Chapter 1

"No," Gibbs looked round the room furiously, "Truth or Dare is a game for teenage girls at a sleepover. Not for 8 grown adult federal agents."

"On the contrary," Abby grinned, "It is the funnest game. And sleepover? Have you turned English or something? We call it a slumber party."

Gibbs ignored her.

"All in favour of playing Truth or Dare!"

Every hand shot in the air, save Gibbs and Ziva. Everyone turned to look at her.

"Why aren't you any fun, Zi?" Tony whined.

"I do not wish to divulge any information that I deem unnecessary to divulge," she replied in a stone-like voice.

"But you're still outvoted," Jenny was half-looking at her boyfriend when she said that, "Sorry, Ziva. Sorry, Jethro."

"No problem, Jen," Gibbs sighed, giving her a peck on the lips.

"How about we get a bottle out to save time on picking? The last person done spins and asks/dares next," Palmer suggested.

There was a general acknowledgment of the idea, and Palmer wandered off to the kitchen. He emerged a few minutes later, an empty beer bottle in hand. He squatted on the ground and placed it on the carpet.

"Who wants to go first?"

"Abby," everybody replied in unison.

"YAY!" the Goth clapped her hands in excitement. Tony, Ziva and Gibbs groaned. It was going to be an…interesting night.

Abby leant forward and examined the bottle.

"In this millennium, Abs," McGee prompted.

She flicked her hand and the bottle spun round like her favourite childhood merry-go-round. The members looked around in a tense motion. There was a whirl of colour as the green fuzzed up the eyes of those watching it.

And ever so slowly it stopped on…


"Great," he growled sarcastically.

"Truth or Dare," Abby trilled.

"Truth," Gibbs decided, hoping it wouldn't be as bad as the ones he had seen on those terrible, late-night TV shows. The dares could be worse."

"Tell us why you joined the Marines."

"No," the Senior Field Agent replied, flatly.

"Then you have to do a dare."


Prank call Vance."

There was a low whistle, probably from Tony.

"He'll recognize my number," Gibbs countered.

"You can use the payphone from down the road," Palmer added.

"Ha," Abby stuck her tongue out.

At the Assistant Director's office

"Vance," the Assistant Director barked into his desk phone, annoyed that he had been disturbed at this late hour.

"Hello, is this Leon?" Gibbs was holding his nose with the free-hand. You could hear the chortling of the younger agents in the background.

"Yes, and may I enquire who this is please?"

"My name is Laurence Parker from Duccini's. I'm afraid to inform you that your pizza will not be delivered due to a malfunction. A woman named Jennifer fell into the mixing area."

Jenny gasped and elbowed Gibbs in the ribs. He ignored it.

"IF YOU EVER PRANK CALL ME AGAIN YOU WILL REGRET IT!" a tired Vance snapped into the phone, before hitting it shut in his sweaty palms.

"He was fine with it," Gibbs replied innocently to Abby's excited stare.

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