Title: "Dear Constanza…"
Description: Because "Constanza" is what Amy calls her diary.
Fandom: The Big Bang Theory
Genre: Comedy/Romance/Angst
Characters: Amy
Author's Note: I'm toying with the idea of occasionally writing episode coda fics in the form of Amy's diary entries. I make no promises.
Disclaimer: The Big Bang Theory is an American sitcom created by Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady, and is produced by them along with Lee Aronsohn. It is a Warner Brothers production and airs on CBS. All characters, plots and creative elements derived from the source material belong exclusively to their respective owners. I, the author of the fan fiction, do not, in any way, profit monetarily from the story.
Rating: K – M (it's anyone's guess)

Dearest Costanza,

I am deeply sorry that I've neglected you in recent days, but the increased activity of my professional life, the unexpected early onset of my menses and a recent burst in social activity all combined to make me far too fatigued at bedtime to chronicle my daytime adventures. Tonight's entry will catch you up in three principal areas: current events, professional activities and my social life.

Current events:

I am rather behind in this arena, since Penny cancelled her subscription to People magazine. She says that she had to find a way to cut back on her expenses, and having to decide between cancelling Cosmo or People, there was simply no contest. Considering how well the former magazine complements her dynamic fashion sense, perky, can-do attitude and I-am-woman-hear-me-roar sexuality, I think she's made the only logical decision.

Beyond that, I did manage to catch the better portion of the State of the Union address. I found our President to be stately and charismatic as always, and he made some commitments to spend more money in the Sciences, which I found encouraging. However, I can't help but look at such events (and the politicians that attend them) and be reminded that, much like in many organized religions, the political elite make promises to take action that will enhance the common good and remedy the ills of society only to get caught in the traps of sex scandals, blind ambition and bickering among factions. I find myself growing more apolitical with each passing year.

Although, I must say that Michelle was looking especially stunning at the event. Sometimes I imagine that, in the social society of our nation's capital, she is the raven-haired equivalent of Penny: beautiful, buxom and indisputably bodacious. I salute you ma'am!

Professional activities:

As tomorrow looms, I look forward to it with a mix of excitement and extreme foreboding. While the members of our research team are thrilled to be coming ever closer to the results regarding alcoholism in high-functioning primates, I, for my part, can't help but suspect that changing the monkeys' beer brand will be met with the enthusiastic excrement-throwing that these monkeys invariably think is the only appropriate response to any life change. Whatever clothing I wear tomorrow will, without a doubt, end up in the trash heap. Sorry Bernadette, but some clothes just can't be donated. My attempts at commiseration with Sheldon on the topic only made him, in a word, laugh—an unexpected joy. This brings me, rather eloquently, to my last topic…

My social life:

You and my boyfriend have both suffered from my neglect, as Sheldon and I haven't seen much of each other this week, either. I hadn't physically been in his presence in three days when we had dinner this evening—not since we decided to suspend filming "Fun with Flags" for the time being. While I don't think a day has gone by that we haven't talked since the very first day that we met (except for those horrific days after we terminated our then-fledgling relationship) I still like spending real-world time with him. And even tonight, he was very late joining us, as he had to catch the bus home from work. Apparently Leonard has chosen to negate the major terms of the Roommate Agreement and, as a result, Sheldon must suffer. How unfair! Although, I can't help but notice that even I have, on occasion, violated a term (or two) of the Relationship Agreement, but with total impunity. Of course, it's absurd to think that Sheldon would confront me, his girlfriend, in the same fashion as his roommate. I am saddened, however, that I can't take him to the doctor's appointment tomorrow. He seemed uncomfortable when the others teased him about not "using me" for what girlfriends are really for. All the same, with more advanced notice I might have been able to arrange my affairs to accommodate him, but as it stands, there is simply no way I can leave my project on such short notice.

I got a text from him earlier tonight; apparently there is a blackout in his building. I proposed that I pick him up so he could spend the night here, but he declined my offer, saying he suspected the power outage would be remedied quickly. Currently, I am anxiously waiting for him to send me his nightly "Goodnight, Amy" text, which I should have gotten a half hour ago. His cell phone might be dead, and it's a small thing, I know, but I want it just the same. It's something I've gotten used to, and besides…

I don't believe I can get to sleep without it.