Title: Namimori Gods

Summary: Namimori is the home of two divine entities: the Goddess of Luck and the God of Order. Every four generations, they reincarnate in a member of the Hibari Family and a random Namimori child. The search for the goddess has begun, will Tsuna be able to find Hibari's new wife?

Warning: Tsuna-abuse, BL/shounen-ai, curse words and crossdressing.


A long time ago, in a hamlet far from Tokyo, two gods descended from the high mountains. The people in this hamlet received them as well as they could but were too poor to do more than give them a meal and a place to spend the night. The gods were pleased by their efforts and blessed their land. Their crops became plentiful and their cattle healthy. The gods, being newlyweds and in search of their marital bode, decided to settle in this area along with the villagers.

Lots of years passed and the two gods never aged. The Goddess of Luck, known as OuSora, helped care for the children, ill and elderly with the patience and goodwill of the virtuous. The God of Order, known as OuHibari, was a strict god that herded the men to maintain order and was always pendent of the security and prosperity of the village, which with every passing year became more crowded and much wealthier.

One day, OuSora and OuHibari had a lover's spat and both left their own ways abandoning the new village to its luck. Upon hearing this news, the envious neighboring villages ganged-up on the defenseless village. Hundreds were killed before OuSora and OuHibari realized the danger their village was going through. Their fury at seeing their people killed was so great OuSora and OuHibari armed themselves with a naginata and a katana and defeated all those who dared harm their people.

After the battle, OuSora, guilty at having left her people vulnerable, decided to join them in their suffering and was determined to live as a human to better understand them. Unable to change his wife's mind and not willing to wait for her return, OuHibari decided to follow his wife's steps and reincarnate as human. Unlike his wife, he decided to be born in the Hibari family, who during the attack had created a small resistance and saved plenty of lives.

As said was done. OuHibari and OuSora lived normal human lives with normal human concerns, unaware of their godhood until they were of appropriate age to marry and would once more take their places as the local deities to continue blessing Namimori as they always have. As tradition goes, OuHibari would always recover his memories first and instill order as he searched for his wife. However, justice without mercy is just as painful as a world of chaos and disorder and so the townspeople soon realized that it was necessary to aid the god in his search for his wife. After the first few times, it became known as the 'Search for OuSora' and it was said that whoever found the goddess first would be blessed by the two gods with wealth, prosperity and happiness.

The Search for OuSora written by Ichihara Sunako (1972), historian and Namimori citizen.

"… and whoever found them would be blessed by the two gods with wealth, prosperity and happiness." Reborn finished reading and closed the book "I see… Sound interesting! Well, then Dame-Tsuna, you're going to find that goddess and be blessed by the two gods. You never know when some extra luck may be needed, though I doubt even their blessing could stop you from being so dame!"

"EHHH? First mom, now you! Why can't we ever just stay home and let someone else deal with it?" Tsuna said sighing exasperatedly as he slumped over his work table. Yamamoto just smiled at his side "Come on, Tsuna! This could be really fun!"

Gokudera was burning with excitement that threatening to physically manifest itself as he shouted "Juudaime, I hate to agree with the baseball idiot but this is a once in a life time opportunity to insure your happiness in the future. I will definitely help you win, as Juudaime's right hand man!"

Tsuna really wanted to get out of this whole business but knew from experience he wouldn't be able to slither out of this at all. "Alright, alright" he conceded "we'll look for OuSora-hime."

Yamamoto chuckled a bit "That's the spirit, Tsuna!"

"Don't worry, Juudaime! You can leave this all to me. I'll find her in no time!"

"Good attitude!" Reborn commented.

Tsuna shook his head seriously "It's not that easy, Gokudera-kun."

Both Reborn and Gokudera turned to Tsuna, who looked unusually solemn, and became serious themselves. "What do you mean, Juudaime? How hard can it be finding one girl?"

Tsuna and Yamamoto shared a glance.

"Sorry, we forget you guys are foreigners. You see OuSora-hime is the gracious patron goddess of Namimori, she is known for her great love and equal of treatment to everyone. So, while it is true that we've always referred to her as a girl, it has happened occasionally that OuSora-hime possesses the body of a boy. What's more is that no one can be sure of what age OuSora is right now, though it probably has to be close to that of OuHibari-sama's vessel."

Yamamoto continued.

"That's right! All we know about Hime is that she's kind and compassionate, unafraid of Hibari, uses naginata to fight and her anger is rumored to be scarier than that of Hibari."

"THAT'S TOO VAGUE!" Gokudera screamed at the black haired baseball player.

"Exactly! Which is why it can take a long time to find OuSora-hime."

Gokudera began to shake and muffle a scream as he beamed upwards and declared "I DON'T CARE HOW IT TAKES I WILL FIND HER/HIM/IT AND MAKE SURE JUUDAIME IS BLESSED WITH ETERNAL HAPPINESS!"

"That's the spirit, Gokudera-kun!" Nana slammed open the door, Bianchi and I-pin behind her. "We all must insure Tsu-kun's happiness!"

"I don't know about happiness, but I know about love. OuSora and OuHibari's love for each other has surpassed time and toil! A love like that deserves to be protected."

"I-pin help too!"

For some reason, just helping two people in love pulled at Tsuna's heart strings. If things worked out with Kyoko-chan, he'd like to have people support his relationship as well.

Tsuna smiled.

"Thanks, you guys, let's do our best to help OuSora-hime!"

A unanimous cheer settled the matter.

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