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"What is going on here?" Leonardo demanded... well he actually sputtered a bit but Mikey decided to filter that one out because it didn't seem to fit his normally rigid brother.

Lie and say it was a dare, the bad, dishonest side of Mikes conscience told him "Leatherhead is my mate, he has been my mate for a while." He confessed, he looked Leonardo straight in the eye... rather difficult when you compare his nine-foot-tall stature to Leo's five foot nothing.

"Mate?!" Leo mimed, and glared at Leatherhead "Explain this Leatherhead. "

Before Leatherhead could answer Michaelangelo steeped protectively in front of Leatherhead and glared at his brother "We don't need to explain, it a rather simple concept; we. are. mates. Dating, together, whatever you want to call it."

"So you're gay now?" Leonardo asked with more emphasis than either of the other two mutants expected.

"What, are you homophobic?" Michaelangelo asked back.

"No, of course not." Leonardo said, but Mikey didn't find that very convincing "Are you just doing this to get attention? Are you trying to be a rebel? It's not very mature, Mikey."

"Leonardo!" Leatherhead growled "It is a terrible thing to suggest that your own brother would be with another male for the sole purpose of juvenile rebellion. I'll have you know I care for Michaelangelo very, very much."

"And I feel the same for Leatherhead." Mikey said "Aren't you glad for me, that I found someone I can be happy with?"

"He tried to kill you in a fit of rage!" Leonardo insisted.

"That was two years ago! I'm seventeen now Leo, I know there is nothing really wrong about this relationship!"

Then there was high-tension silence; the two mutant brothers were staring each other down, Leonardo with the most disapproving, disappointed look in his eyes, and Leatherhead in nervousness. Mike just looked angry, he steadily become more and more angry until Leatherhead could smell it on him. Without warning Michelangelo flung himself at his brother, and Leo was knocked down with a yelp, and trapped helplessly under his now much larger brother. Animalistically Mikey snarled at him, and buried his extremely sharp teeth into the side of Leo's neck.

Leo thrashed with great effort, but just wasn't strong enough compared to the meta turtle, blood gushed between Mike's teeth. "Michaelangelo, get off of him!" Leatherhead roared and knocked his mate off of Leonardo.

Aggressively (yet without much effort) he got back up and tossed the mutant crocodile several feet away and charged at Leonardo who was climbing back onto his feet, with a guttural roar of sorts he whipped his tail at his brother, the the blade-like twin barbs at the end of his tail made a bloodied slash on the side of Leo's arm.

Knowing fully well of the poison of those barbs now coursing through Leonardo's bloodstream, Leather charged from behind his mate and as hard as he could pinched the nerve at the side of his neck, causing the metaturtle to crumple down unconscious.

"We need to get you to Donatello immediately!" Leatherhead yelled with urgency, he tossed Michaelangelo onto his shoulders and picked Leo up despite the ninjas weakening protests, and ran as fast as he off of the roof and back to the sewers.

"I can't believe Mikey would ever do this." Donnie said as he injected Leo with an antivenom he had developed from collecting some of Mikey's poison prior. "He adores Leo."

Leatherhead was standing next to the other cot where Michaelangelo wasn't strapped down - he was chained down. Donatello would dare not underestimate the younger mutants newfound strength. "It was out of nowhere - yes Michaelangelo was angry at Leonardo, but then his anger suddenly exploded." Leatherhead explained "I believe it's all of the hormones, he's producing so much to cope with the transformation, it's like a second mutated puberty."

"Not a good combination, but I figured as much." Donatello said, he looked down at Leo with soft, worried eyes and the unconscious turtle breathed haggardly, sweat lacing his skin which had become worryingly pale. "You... Know what we have to do, right?"

"What?" Leatherhead asked.

Not answering right away, Donnie injected a drip IV into Michaelangelo arm and then injected him with elephant tranquilizer in the other "We're going to have to cut off the stingers at the end of his tail, Mikey said he isn't capable of regenerating the venom glands at the tip of his tail if they are removed."

Leatherhead glared sternly at Donatello "No, this is wrong. You cannot just... cut off a part of your own brother without his permission."

"I understand your concern, but think about it Leatherhead! What if he flew into another fit of rage and attacked another one of us? What if we couldn't get them the antivenom to them in time? It's amazing that you got Leo here fast enough that there's no lasting damage to his arm!" Don insisted "What did Leo do to even cause Mikey to get this mad?"

"He..." Leatherhead hesitated and glance back at his mate but ultimately decided that now was time "He didn't approve Michaelangelo and I being together."

"Toge..." Donatello then paused as his brain slowly registered what he had just heard, and his jaw dropped "You... with Mikey?" He nearly tripped on his words "H-How? You're gay? Mikey's gay?"

"Yes; we have been seeing each other for almost a year now, months before he was changed by Bishop." Leatherhead admitted "Leonardo caught us kissing, and when it seemed as though he was highly against the relationship Michaelangelo lashed out at him. "

Donatello looked to the floor contemplating, and Leatherhead felt a sinking feeling "I am happy for you both." Donnie finally said, and Leatherhead felt relieved "But," and the sinking feeling returned "you know we can't keep this secret from the rest of the family right?"

"Alright." Leatherhead agreed "I will make you a deal, I will announce it to the rest of your family personally, and you agree to not cut off the barbs on my mates tail."

"Agreed." Don said, nodding his head, and the two mutants shook hands.

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