She stood on one side, and he the other. So close and yet so far; every time she reached her hand through the bar, a current of shock zapped her.

The beautiful blond stared at her with sad blue eyes, in distress because she was, and she felt her heart long for him even more.

Could she climb over? She tried before and didn't succeed, but it appeared to be her only option at this point. Her hands circled around the bars, and while ignoring the mild static, she pulled.

From below, the boy stared in wonder before he acted.






"That was stupid."

"But I'm here now."

"Yes, you are." He sniffed, the tears not quite having dried away.

"Don't cry, Len."

"But you got hurt."

"Len…" He blinked away the tears, eyes falling on the beautiful greenette before him. He stared at her burnt hands.

"Let me see your hands." She held them out, and he reached for them, taking them into his own. His thumb gently caressed the wounds – surely they would scar. "That was stupid."

She giggled. "You already said that."

"Miku, I'm serious."

"At least I'm here with you now."

He stared with loving eyes. "Yes."