He needed someone. Someone to manipulate, some to help him destroy…

New Beginnings

I never thought I would do it. Ever. Move away from our luxury house in Headington, and move to this dump instead. I can't believe I agreed to it.

"You have a choice. We don't have to go." I remember my father saying

One the day of the dramatic decision my mind must have been twisted. We had just finished this topic in PSHCE: New Beginnings. I hate PSHCE, it ruined my life. I was popular and clever, always elected class leader, life couldn't have been better.

This school St Gertrude (Gurty) is horrible. No-one does as their told and surprising enough this school is meant to have good grades! There is only one reason that I'm still attending lessons, (and not ditching) is because of this boy. His name Chad.

He walked up to me this morning. Apparently he was new too. Just moved here from the US. He had had the same type of situation as me. Had a nice life and then said the wrong words to make his parents happy, and ended up here. Manchester. I didn't know who he was at first, but I knew he was hot. He wore a olive green low V-neck top, that gave us a peek of his gorgeous chest. He paired the top with blue jeans and Reeboks. He seemed pretty laid back.

"Hey do you know where L2 is. I've been wondering around for hours." He gave me an apprehensive look.

"I don't know where it is either. I'm new too. I'm Madeleine, Lower Sixth" I stretched out my hand, anticipating a shake. He ignored it.

"Chad, Lower Sixth," and he walked away.

Turned out that my classroom was L2 as well, and I had no idea where I was going. To my embarrassment I had to go and ask teacher. L2 was smack bang in the middle of the school. Squeezing past the snogging couples was just half of it. The bell rang just as I opened the door. Most of the seats were taken. The last one was in the middle of the classroom and next to Chad.

The rest of the day passed without many incidents.

After school there was not very much holding me back from running back to our real home. The only thing was that our house had been sold. If only I hadn't said the word (yes) then we wouldn't be here. My mum saw that I wasn't too happy (she didn't care) and asked me the question that she asked every day when I got home.

"Hi hon, how was school today? Any fit boys that took your fancy?" My mum was one of those people that didn't care about school work; she was more interested in my love life.

"Fine, everyone at my school are fakes. Although there is Chad. Though he is unsociable." I replied. As I walked up the stairs Dad came home from work.

"I'm home!" He shouted up the stairs.

He walked into the kitchen and saw my mum's solemn look. I don't know what she was doing. A second ago she was fine, I suppose she just wanted some attention.

"Hey! What's the matter? Why are you pulling that face?"

"The bills on my credit card arrived and they are quite high!" She dropped her face lower. "Sixteen thousands pounds." My dad sighed.

"You really need to control how much you spend each month," replied my dad, irritably.

"I'm so sorry. I just brought this gorgeous Giovanni dress for Mia's wedding!" My mum laughed a child-like laugh. My dad wasn't so impressed.

"What wedding!" He fumed, "I have not heard about this wedding, I have not heard of Mia! Who is this person and why are you going to her wedding! You dare spend my money on an event I do not know about. On something so massive that did not go through me!

"Oh, so everything I buy has to go through you! It was six thousand. It was even on sale!" My mum shouted pathetically back.

"Oh, so six thousand pounds is nothing now eh! I have let you use my money for all our marriage, while I work to earn it. I was happy with it till you started to spend too much. Now you are splashing all this money in one month. Do you have any idea how much that is out of my salary! A fucking fifth! You will send that bloody dress back and you will say to this… Mia that you are not going to her wedding!"

"Darling you don't really mean that! Have a coffee and we can settle this like adults."

"No I fucking meant it! But if you want to go to that shit of a wedding then use your own money!" Screamed my dad, he was out of control, "Oh yeah, I forgot, you don't have any money at all. You have no job no money, but a huge fucking appetite for using my money!"

I was shocked by this whole scene. My dad never lost his temper and well, we, in this family don't ever mention that mum is employed. It never really bothered us. Dad had a good job, well it didn't bother us until mum started spending big.

My dad hadn't finished…

"From now on I don't want you taking out any more of my money! You will have an allowance of five thousand a month. You will have to fund everything you buy by yourself, and if you get yourself into debt, you pay it out yourself, with your own self made money. Also you will get a job!"

"I'm so sorry, I will never spend again. Just please let us stay like this. Please don't make me get a job, John. I beg you!" My mother was in tears, her makeup all smudged. She looked a mess.

"Chrissie, you will get a job, that's final. Now go clear yourself up and go to bed. I'll be sleepy in the spare room tonight. Don't bother me." Said my dad sternly.

"You're not thinking of divorce are you?"

"I'm not that cruel. I wouldn't leave you when you have nothing. Though this habit must stop, otherwise I will consider it. Goodnight"

My mum turned to me. And mouthed, "help".