New Friends

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That night away in the dark forest, there was whispering

"I did not raise you, so you could disappoint me. It has been 6 months. Bring some good news or else…

"Yes master."

"Now go and do not return till you have some news that will be approved of!"

That day I skipped breakfast not because I'm anorexic, but because the kitchen was a mess. The plates were dirty and well the room was a bit of a state. Dad must have gone up early, and Mum she would never wash the plates; especially with her new nails!

I cycled to school for a change. Moreover I had the time. Not having breakfast fast-forwarded my schedule by quite a bit. When I arrived red-faced and puffing I saw Chad. He was in his car or rather campervan and was parking. His van had a homely feeling about it. Maybe he lived in it or something. Finally, when he finished parking, he climbed out and went towards the gate. Towards me!

"Hey, Chad! You remember me, Madeleine?"

No answer

"Umm, Chad! Hi!" I even added a wave for good measure

Third time lucky?

"Chad, I not sure if you remember me bu…"

That was it. He was totally ignoring me. Chad is an unsociable idiot.

On Thursdays I only share one lesson with Chad. However, he didn't turn up, weird. I saw him earlier. Anyway I decided not to think about Chad. Of course there are other people in this school. Socializing was one of the key things to do when you start a new school. That's what I told myself.

Lunch is hell at Gurty's. You can't go one minute without getting hit by a badly aimed piece of food. The teachers are useless with the cat fights and don't really do anything. They mainly want to avoid the food and stay by the side.

So, very cleverly I thought of camping out in the unisex toilets. We only have unisex toilets in Gurtys. But the boys stay on one side and the girls the other. Funny thing is though there aren't any urinals!

When I reached the toilets that were along the corridor, there were two other people there, which had seemed to have the same idea as me. A boy and a girl who appeared pretty close. Well the girl seemed pretty interested in the boy. The girl laughed a unusual laugh, snorting half way through. Then she looked up;

"Hey, you new? Do you wanna eat with us? Do you think that George Clooney is fit?"

"Stop bombarding her with weird question Angelina. Hey, I'm called John and this is Angelina. We're both in Lower Sixth and don't mind Ange here, she's slightly eccentric.

"Oh, I doubt she's that weird. I had some friends who were more eccentric then Angelina here!" I replied awkwardly

"Please, call me Ange! Anyway, I so glad you could join us in our conversation about Chad! I was saying that he was hot, and John here, who clearly has no taste in fashion, thinks that Chad is…"

"Gay." John said suddenly, "I mean seriously, he walks with such swagger and confidence and he takes no fancy in any of the girls. Who can resist Tina?

"Cut it! Chad is an unsociable hottie!" I butted in.

There I had done it, closed the conversation and the chatter moved on. Politics, future careers, and somehow friendships and funny stories.

"Hey, Maddy, would you like to come over to mine today? My mum wants some help with interior designing ideas. She's an interior designer and she wanted some views, so…"

I reluctantly agreed. After all I had nothing else to do, and I didn't want to go back to my parents arguing.

Angelina drove a new Ford Focus, "I got it for my birthday" I remember her saying. It was rather messy, but that was what I expected, with a personality like hers. However, it somehow had a very homey feel to it. I sat in the front sit and had a very good waft of her perfume. Britney Spears 'Fantasy'. I wasn't exactly expecting this, not that I don't like it, but that I refer to it as a very childish scent, maybe even slightly immature.

As she opened the front door I heard her mother

"Oh look, who's here! I'm Marilyn, so good to meet you!" Her mum said enthusiastically. I understood where Ange got here personality. "Would you like some tea, or peach juice? Peach juice is Angelina's favourite."

"Ummm, I'll try some peach juice,"

"Cold or warm?"

I was slightly taken aback by this question for I had never heard anyone drink a bottle of squash warm, despite the packaging always saying 'served chilled'.

"I'll go for tepid warm,"

"Tepid warm it is then darling."

And off Marilyn went to the kitchen to fetch my lovely tepid peach juice. Ange raised her eyebrows.

"She is just very excited. She's not used to seeing me take anyone home except John," said Ange who seemed a little embarrassed.

"Oh no, your mum seems great!" I smiled, I genuinely meant it.

Ange lead me up to her gorgeous room. She said it was done by her mum. Light lilac walls and the interior design was like a French boutique. I was slightly envious and I am never envious of anyone.

"So what do you want to talk about?" I answered suddenly, remembering what I was here for.

"I really need your advice." She paused for a little while, "I fancy John." Her face said it all.

I mean of course I knew, from when I stepped into the toilets I knew something was going on.

"Okay, what's the history?"

"Well we went out for around six months after we met, but it just didn't work, so we settled as friends. Though I still really like him and I enjoyed it when we went out." Ange said, it seemed to get her excited just speaking of those times. She had it bad.

There was a knock at the door.

"Here's your lovely tepid peach juice. Enjoy!" Marilyn said and seemed to skip out of the door due to the thuds on the landing.

I drank some of my tepid peach juice. It was good. Perfect temperature as well. I sat there for a while just sipping at my juice. Then I noticed Ange's impatient expression.

"Well you need to express your feelings that all. I mean you went out before so he obviously has some feeling for you. Just go for it and you'll be fine."

"Thanks, you are the best I will definitely tell him how I feel, in a letter, in a poem in a song." You could nearly see all the ideas that she had in mind.

"Go easy, or he might think you're weird, okay."

All Ange did was nod. It looked like she had started day dreaming.

"Well I'm off. Got to do the homework on Humanoids, bye," closing the door behind me, I went downstairs.

Marilyn had disappeared off somewhere. Maybe to her office, yep the light was on. As a opened the door to go outside and back to my house, I suddenly realised I had no way of going home. Bike was at school and Ange upstairs daydreaming. Ah, never mind. I'll have to walk to school and get my bike; it was mid March so it was light enough, and I vaguely remembered the directions. Suddenly there was a rustle over the bushes, probably a hare or something. There it was again. I looked again, just to make out a shadow of a person. Except it wasn't a person, they were too small. A dwarf, no, no such things as dwarf a fairytale. Then as it was timed to stop me from seeing any farther, a car pulled out in front of me. The windows were tinted but I remember whose car it was. Or rather campervan, Chad rolled down the windows and asked-

"Like a ride home?"