Chapter 2

It has been a week since they had met each other on the beach on their very first day of vacation, and ever since then they had spent every day together getting to know each other even more in depth. In two weeks' time their vacations would be over with James heading back to the military and Jenn back to her real life. While long distance relationships were hard work both members were willing to put their heart on the line and risk it.

Jenn was currently on her outside balcony looking out as the sunset settled behind the skies loving how the sky changed to an orange and yellow color as the sunset. She smiled as she felt someone hands go around her waist and her back go against a muscular chest; of course without speaking a word she knew who it was.

"Hi." Jenn spoke while she twisted in his arms to look into his eyes.

"Hi, how do you already know it's me without me even saying a word?" James chuckles while leaning down to give her a kiss on the cheek.

"Who else could come into my hotel room and do that? I have yet to meet anyone else here except for you." She returned the soft whisper of a kiss.

"Yes that is right; I have kept you to myself for the last week."

He couldn't believe how only after a week how close he and Jenn behaved as though they had known each other for decades. A bonus to their flourishing relationship was that James founds himself sitting in mere silence with her and neither being bored with it. However he knew that in one week he would be returning to his base and secretly hoped they would be able to stay together through the distance.

James smiled at Jenn, "So what would you like to do tonight?'' His hands making circles on her lower back while he waited for a reply.

"I was thinking about just spending the night in watching movies and relaxing, is that ok with you?" Jenn double checked while unable to keep the smile off of her face.

"Yea that sounds good to me. As long as we are spending time together I am okay with anything." James wrapped his arms tightly around her waist and with ease lifted her up and carried her to the bed before setting her down softly. Jenn smiled up at him on her spot from the bed and got under the covers immediately patting the spot next to her for James to join. With their arms circling each other they spent the remainder of the evening under the blankets, watching movies.

The remaining week flew by only to find it the morning that Jenn returned to University and James boarded his plane back to his base. Of course they had wished the day didn't come as quickly as it had but it was the inevitable. The past two weeks they had grown so close together and started their relationship only after a week of meeting each other while they knew it was quick they both also understand and accepted that it felt right.

They both were standing in the airport looking at each other not saying a single word to each other not knowing what to say. James was dressed in his blues, crisp and pressed; both heard the announcement of the flight for James being called. James looked into Jenn's eyes and pulled her to his chest.

"Don't say goodbye James, just see you later." Jenn whispered taking in his scent as she hugged him back, knowing she would not inhale that smell for quite a while.

"I won't say it, but I well make sure the first chance I get I well email or even call you to tell you I'm ok and safe. Promise." He lifted her face with his finger to bring her closer to his before placing a loving kiss on her lips. They stayed like that for a few minutes and James pulled away and kissed her cheek softly.'' I have to go but I well contact you soon."

He removed his arms from around her waist and wiping away at the tears cascading down his love's face. Jenn stood there as James talked not able to get any words out of her mouth knowing she would start crying if she did.

"I will be waiting for your calls and emails. Just be safe, please." She spoke through a constricted throat.

''I promise I will." He gave her one last hug and stared into her eyes once more before walking away.

Jenn stood there watching as James walked away and through the gate to his plane, knowing she had no clue when she would see him again. Jenn had never though she would ever meet someone like James on vacation and fall in love with him so quickly, she just wished that they had a bit more time together to spend together.