"Hey, Viper!" Momo shouted as Kaido stepped off the court for the day. Practice had just ended after a particularly heated match between Inui and his snake-like friend, so Momo had been watching the whole game. "Heard you called a girl out at lunch! How'd it go?"

"Shut up, Momoshiro." Kaido hissed, putting away his racket. He downed the last of his water in the bottle and sighed, trying to work himself down a little before the cool-down run.

"I also heard you asked her out!" Momo leered, leaning over the divider smugly, "And I heard she went running! You're a really scary guy, Kaido!"

"I said, 'shut up, Momoshiro'!" Kaido snapped, tossing out the water bottle angrily.

"What's wrong?" Momo said with a pout, "Mad she turned you down?"

"She didn't-!" Kaido snapped, but the purple-eyed prankster was already off.

"It's okay, Viper! Not everyone can be as suave with the ladies as I am! I am pretty good with girls!" Kaido snorted in disbelief and Momo frowned a little before he kept going. "If you ask, I might give you a few pointers!"

"Fsshhuu- I don't need pointers from you, idiot." Kaido hissed and Momo followed him off the tennis courts and into the school grounds. "Leave me alone!"

"Aww! Poor Viper! I bet she turned you down because you can't kiss!" Momo proclaimed and Fuji, who was also headed to his locker, stopped.

"I wouldn't bug Kaido about that, Momo," he said with a chuckle, "otherwise he'll teach you."

"I'm not scared, Fuji-senpai!" Momo said loudly as they passed and he continued to bug the snake-user. "I should give you pointers! I bet I could help you, since you're so inexperienced!"

Kaido slammed his locker closed and leapt at Momo, pinning him to the lockers. "VIPER! LET GO OF ME!" Momo protested, "KAIDO, LET-!"

Then he kissed him, silencing all protests.

Momo scrambled, trying to pull away, but the young man that had him pinned couldn't be shaken. Their lips clashed and, unable to resist the snake-like tennis player, Momo's mouth opened to Kaido's hot tongue. Momo groaned at the feeling of his rival's lips pressed to his, the teen's tongue caressing the inside of his cheeks and teeth like a pro. He felt short of breath and was about to renew his struggle when Kaido pulled back, allowing him a big breath, and returned to his mouth.

This time, Kaido set right to work and ran his tongue up along the top of Momo's palette, sending tingles down his spine. Momo shivered and his hands fisted in Kaido's shirt as their tongues and teeth clashed; he found himself eagerly kissing back! His knees shook and threatened to buckle, but Kaido only used his firm chest to press them even firmer against the cold metal of the lockers. Momo pulled his rival closer, eagerly trying to win the fight his tongue had started for dominance; he lost, but didn't care.

Kaido pulled back after his heated victory and Momo panted, realizing that the teen's hands were on either side of his head. He looked down at his hands, fisting in Kaido's sweaty shirt, and he dropped the grip slowly. His knees regained their strength and, feeling less dizzy, Momo locked eyes with Kaido. The viper's eyes were dark and intense, his lips slightly swollen, and a small string of saliva broke between the.

"Now who's inexperienced?"

Kaido let go of him entirely, picking up his bag again and marching out. Momo watched him go, waiting until the snake-like teen was gone to slide down the lockers and sit on the floor, panting for breath.