Chapter 6: Mission Accomplished

Otani and Risa sat in the waiting room along with Otani's mom and sister. They all waited for hours then Azami's doctor walked up. They all stood except Risa. She looked up with concern, "Well, Azami is having some respiratory problems," The doctor sighed, "and her lungs had almost collapsed, nice job getting her here when you did."

"Will she be able to leave once she's stable?" Otani's mom asked, her hands feeling sweaty.

"We hope to get her stable first, but yes."

"Oh thank goodness." She was in tears, "Thank you doctor, thank you!"

The doctor nodded and walked back into the hall. Risa looked back down, "Otani..."

Otani sat beside her, "What?" He knew she was tense about something, "Your still worried about her aren't you...Why don't you tell me what happened?"

Risa breathed a sigh, "Well, we were at the beach and so we got talking and she told us about the marriage. She said how she didn't want to go through with it and I made a plan top get Ling back for what he's done."

Otani's hand clenched into a fist, "So you decided to have her DO THAT!"

"Not all of it just the fake her death part."

"But she almost ACTUALLY died doing it!"

"I know, I know, but if it got too out of hand I planned on the basketball team to stop him."

Otani stood staring at Risa, "Koizumi, I appreciate the effort but why at the risk of my only cousin."

Risa looked away, "I...I'm sorry."

Risa stood and hugged Otani. Otani seemed embarrassed but he didn't care for that one moment, he felt like he needed it.

Two weeks have gone by, Azami is finally arriving out of the hospital. Otani and Risa are going to pick her up. They and all the others have planned a welcoming party for her coming home. Risa was the head of this committee.

They reach the hospital and as they come up to her room they hear her laughing. As Otani opens the door a little he peeks inside. There is a boy in there with her. He looks about as tall as Risa, dusty-blonde hair and he's actually making Azami laugh! Otani closes the door back and tells Risa. She wanted to see for herself so she knocks on the door, "Come in." Azami's voice rang through.

As she opens the door, Risa notices the boy right away. She turns to Azami and sees her in tears from laughing too hard. The boy walked over to Azami and whispers something in her ear. She nods and looks at Otani then Risa, "Guys, this is Eisuke. He's a volunteer who actually helped me a lot while I stayed here." She began to smile, "He's also a very funny guy when he wants to be."

"You really like to flatter a guy, huh?" Eisuke laughs.

Azami giggles a little. Eisuke grabs her hand gently and she begins to blush.

Otani's eyes couldn't believe what they were seeing. Does she actually like this guy?!

Azami takes a look at Otani and his astonished face. She pulls her hand away and blushes even harder.