Ninja Turtles does not belong to me; it belongs to Peter Laird, Kevin Eastman…. And whoever they sold the rights to.

"L-Leatherhead! A-aah!" His mate under him moaned, Michaelangelo's face was flushed and his eyes were only open a slit but they were bright and smoky with pleasure, he shivered and tightened his legs around Leatherhead's waist, wanting even more.

"Like that…?" Leatherhead purred hoarsely and plunged deeper into the tight and warm passage of his mate, he pulled out and pushed back in, encouraged by the sound of Michaelangelo moaning.

The sea-green turtle under him thrashed and shifted as his breaking point came closer and closer until he gave a weak cry and came onto his and Leatherheads chests. He sighed and fell back against the bed, moaning softly at the continued treatment he was receiving from the larger mutant.

With a small roar Leatherhead came deep inside of his mates small body and pulled out, only to collapse next to the ninja. The afterglow washed over them both as they panted and collected themselves.

Leatherhead rolled onto his side and caressed the face of his mate. "Michaelangelo," he whispered, the turtle cracked a blue eye open and gazed back "I love you."

The sea-green turtle opened his mouth "I -"

Leatherhead snapped his eyes open and panted – he found he was sitting on the couch in his lair, his Lair was dark save for the flashing glow of the TV which was still on. He frowned in realization that had just been a dream.

He felt something shift on his lap – his heart pounded when he looked down and saw a sleeping Michaelangelo using his lap as a pillow, the orange-banded turtle was mumbling things in his sleep and shifting around slightly to get more comfortable.

Now he remembered – he had again, as he had done in the past several weeks, invited the ninja turtle over and they hung out, but it got late and Michaelangelo had decided to just spend the night like he had a few times.

The reason LH had been spending time with the young terrapin was not much of a manner of being lonely…. Crocodiles were solitary creatures, and as was he as a mutant. But rather, he had found himself….. Longing for Michaelangelo in an non-platonic way.

Leatherhead wasn't sure how long he'd been in love with Michaelangelo, all he knew was that his feelings were there. At first, he'd brushed it off as some kind of hormonal imbalance, but it continued before, throughout, and after typical crocodile mating season. Even now.

He wasn't sure how his feelings escalated or even why – it would have made more sense that he'd feel this way for Donatello, whom he was more compatible with and he admired greatly for his high intelligence and gentle soul. But at the same time, he found that there was nothing about Michaelangelo he didn't like – his wild spirit, his big heart, his humanitarian qualities and optimism.

Michaelangelo had been his first friend…. Saved him from having his brain skewered by Raphael. And had been the one who found him under Bishops clutches. He could never forget the sheer relief he had felt when he had awaken from his pain after those torturous experiments to see Michaelangelo's face. Now could he forget the shame and regret he felt when he thought he killed the small terrapin…

Leatherhead's black eyes widened when he looked down again to see Michaelangelo rubbing against the wet-dream induced growing bulge between his legs. It took every iota of Leatherheads self-control to not take the orange-banded ninja then and there, but he managed to life Michaelangelo's head off of his lap, got up, and placed in onto the cushions.

LH retreated to the bathroom to relieve himself and returned minutes later, more calm and collected.

Leatherhead opened a cabinet where a spare blanket he had salvaged was stored; he unfolded it and placed it over Michaelangelo's sleeping form, he carefully tucked him in. Michaelangelo mumbled something in his sleep that sounded eerily like 'S'wasn't me…. Raph did it' and rolled onto his shell instead of his side. LH found this strange; turtles never liked being on there shells.

Leatherhead smiled fondly and rubbed the top of the ninja turtles head "I really do love you." He whispered quietly.

In response, Michaelangelo snored louder.

I came to the conclusion that Tcest was probably the result of the turtles having no one they could be paired with. But after seeing a picture of DA where a smug Leatherhead was lying with a tired turtle, I wondered why LH didn't have anyone. Thus, this was born.