Author's Note: Hey guys! This is my Tom Riddle/OC story… Yeah. Oh well, I don't have anything else to say right now, since it's only the prologue… Perhaps this is going to evolve into a long story, even though I have so many other stories going on right now (a total of 6 work-in-progress), since I'm almost done with one of them. As always, I just can't wait when an idea pops up in the wierd place that is my head. I've actually always wanted to write a Tom Riddle/OC story, even though I'm a hardocre Bellamort fan, since Bella was not even born when Tom attended Hogwarts. So I've always wanted to write something about Tom being at Hogwarts...

Warnings: There will be sexual scenes / refferences. There will be violence. There will be mature content. There will be sensitive issues / angst / drama. There will be a lot of things. So yeah.

Disclaimer: Do you see Voldemort married to Bella, Ginny and Molly Weasley dead, Fred and Snape alive, Harry turned into the dark side, Hermione hooked up with him, and me being rich and the best author ever? No? Well, that means that I do not own Harry Potter (sadly), only my own characters and plot that you don't recognize from the books... The lyrics at the beginning are from Within Temptation's song "Angels", it's a beautiful song, and I would strongly recommend listening to it… It's extremely powerful and emotional… I hope you liked the prologue, and I would love to know if you want to read more :) Reviews are more than appreciated; it's great to have some feedback! Thanks for reading :)


Sparkling angel, I believed you were my saviour in my time of need…
Blinded by faith, I couldn't hear all the whispers, the warning's so clear…
I see the angels; I'll lead them to your door
There is no escape now, no mercy no more,
No remorse 'cause I still remember the smile when you tore me apart…





I always loved it when we danced.

I have never really liked dancing, not that I had ever actually decided to take any time to learn how to spin and move under the sounds of music. It was never in my interests.

But every time we spun around together, our feet barely touching the floor, our hands on each other's body, our gazes locked, I felt like nothing could harm me, I felt like I had finally found my place in this world, which was no other than his embrace.

Sometimes we danced without music. We didn't need it. He created the music, simply by looking at me with those eyes that could make ice melt into a puddle with just one gaze. He would extend his arm to me, and I would take it, and he would start spinning me around a mid-lighted room, under the sounds of a song coming directly out of my heart.

Every time he looked at me, I knew, I knew I had finally found my angel. My sparkling angel. The angel that made me feel whole, the angel that knew how to carry me to heaven with just one smile. The most beautiful angel in the whole world.

Things hadn't been like that since always. Before I knew him like I did then, I couldn't be aware of what being in heaven and hell at the sime means.

I hadn't even noticed him the first time I met him. He was one year older than me, and, even though I only heard the best for him, I had never wanted relationships with him. Or, to be completely honest, I had thought that he wouldn't bother to become friends with a girl like me. Even though he was only in his second year when had I first met him, he was already one of our house's -and the entire school's- most prized and respectable students. I was eleven, a first year, and, being the little girl I was, I immediately went out to the look of other students to become friends with. But I never tried to approach him. He never gave me the slightest impression that he would possibly want to spend time with me, even though he was a very gentle and definitely not repelling boy. He was actually very attractive, I must say, despite being only twelve.

We started talking when I was at my third year, when one simple project brought us kind of closer; not that we had ever spoken to each other before. I knew he was the best at every class, so I asked him to help me with an essay I had to write for potions. Surprisingly, he accepted. We got to know each other briefly back then, but that was only minor things.

During my fourth year, we were once again not talking that much. Only the appropriate "good mornings" and "goodnights", "how did you do on your exam" and "have you finished Slughorn's essay?" small things. I was surprised, to be honest, that Tom Riddle, Slytherin's –and probably the entire school's- most attractive and intelligent boy was bothering to say "hi" to me at times. But I guessed he was just being polite, as he was with everyone. Therefore, I didn't want to let myself believe that I could possibly have any chances of getting to… hang out with him.

I knew that almost every girl in Slytherin, and a lot from other houses as well, had a secret –or not so- crush on him. Well, that wasn't surprising at all. He was incredibly handsome, after all, very smart, the top student of the school, really attractive, a prefect, polite, with manners, and he had that mysterious aura everyone was attracted to. He was pretty much all a girl wanted, but I knew that none of them actually allowed themselves to think that maybe they would once get him alone in a corner and confess their "love" for him. Well, I knew, because I was one of those girls. But it was nothing important, simply a teenage crush, just being attracted by an attractive guy. Nothing more.

Even during my fifth year, we weren't talking much. We spent no time alone, and I didn't really care, actually, because I had accepted the fact that he was probably "out of my league". Of course, I would love it if I dated the handsome Tom Riddle, like all girls would, and a girl can certainly dream, but I didn't even give it a try, mostly because he seemed not to be interested in girl at all. Yes, despite being so amazingly handsome, he hadn't had a girlfriend since the beginning of school. This was really strange, and the students –girls, mostly- were talking about it. How can he not have any girl he wanted? Surely there were more than enough girls that would willingly spend their whole school year as his girlfriend. But no, he never dated. Some were saying that he was too snobby to be interested in any girl. Some said that perhaps he had an affair outside of school. But nobody really bothered, at least I didn't, since I had my own life to look after.

And when I began my sixth year, everything changed. For the best, I had thought, but now I know it was for the worst. If, only two years ago, you tried to tell me what my life would have become by now, I would have surely laughed. I would have said you are crazy. Because nothing had prepared me for the rest of my life, nothing had prepared me for Tom Riddle, who I had thought was my sparkling angel. Now I know that perhaps he was my demon, my burning demon.

Nothing had prepared me… And I would never had imagined. My life was good, and enjoyable. And from being simply good, it came to become a paradise at his side. Now I know how wrong I was, now I know it only became hell. But maybe I'm still being wrong. Because there is no other way to explain my situation.

Perhaps I should begin from when it all started, though. Perhaps I should begin from that day, during my sixth year at Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Perhaps that day should have never happened, but it did. The day I decided that maybe he's just another boy, shy to make the first move, wanting a normal life with a normal girlfriend...

I always loved it when we danced.