Chapter 10

"What?" the team all bellowed in shock.

"Eye-witnesses report that you took three bottles of champagne and juggled it before taking them."

"Abby paid," Tony argued, "We all saw. Whatever our witnessed said, it was wrong."

"Listen, buddy," Gibbs growled, stepping forward, "I am a Federal Agent, so are these two men and this woman. The rest also work for NCIS. This woman here, do you recognize?"

"Director Jennifer Shepard of NCIS," one of the policemen audibly breathed.

"I'm sorry," the other interrupted bluntly, "We're just doing our job. This woman needs to come into custody."

"We can't let that happen," Ziva shot back, "We're feds and Abby is part of our agency, so it is our jurisdiction, not yours."

"Common crimes are what we investigate, ma'am," the nervous policeman looked at her, fear in his blue eyes.

"MA'AM?" the Israeli screeched, "Do I look that old?"

"We can have you arrested for wasting police time," the other policeman told her, scared of the venom in her tone.

"There is no way in hell that is happening," Tony put a protective arm around Ziva's waist.

"Listen," the nervous policeman, "Just please come with us."

Abby nodded, tears running rivers down her blushered cheeks. She held her hands out, allowing them to be handcuffed together. She was slowly led away, the door shutting behind her.

The team was speechless.

"We have to go to the station," Palmer eventually broke the silence, "We're witnesses, after all."

"That seems the sensible thing to do," Ducky commented quietly.

"Yes," McGee nodded, "Let's go. For Abby."

"For Abby," the team chorused.

The local police station

"Listen, I'm totally innocent," the Goth protested, "I paid for those bottles and I can prove it- just look at the CCTV."

"We cannot access those just yet," the policewoman (Emily) escorting her, "This is just a precaution, I assure you."

"Well they didn't say that when they came knocking at Ziva's door asking for me- how did they know where I was anyway?"

"One of my neighbors saw us and dobbed you in when she went to the shop," Palmer adjusted his glasses as the team walked in, "The assistant claimed that she'd stolen them."

"It's true," the devil waltzed in, "She did not pay for them!"

"That's a load of donkey poo!" Abby squealed, "At what time did I enter the shop?"

"About 7:30," the assistant replied, "That's when the products were stolen."

"Jenny," Abby turned to her friend, "Get the receipt out of my pocket."

The assistant's face turned monstrously pale.

"This?" the Director fished it out before holding it up in front of everyone.

Emily turned to the assistant, "What do you have to say for yourself, Ms. Carr?"

Ms. Carr turned from white to red, "That I made it up."

"I KNEW IT!" Abby yelled triumphantly.

"I was bored," Ms. Carr looked saddened, "And the stunt was stupid."

"Stupidly awesome," McGee put in. Abby beamed at him.

"Well, I guess that means that you are in a spot of bother," Emily released the handcuffs from the Forensic Scientist.

"On behalf of the WPD, I am very sorry Miss. Sciuto."

"Rule 6, but your apology is accepted," Abby grinned as she high-fived her friends.

And with that, they ran out into the distance.

Ziva's place

"I enjoyed today," Jenny pulled her jacket on, "Thanks for hosting, Ziva." Gibbs nodded and the two left the house.

"Bye," McGee followed suit, with Ducky and Palmer not far behind.

"I loved today," Abby grinned, "Especially the Tiva!" She waltzed out, humming 'Love is in the Air.'

"I guess this is goodbye," Tony turned to Ziva, and stroked her cheek in a loving manner.

"Would you like to stay?" she suddenly and boldly asked.

"But I don't have my PJ's."

"Perhaps you won't need them," Ziva grinned seductively.

Tony beamed and shut the door. He turned back to Ziva and scooped her agile body up in his strong arms.

"I love you," she whispered, kissing him briefly.

"I love you, too."


"No, truth."

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