Chapter 1: The Arrival

Otani and Risa head home after a long date; they both say their goodbyes and went on home. Otani opens the door to his house but something isn't right. He goes around the house no one's there. He picks up his cellphone and calls his mom, she picks up, "Hello, Atchan?"

"Hey where are you?"

"At the Hospital," she sighed, "Otani its Azami she's been in a car crash."

"Azami my cousin, Azami," he started to shake.

"Yes dear, she has a fatal condition but her mother and father have already passed."

"So where is she going to live?"

"With us, she's going to be in the hospital for a couple days at least."

"Okay I'll see you when you come home," he sighed.

"Um…there's the problem, I need you to stay over at a friend's house or something," she said.

"What you don't trust me?"

"It's not that we will be here for those couple days so we just need you to stay at Nakao's house or maybe Risa's?"

"I'll go to Nakao's and mom can you just-," he began.

"Oh, she's waking up!"

Otani eyes widened then he said, "Put her on the phone mom."

"But dear she can't even talk yet; she may be still traumatized by the crash."

Otani dropped the phone, he couldn't picture his only cousin hurt. He ran to his room and packed his stuff up and then headed out the door. He grabbed his bike and road down to Nakao's house.

He knocked on the door, Nakao came to answer the door, "Hey man, what's up you look pale?"

"Dude, I need to stay over for a couple days, my cous' is in the hospital, after a horrible car accident."

"Oh then come in, you can sit your stuff in my room."

"Thanks, dude."

Three days have gone by and the whole gang decided to go to the beach. As they reached the beach Otani talked about his cousin being in the hospital to Risa, "What that's horrible I'm so sorry Otani."

"It's ok; mom says she's making a miraculous recovery so she'll be home today. So I can't stay here long I have to go see her. I mean it's been seven years since I've seen her."

"Seven years?"

"Yeah, would you like to meet her?"

"Sure," she smiled.

"I'm gonna buy he a present so do you mind helping out with that?"

"No problem, we'll find her the best gift ever."

After Otani and Risa did their shopping, they headed for Otani's house. As Otani opened the door he saw a blood trail leading to the bathroom. He ran followed the trail and saw Azami hunched over and puking blood. Otani closed the door and picked up his cellphone to call his mom, no response. Risa stood there still petrified bye the blood, "Don't just stand there like a dope, do something," He yelled.

"I'm not a doctor, I can't do anything!" She yelled.

They didn't notice but Azami stumbled out of the bathroom and mumbled, "Mom…dad"

Otani turned around and saw her standing up, he walked over to her and put one of her arms over his shoulder, believe it or not they were the same height. He took her over to the living room and laid her gently on the floor. He stared at the scratches on her neck, "Azami I'm so sorry I couldn't protect you like I promised seven years ago," he said as he parted her hair from her face. Azami reached her hand out in a fist, "Here…I saved it for you," she smiled.

He placed his hand under hers and as she opened her fist a small toy samurai fell out of her hand. His eyes widened, "You saved this? I haven't seen this little guy since…like forever."

She nodded her head, "I already called your mom Atchan, she should be here soon," her voice sounded slower than when she was talking before. Risa kneeled down beside Otani, "Who is this Atchan?"

"Oh, Azami this is Risa Koizumi my girlfriend."

"I'm pleased to meet you-," she started then the front door opened. Otani's mom and sister ran inside. They looked really worried. His mom picked her up and went to put her in his sister's room. As she did that Otani and Risa sat down had had a cup of tea and some rice before going to the karaoke shop. Otani didn't eat, Risa didn't either. They all felt sorry for Azami. She had no parents and wasn't even well enough to speak a lot.