Len didn't know what to do when he saw what was once Meiko's house filled to the brim with an army of unfamiliar people. The entrance suddenly seemed to be a good place to hang out in, fidgeting with nothing else in mind.

He couldn't count on Rin, who had run off the moment she saw Kaito. His eyes took an interest on a loose thread on his shirt before he heard his name being called.

"Len, come on over! They're serving banana split!" cried out Miku. His heart hovered. For the banana split, not of Miku, of course.




Ten minutes, and already Miku wanted to leave. She loves Meiko, she really does, but she couldn't understand for the life of her how the older female could put up with so many people at once, and to trash her place like this.

She hasn't even found Meiko, or another familiar face at that, and she – Oh, she spoke too soon.

"Len, come on over! They're serving banana split!" The blond hurried over at 'banana.'

"Woah, there really is!" He childishly hovered over the desert table.

Watching the innocent act, Miku begun to feel more at peace.