Hi, everyone ;) I wanted to write some angsty poetry, so guess what? I did XD

Naruto does not belong to me. It never will. Seriously.

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Blooming like some twisted rose,

Corpse in permanent repose

Bodies scattered everywhere

While I can only stand and stare

Staring blankly at the sky

Nobody is there to cry.

I hide my reddened, crying eyes

Behind a blank face and a million lies.

No one sees the real me

Because they are too blind to see

That I'm not who I want to be.

They tell me lies to capture me,

Bound in chains- I'm never free.

And then he comes, bringing more deception

Have I been cursed since my conception?

Agonizing leaves me torn.

Perhaps I should have never been born.

I want to speak- I have no voice.

I want to act- I have no choice.

My brother's face is full of hate,

Just like my heart- could it be fate?

The destiny of brothers torn

To wear the wicked crown of thorns?

I seek the solace of my mind

Seek happiness I'll never find.

The blood won't wash out of my clothes.

This blood of war

This twisted rose.

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