she broke to open up from the inside. She was as quick as a cat and as lean as a lynx. She entered the estate through the window and landed exactly in the room that she needed to be. Of course she did, she had planned this perfectly. She knew the estate through and through thanks to the map she stole from the architects.

She searched the room and found the only item she came here for and then dissapeared back into the night.

The next morning

Tavington and O'Hara were called into the Lord General's office. The office was completely trashed. There were papers laid out all over the floor, closets and drawers were opened up and not a single chair was standing on it's feet. Someone had obviously thoroughly searched this room for something they desperately wanted.

''Gentlemen'' the Lord General started, ''As you can see, last night someone has broken into the estate and into my room. I want this person found for he has stolen something which is of great importance to me. I also want you to never speak of this to anybody. We shall act as if this has never happened''.

''Tavington, you will find this person for me and you will report to O'Hara and me. I shall repeat myself: no one is to know about this. When you find this thief, you will bring him to me and to me only! You will speak to no one off this do you understand!'' Cornwallis barked.

Tavington frowned, ''It is perfectly clear sir, though might I inform as to how am I to find this mysterious figure?''

''You need not worry about this Colonel, the thief will come back because he left something behind that he came for'' Cornwallis explained.

''What exactly has the thief taken from your office Sir? And for what item will he come back and when?'' O'Hara asked.

''The thief has stolen a silver locket which has the shape of a heart. Inside this locket is a small photo of a woman and a diamond ring. This diamond is shaped to open up one other locket. This way, I would always know that these two lockets belong to eachother. The person who stole this locket...well... euhm... he is...'' he sighed and glared at Tavington, then continued ''Never mind, it is none of your buisiness. The thief will come back because the ring is not inside the silver locket. I keep the ring with me at all times''.

Tavington frowned. This was definetly not the most thrilling quest he had ever been on. To catch a simple diamond thief. He was the Colonel of the Green Dragoons! What on earth did Cornwallis take him for! Some school boy! He had advanced himself through victory to become Colonel of the Green Dragoons and had ambitions to become a general and move to Ohio when this bloody war was over. In order to do so he obviously had to grovel at Cornwallis' and O'Hara's feet. Unfortunately he was to proud a man to do so.

His father had squandered his entire inheritance on drinking and gambling. So Tavington decided to join the army and take care of his younger siblings with what little wages he earned. From a meaningless sergeant he worked his way up to become a colonel. He was especially known for his brutal tactics in war and the efficient ways of conditioning his men. They feared though respected him. None would ever be so dumb to disobeye ''the Butcher''.

''I shall personally guard your quarters and make sure that this thief is caught. I shall speak to no one of this, you have my word on that Sir''. Tavington said with the most displeasing look on his face.

Cornwallis sniffed arrogantly and looked away from Tavington to stare out of the window.

''Good, you are then dismissed and we shall see if the thief is eager enough to pay us a visit again tonight''.

''And Colonel...''


''I want the thief alive and unharmed''.

Tavington nodded and left the room. He was up for a night without any sleep.