Team Chipmunk: The Next Generation

Episode 7: "Back to the Beginning"

By William "Blissey" Raymer

Final Installment of

Team Chipmunk: The Next Generation vs. Star Trek: Omega Force

Star Trek: Omega Force Elements

Based on Star Trek

Created by Gene Roddenberry

I may own this story—and the majority of the characters who appear in it—but there are still some characters that I do not own.

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Chapter 1

On board the Ponyo II, Ambassador Stargazer Seville was talking to United Galactic Federation Grand Councilwoman Lilo Jameson.

"Grand Councilwoman, I request that all U.G.F. personnel in and around Yuma, Arizona be put on Red Alert due to possible imminent Decepticon assault," Star said.

"Why would the Decepticons target such an insignificant town as Yuma?" Grand Councilwoman Jameson said.

Captain Adrian Dorsey, commander of the United Federation of Planets Starship Yagami, stepped into range of the Ponyo II's visual receptors.

"As you are no doubt aware, Madam Councilwoman, we have been working with the Ambassador and her staff to locate five energy traces, belonging to a team of warriors, whom we have code-named 'Goukaiger,'" Dorsey said.

"We have located four of the five Goukaiger energy traces already. However, the fifth and final trace has remained elusive…until we narrowed its location to Yuma, ma'am. If we fail to find the Goukaiphone device before the Decepticons do, your Federation could be in serious jeopardy," Dorsey continued. "And mine could be, as well."

"Very well," Lilo said. "I'll place Yuma on Red Alert. That will ensure that the Decepticons will have a hell of a fight on their hands."

"Mahalo [Hawaiian for "thank you"], Lilo," Star said. "You're already proving to be as wise a Grand Councilwoman as Khandravex was."

Lilo smiled a sheepish grin as the red rose to her cheeks. "Thank you for saying so, Star. Jameson, out."

"We're ready for take-off, Star," Zeo Pelekai said as the image on the Ponyo II's view-screen reverted to the rolling waves of the Pacific Ocean.

"Then, take us up, Zeo," Star said.

Dorsey turned to Star. "Ambassador, I'll beam back to the Yagami. But, Commander Batali and his team will remain at your disposal," he said.

"Very well," Star said. Dorsey smiled at Star. "Godspeed, Star," Dorsey said before tapping his Starfleet insignia commbadge. "Dorsey to Yagami. One to beam up."

As Dorsey dissolved in Starfleet transporter energy, Jonathan Stoppable—Star's fiancé—cleared his throat. "Max, go to Red Alert," he said.

"Compliance," Max—the Ponyo II's artificial intelligence—said. "Red Alert! All crew to battle stations! This is not a drill. All crew to battle stations! We are at Red Alert!"

The Bridge lighting dimmed and alert panels all over the Bridge began to glow red. "All crew are at battle stations, Ambassador," Yagami Tactical officer Selevra ch'Vasnr said. "All weapons and defensive systems are on-line and fully charged."

"Thank you, Mr. Selev," Star said. "Mr. Pacitti, what is your status?"

"I have been scanning the city of Yuma in order to narrow the search area," Yagami Science officer Amelia Pacitti said. "I have narrowed the parameters to a one-mile radius. Placing search area map on main viewer."

The main view-screen filled with a map of the center of Yuma and extending outward for one mile in a circular area.

A voice came over the Bridge's audio receivers. "Caution. You have entered restricted U.G.F. military airspace. Please transmit your ship's clearance codes to U.G.F. Control or turn back now. Failure to comply with either order will result in the application of deadly force."

"Sending our clearance codes now," Yagami helmswoman Irina Nielsen reported from Mission OPS.

"U.G.F. Ambassadorial Shuttlecraft Ponyo II clearance codes received and confirmed," the voice reported.

As the Ponyo II angled for a landing, Lieutenant Barack Danforth—the head of U.G.F. Earth Ambassadorial Security—stood with ten U.G.F. security officers of various species.

Star was the first to exit the Ponyo II. "Ambassador Seville, my men and I are at your command," Barack said.

"Then, join the search party," Star said as the members of TCTNG and the Yagami away team stepped off the Ponyo II. "The faster we find the Black Goukaiphone, the better."

"Yes, ma'am!" Danforth said. "You heard the lady. Let's go to work!" The security team's members went to work, scanning for the distinctive energy trace indicative of Goukaiger technology.

"Ambassador, I detect not one, but three separate Goukaiger energy traces in that building," Lieutenant Pacitti said, gesturing with her scanning device to a building across the street from the Ponyo II's landing site.

Barack led the search team into the building. "Welcome, fans, to the World Wrestling Entertainment Hall of Fame Museum," the man at the front desk said. "How may I help you today?"

Barack reached into the pocket of his uniform and pulled out his U.G.F. ident card. "Lieutenant Barack Danforth, United Galactic Federation security," he said as he showed his card to the clerk. "I'm going to have to ask you and your patrons to vacate the premises."

"May I ask why?" the clerk said as Barack re-pocketed his ident card. "Three items have been discovered in this facility," Barack said. "These items are the key to preventing an imminent alien attack on this planet."

"I understand," the clerk said. "I'll clear the building. But before I go, please permit me to upload a map of the museum to your scanning devices. It might allow you to find these items easier."

"We appreciate that," Star said. The clerk tapped a few buttons on his panel. Star, Barack and the Starfleet crew nodded as the map appeared on the displays of their scanners.

Then, the clerk reached under the desk and pressed a red button. A recording played over the museum's public address system. "May we have your attention, please? The World Wrestling Entertainment Hall of Fame Museum is now closed. Please leave the building through your nearest exit portal," it said. The recording repeated in Spanish and Turoan as the clerk left.

"Ambassador, the nearest energy trace is in the exhibit for Adam Copeland, also known as 'Edge,'" Barack said. "This way."

Star turned to Lieutenant Commander Nicholas Batali, the first officer of the Ponyo. "Commander, take your team and find the second trace," she said.

"Yes, Ambassador," Batali said before he led his team off to investigate the second trace.

Star then turned to Jon. "Jon, go and investigate the third trace," she said. Jon smiled, kissed Star on the cheek then moved off with members of TCTNG to look for the final trace.

Star, Barack and his crew went to the "Edge" exhibit and opened the display case. An U.G.F. security officer gestured to an item marked:

Inaugural "Money in the Bank" Contract Briefcase

This briefcase, used in the inaugural "Money in the Bank" Ladder match at WrestleMania 21, contained the contract which Edge cashed in at New Year's Revolution 2006, defeating an already-exhausted John Cena for the World Wrestling Entertainment Championship. This win gave Edge the nickname, "the Ultimate Opportunist."

"The first piece is right in there, Lieutenant," she said. Star put on a pair of rubber gloves.

Noticing the quizzical looks on the alien members of her U.G.F. security team, Star smiled. "This is a museum, everyone," she said. "I gotta take care of the exhibits." The security team nodded in agreement.