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Chapter 1

Florida is the place where are all the teenagers and adults go for weeks in attempt to get away from school and work. It's a place to just spend their days on the beach tanning and relaxing. However, this summer vacation is different for two adults.

Jenn, a twenty-one year old dirty blond with light brown streaks up to her shoulder and eyes the color of the ocean, is studying at the University of Concordia for dental assisting and in her last two years of schooling. And James, a normal looking twenty-one year old has been in the military since the age of eighteen years old. He had made the choice to follow the path his father and grandfather had taken at his age. Recently he had decided to re-enlist for another two years which after that he planned to retire and hopeful settle down with someone and start a family.

They both were about two days into their vacation when one day James and his friends were throwing around their football. When his friend Mitch threw the ball a little too far it had James running to catch it before it would hit the sand when he suddenly banged right into someone.

"I'm so sorry I wasn't watching where I was running. Are you ok?" asked James while sticking his hand out towards the girl who just fell to the floor by his own doing.

It had all happened so quickly for Jenn; one minute she was enjoying her walk on the beach and next thing she knows she was on the ground and someone was apologizing to her. She looked up and couldn't help but smile at the person.

"It's fine, don't worry. I didn't hurt myself or anything." Jenn said taking his out-stretched hand using it to help stand up than proceeding to brush herself off.

Once the girl who he just bumped into stood up he couldn't help but notice how fit her body was and how amazing she looked in her bikini. "Well, I'm James. I was wondering if you wanted to come and join us and after that I will treat you to a drink on me considering I bumped into you by accident." He spoke while smiling softly at Jenn.

"Nice to meet you James, I'm Jenn. Yea, sure I will come and join you guys." Jenn agreed.

Placing her hair into a high ponytail and placing her sunglasses on top of her head she couldn't help but look at James body as he stood in front of her. She noticed his dog tags around his neck and acknowledging that he is in the military, serving and protecting their country. She had been able to identify the metal necklace because her father had been in the military and when he passed away when she was only two years old, he left the dog tags for her to remember who he was. They were a memento that she would cherish for the rest of her life.

Once she was ready they both headed back over towards his groups of friends and started once again throwing the ball around between the four of them. They both were having a great time together when he walked over to her and smiled."I was wondering if you wanted to go and have a seat in the shade and we can get to know each other a little better?"asked James, smiling softly at her."Ya I would love to go and sit down"said Jenn, grabbing her bag. And they walked to a part of the beach where there was shade and not many people around. And they both sat down next to each other."So you here on vacation or do you live here?"asked James,looking at her and smiling."I'm here on a two week vacation here from my life of a university student full time and working full time and yourself?"asked Jenn."I'm also on a little two week vacation as well from being in the militar"said James, wondering how Jenn felt about him being in the military."I guessed you were in the army when I first saw you today and the dog tags around your neck."said Jenn,smiling at him softly."And how did you figure that out? Not many people can?"asked James."My father was in the military and he passed away when I was two years of age and he had given me his dogs tags to remember him by."said Jenn. "I'm sorry to hear about your fathers passing at least you have something to rememeber him by. So what are you studying in university?"asked James."Thank you. I am in my last two years of university studying to become a dental 's a hard course but I enjoy it very much. It's something I have always wanted to do when I was at a young age. So how long is your enlistement?"asked Jenn."Its always nice to find something you really want to do in school and looked forwards to working in that field of work once your done school. My enlistement is for two years but I can decide to go for an extra two years if I want to but I don't think I want to considering I'm twenty-one and I well want to start settling at the age of 23. They talked for the rest of the afternoon in the shade,talking about their childhoods,where they lived for most of their life, and much other stuff people would talk about when getting to know each other.