Title: Namimori Gods

Summary: Namimori is the home of two divine entities: the Goddess of Luck and the God of Order. Every four generations, they reincarnate in a member of the Hibari Family and a random Namimori child. The search for the goddess has begun, will Tsuna be able to find Hibari's new wife?

Warning: Tsuna-abuse, BL/shounen-ai, mature themes, curse words and crossdressing.

Chapter 13

The temple shrine stood slightly away from OuSora's Temple, facing northwest as to greet the rising sun. The statue of the Sun Goddess, Amateratsu, stood before it as a protective measure; as a way to repel evil spirits and warn away the unwary. It was well known belief that Amateratsu would strike down any evil that would present itself before her, it was with this thought in mind that it was placed before the sealed shrine; as the temple shrine held a dark secret often ignored as an urban legend.

An urban legend that would soon prove to be more real as one of the talismans had already been dislodged from its place. With two more falling loose and more losing their power, the inevitable release of the entities sealed within was a reality that was drawing closer and closer. It was the deceptive tranquility of the shrine that made the novices disregard that something may be wrong. An experienced guardian would have noticed, but all were dispatched elsewhere.

This mistake would cost them all gravely.


"Tsuna-kun, what's wrong? Why aren't you eating?" Kyoko asked sweetly frowning as she eyed the food Tsuna had been picking at.

He snapped out of his reverie only to notice that he was hungry. He frowned and put a piece of tempura in his mouth to pacify Kyoko's worry. He was retroactively aware that Yamamoto and Gokudera seemed to be fighting because of some reason or another. However, Tsuna couldn't quite recall the reason, which was partially the why reason he wasn't breaking them up at the moment.

"It's nothing, Kyoko-chan. I'm just thinking," he finished the few pieces that were left on his plate. "OuHibari-sama is looking for OuSora-hime, right?" The thought had been bothering him for a while now. As much as he could claim to have Hibari-san as one of his guardians, and maybe friends, it was still an uncomfortable feeling that had been gnawing away at his gut lately.

What would he do if Hibari wasn't?

But, even more worrying, what would he do if Hibari was?

Kyoko looked discomforted by the thought, but as she opened her mouth to answer she was cut off by Tsuna, "I know that he isn't! But it's too weird to think that he would just sit around and do nothing, that isn't like him! If he truly cared then, even if he promised, he would push the whole town until they found her, coming this close" he motioned pressing his fingers a hair distance from each other. Kyoko opened her mouth to say something but was once more interrupted, "from breaking said promise. I just don't understand..."

Kyoko place a hand on his shoulder, "Tsuna-san, if you're so worried about that, why don't ask him?"

Tsuna gave her a puzzled look, "huh?"

She giggled at his cluelessness, "Tsuna-san, OuHibari-sama is coming at the end of the day to see if OuSora-sama is in this group. If we don't find our Lady by then, you can ask him."

Tsuna visibly brighten as he seemed more relieved at having the possibility before remembering one fatal flaw with that logic.

"HIIIEEE! No way! There's no way I can ask him that, he'll bite me to death!" Tsuna began freaking out for a moment.

Kyoko just smiled, "Maybe, but isn't better to know than to go on never knowing the truth?"

Haru turned to them after finally getting Yamamoto and Gokudera to stop fighting, "What are you talking about?"

Tsuna had a half-formed idea of it always being Haru's luck to never be in the midst of things when they were being explained, before he once again focused on reality.

He was quickly made aware of the fact that Gokudera no longer seemed to be fighting with Yamamoto, when the former's voice pierced the air.

"Get the hell off of me, you stupid woman!"

An overly enthusiastic priestess had thrown herself at Gokudera, fingers digging into his hair pulling and tugging at the strands. It seemed that she was trying to fix his hair into its previous style, even as Yamamoto tried to get her off of him without having her pull Gokudera's hair off.

Tsuna knew that she was asking to be killed, but Gokudera had been doing so well and he really didn't want to have to explain this to the police. Thinking fast, he hurried over and smacked the girl's hands making her loosen the grip she had on Gokudera's hair, allowing him to escape with his hair mostly intact.

"Hey, what's the big deal?!" she demanded.

"What's the big deal?!" Tsuna repeated, "What is wrong with you? What kind of person goes around sticking their fingers into other people's hair?"

"Mou, it's not my fault he has gorgeous hair!" she pouted, she would find a boyfriend who found that cute two years down the line, but at the moment Tsuna only found it just silly and immature.

He didn't have much time to think, when her eyes widened comically, "No, what are you doing? You'll ruin it, no, stop." Gokudera continued fixing his hair in its usual fashion ignoring her, yet Tsuna could see where this was going with growing dread.

"NO, DON'T!" She screamed throwing herself at Gokudera, the bomber jolted away in surprise, weapon in hand and throwing it between them.

The explosion threw her back. "What happened? Nanae!" A priestess screamed as she ran over to them, her naginata ready. She blindly swung her blade against them even as Tsuna tried to check on the crazy girl who had begun this whole problem.

"What is your problem, you stupid women? Why can't you just leave me alone?!" Gokudera growled his patience already at its limits. The other woman didn't care for his problems and seemed unwilling to even listen to their side of the story, still Tsuna had to try. "It's not what you think, she threw herself-"

"At the fireworks? Do you think I'm stupid? I know what I saw and I'm not about to allow two bullies to get away with hurting a girl, much less a fellow priestess. Both of you morons are going down." She cut off enraged.

"How dare you talk to Juudaime in that way! You wanna a fight, idiot? Then bring it on." The Smoking Bomber had reached the end of his patience and set off to fight the priestess, who was no light-weight, as she cut through the air with the efficiency of a trained fighter.

"No, please, we don't want to fight." Tsuna begged in vain, but the two danced around the room with deadly intent. Tsuna considered his options, one was to prevent Gokudera from digging them both into any even bigger mess than they currently were by going to break the two up and having Kyoko and Haru take care of the unconscious girl, and ... who was he kidding?

"Yamamoto, get the Head Priestess! Kyoko, Haru, please tend to the unconscious girl" Tsuna saw a priestess nearby that was hesitating to get between the two fighters, "Excuse me, can I use that?" he motioned the naginata.

She looked at it, then at him and handed it over. "Thank you" He swung the blade to counter one of the attacks she aimed at Gokudera, knocking her back and away from Gokudera. "Look, we don't want to fight. What you saw earlier wasn't what you think it was."

Her face twisted into an ugly scowl, "I know exactly what I saw, Nanae confessed her feelings to your friend and not only does he reject her, but you two bullied her. She then tries to make him understand the intensity of her love, only for him to throw fireworks at her to scare her off. You two are the worst scum I have ever seen and I will personally make sure you never return to this temple."

Tsuna thought back to what just happened only minutes prior. Just where on earth did she get that from?

"Umm, no. Actually... none of that happened." He tried to explain.

"And now you try to deny it!" she growled, "I can't believe the gall of you people!"

"But that's not what happened!" Tsuna cried as she redirected her blade, "She threw herself at Gokudera to mess with his hair, I stopped her and then next thing I know she throws herself at him again. Gokudera was just trying to defend himself!" He explained.

"Ha! As if I would believe something as ridiculous like that! This is Japan, not America. No self-respecting girl is going to throw herself at a guy to play with his hair, no matter how handsome or how luscious the hair." She scoffed clearly eyeing Gokudera's hair critically.

"I don't care what you stupid women think, Juudaime is telling the truth. That girl is insane!" Gokudera yelled, pointing at the girl Kyoko and Haru were tending to. This sadly wouldn't have been a convincing argument even if he hadn't been insulting the already pissed off priestess.

"Who do you think you are insulting, you jackass?!"

A set of curse words between them set them back into their fight. Another priestess joined in to aid her, prompting Tsuna to fully jump in as well. The fight seemed to gain intensity as more priestesses seemed to join in until ultimately Tsuna and Gokudera were overwhelmed.

"Now that that's settled," A voice called from amongst the red and white clothed figures, "I would like to know just what is going on here."

Tsuna saw one of priestesses from earlier in the evening, the one who had stopped Gokudera and Yamamoto's fight in the fight round of the competition, moving towards them. She made her way to the front until she stopped right in front of Tsuna and Gokudera.

"Miss Priestess, there's been a mis-" Tsuna tried to explain but was cut off sharply.

"Silence! You will talk when spoken to and not a word more." She turned to the girls surrounding them, "Well, which one of you began this mess?"

Not far from Tsuna, the girl who attacked them stepped forward. "I did, High Priestess."

Well, at least she takes responsibility for her actions, he thought only slightly cheered by the idea.

"What happened?"

She began with fury, "Those two boys bullied Nanae into fainting. It was horrible, High Priestess! They not only broke her heart after confessing to him-"

"That never happened!" Gokudera screamed.

"SILENCE! I didn't ask you, now did I? You will have your chance once she finishes, or would you rather I just send to jail without another word? Don't tempt me." She threatened, Tsuna turned beggingly to Gokudera, who met his eyes and sighed wordlessly as he nodded.

"Good! Now continue."

"As I was saying, before the rude" she glared at Gokudera, "interruption, that boy rejected her and then both of them began bullying her. I stepped in when she fainted after he threw fireworks at her to scare her off. The other one was trying to lie his way out of it by saying she threw herself at his friend to play with his hair, as if any self respecting girl would ever do something as silly as that? This isn't an anime! Men like them don't deserve to even take one step inside OuSora-sama's temple, High Priestess."

The High Priestess hummed softly before turning to them once more, "Well, what have you say for yourselves?"

"That's not what happened. We were minding our own business when she came over and began manhandling Gokudera. I tried to stop her but she kept insisting. Gokudera was just trying to get her to leave him alone" He really had no idea if Gokudera hadn't actually been trying to seriously kill her, but please just agree, he begged as he finished, " right, Gokudera?"

"Ah." He nodded, defiantly glaring at the woman.

She returned the defiant look, "Even if I ignored the fact that this is your second offense of the day, attacking a priestess is under no motive acceptable, even if it's to scare one away. Your argument is silly and unappealing-"

"Are you calling Juudaime a liar, you wench?" Gokudera growled.

"-And your manners are deplorable. Nothing you can do will change my mind. You two shall be sent to jail until the day is over or until your parents pick you up."

"But wait, you just can't do that! The Head Priestess is the only one who can make that decision!" Tsuna argued, he was well aware of the rules. They couldn't do this to him.

"The Head Priestess is not here, but I have no doubt she would most definitely agree with me on this verdict. Off with these two." She ordered. The priestesses around them began to drag them out of the building.

"Wait, you can't do that! This isn't fair! I demand an audience!" However, Tsuna's pleas were ignored even as the Disciplinary Committee members took him to the police station and left him to his luck.

"You really know how to get yourself into trouble, don't you, Dame-Tsuna?" Reborn chuckled as he watched from afar.

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