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On the same day that both Judgement and Anti-Skill were told of their fate in the auction, six people began to move out to find their intended target. Their objective was simple: Find their target and try to convince them to join the superintendant's date auction.

It would not be an easy job, though one did disagree with that statement. There would be perils and dangers only known to them. They could only hope for the best and pray that they would make it out of this alive.

All of which happened several weeks before Touma's unwitting registration into the date auction, courtesy of his friends

Accelerator grumbled to himself as he hobbled down the street. He had been sent down to the local grocery store with a list and money after being told that it was his week to do the shopping.

"Why the fuck do I have to do this shitty ass shopping?" Accelerator mumbled to himself as he entered the store. "Why not get the brat or the bigger brat to do it?"

Then he stopped to catch his breath, and shuddered as he imagined those scenarios.

Last Order would probably come home with either half the items missing or all junk food.

Worst would probably just blow it all on herself, all the while that stupid smirk of hers on her face.

Maybe he should just get this over and be done with it before any more disturbing images came to mind. As he began to gather all the requested items in the cart as fast as he could, he noticed something suspicious out of the corner of his eye; a man in a black suit, approaching him cautiously.

Accelerator clenched both his fist and his teeth as he made his way to the checkout.

'What the fuck do they want with me now? I already told them that I was done with that dark side shit.' he snarled to himself, paying for the items and left the store quickly. 'I'll find out what this fucker wants before tossing him aside.'

With a glance to make sure the suit was still following him, which he still was, the strongest esper quickly flicked the switch on his collar on and quickly hid his footsteps, turning down the alleyway; he quickly hid behind some boxes and waited for the suit to arrive.

He didn't have to wait long as the suited man ran down the alleyway frantically looking for him. Flicking his collar off, he hobbled out glaring poisonously at him.

"Why the hell are you following me and what the fuck do you want?" Accelerator demanded in his usual crass tone. "It better be a damn good reason or I'll make you into the shit stain that you are."

To the suits credit, he didn't pee his pants in fear like the others Accelerator spooked would have, though he did jump slightly at the sudden surprise. Quickly turning around to face the city's strongest esper, he gave his best smile as he prepared to make his sales pitch.

"Ah, Accelerator-sama, thank goodness I didn't lose you." The suit said officially fishing around in his jacket before pulling out a business card and holding it out to the tactless esper. "My name is Raito and I'd like to ask for your help in a matter."

Accelerator kept the glare up and focused on the suit, Raito as he reached over and snatched the offered business card.

"The hell do you need my help for?" Accelerator growled as he slipped the card into his pocket. He turned to leave, looking disgusted as he sneered. "I said I would never work for that side again."

Seeing was going to lose Accelerator here, Raito acted quickly.

"No, no, nothing like that at all, sir," he spoke quickly. Seeing Accelerator stopping to look back at him, he took a deep breath before continuing his pitch. "Superintendent Crowley would like to extend an invitation to you, formally requesting your participation in Academy City's first annual Date Auction."

Silence fell over the two, the wind blowing down the alleyway with an ominous howl.

Accelerator just stared at Raito, a murderous look in his eyes. In spite of his experience, the city messenger shivered as the esper's murderous aura washed over him. He wanted to run, but knew he had to try and get Academy City's strongest to join the fundraiser, no matter what.

Seething, Accelerator laboriously picked up his cane and pointed at him, and Raito wondered if he was about to be reduced to a bloody smear on the alley walls.

"Get this through your fuckin' thick skull now…" the albino esper snarled, looking homicidal. "I will not and will fucking NEVER join up with this shitty idea."

With an angry grunt, the Vector Esper turned around and hobbled off once more angrily mumbling to himself.

He left Raito to breathe a sigh of relief, all alone in the dark alleyway.

But he didn't want to lose Accelerator like this, so he jumped forward and hoped to catch him before he lost him again.

"Ah but wait!" Raito called after the albino, running after him. "It's for a good cause!"

"Yeah, for lining the pockets of some Academy City fat ass's pockets," the Vector Esper sneered dismissively.

"No no, it's for…" Raito tried to explain, falling silent as he tried to come up with a valid reason. Inspiration struck him as he came up with the perfect excuse. "It's for the Child Errors!"

That seemed to get Accelerator to stop and look back at him once again. That gave Raito the chance to close the distance between the two again.

Smiling softly at him, Raito tried once more. "So Accelerator-sama, will you join us?"

Accelerator just stared at him momentarily before breaking into an evil smirk.

"Fuck no." the albino replied bluntly. Turning away from the suit, he began to walk to Yomikawa's place, calling over his shoulder. "Why the hell should I worry about some shitty ass brats?"

With that said, it was the final nail in the coffin for Raito. No matter what else he tried, he knew that he wouldn't get Accelerator to join up in the auction.

Raito sighed dejected as he phoned in his results. He could only hope that the other would have better luck than he did.

As he made his way back to base, he could only hope that Accelerator would change his mind later.

Across the city, Misaka Mikoto chuckled to herself as she slipped the magazine back into the rack she had been standing in front of for the last half hour.

She couldn't help but muse that this week's chapters had been better than usual as she left the store pulling out her cell phone from her pocket to check the time.

'Ok just enough time to go check the store for any new Gekota merchandise.'Mikoto thought to herself, putting her phone back in her pocket.

With that plan in mind, she began her trek to the store with a smile on her face. The thought of new Gekota merchandise keeping her distracted, she never noticed the man in black approaching her until after she bumped into him.

"Ah sorry, I wasn't paying attention." she apologized looking up at the suit-wearing man. "Are you all right?"

"Yes I am, Misaka-sama, but I need to talk to you." The man in the suit said formally. Mikoto frowned, wondering how he knew her name, as he reached into his jacket and pulled out a business card that he held out to her. "My name is Hiiragi, and Academy City would like your help."

Mikoto nodded slowly as she took the card, eyeing the taller man suspiciously.

"With what?" The Railgun asked, narrowing her eyes. She had to be careful here.

Mikoto knew that she had to be careful here, especially after last time. She had to keep her guard up. She did NOT want to be used again. The dark side of Academy City was not something to be taken lightly.

"Academy City would like for you to help out by participating in its first annual Date Auction." Hiiragi explained with a straight face.

Mikoto stared at him slightly confused, before what this MIB was asking of her. As the implications hit home, her face flushed red with embarrassment.

"No no no no! Absolutely not!" Mikoto yelled fully embarrassed as she shook her head. "That's just too embarrassing! I just couldn't do it!"

"Are you sure, Misaka-sama? " Hiiragi asked her mildly. He set down a bag that she hadn't noticed before, making her wonder about its contents. "Is there nothing I can do to change your mind?"

"Yeah," she nodded furiously. "I'm afraid I can't do it." The Electromaster asserted, crossing her arms definitely.

Belying her stand, however, was the fact that she was looking away from him blushing rather heavily.

Hiiragi nodded solemnly, reaching into the bag and slowly pulling out to be what looked like a frog-style stuffed animal with lipstick on its mouth and dressed in white wedding dress, complete with a veil and a bouquet of flowers in one hand. The young electro master's eyes widened as she stared at the stuffed toy, he throat dry at the implications of what she was looking at.

"N-no way…" she sputtered in denial. "That can't be… is that-"

"Correct." Hiiragi cooly interrupted her, holding the doll out for the young girl to inspect closely. "This is the ultra limited production item; Gekota Bride."

Mikoto's breath was caught in her throat. There it was before her; one of the rarest Gekota items ever made. There were only twenty of them in the entire world, and being an unrepentant Gekota otaku meant…

"What…what do I have to do?" The massive Gekota fan asked faintly.

She wanted that doll.


"All you have to do is agree to joining and participating in the city's Date Auction and the doll will be yours." Hiiragi explained calmly.

Now Mikoto was worried. Was the auction just for the rich old farts? She didn't want to be some rich old farts personal plaything for the evening. That thought alone sent shivers of disgust up and down her spine and made her somewhat sick.

"Before I agree, I have a few questions…"

"Of course, what do you wish to know?"

"Is this whole thing open to the public? Or is it a private function?"

Hiiragi smiled softly, understanding her fears. "The auction is open to the entire city. So do not fear for your virtue, Misaka-sama."

Mikoto released the breath she hadn't realized she had been holding. A great cloud of dread seemed to have fallen off her shoulders, although she still had more questions.

"That's good, that's good…" The Railgun muttered distractedly. "Besides me, who else will be there?"

"Besides you, we are trying to recruit the other Level 5's, but we don't know who'll be participating for certain. Not yet. What we do know is that both Judgement and Anti-Skill will be joining you on stage as well."

Mikoto nodded her head satisfied in the knowledge that she wouldn't be alone. Just one more question…

"One last question…" Mikoto began sneaking a glance at the bag. Hiiragi nodded his head. "How do I know that that item is real?"

Hiiragi chuckled indulgently, reaching into the bag and pulling out a small wooden frame that he held out to her. "I do believe this will be more than enough proof, Misaka-sama."

The Electroshock Princess slowly glanced at the proffered frame, and her eyes widened in shock as she felt her jaw drop. The frame was holding a Certificate of Authenticity!

She couldn't believe it. It was real! It was a REAL rare Gekota item that this Hiiragi fellow was using to entice her! She knew she wanted it more than ever now, and damn the consequences.

"All right…" the Gekota otaku whispered nodding her head. "I'll do it."

Hiiragi nodded, pulling out a sheet from his jacket and holding it out for her.

"Fill this application out, please." He requested.

Mikoto grabbed the sheet and filled it out quickly before handing it back to him. Hiiragi nodded, handing the bag over to the young girl and watching her face lit up in joy.

"Thank you Misaka-sama." Hiiragi said, pocketing the sheet. "Academy City thanks you for your participation."

He gave her a polite bow before leaving the ecstatic Gekota fan to her new item.

Meanwhile, in another part of Academy City, a man in a black suit took a deep breath before approaching the unsuspecting teen.

"Excuse me Gunha-sama?" The man in the black suit, Daichi, asked politely. "I'd like to ask you something please."

"Hmm? One second." The teen, now identified as Gunha, replied. "I gotta save this cat real quick."

Gunha looked up into the tall tree momentarily before nodding his head. Crouching down, his hands laid against the ground. Taking a deep breath, he focused intently on the small cat meowing helplessly in the tree.

"Amazing Jump!" Gunha yelled as he pushed off the ground flying to the air at an amazing speed. Of course with Gunha, he overshot his target easily clearing the tree. But as he came back down, he landed on the branch with an amazing amount of careful grace.

Grabbing the helpless cat stuck in the tree, he jumped back down to the ground. Landing on his feet with a crash, leaving a small crater under him, he let the now scared witless cat scamper off to destinations unknown.

Turning to Daichi, he gave the MIB his full attention.

"Now what can I do for you?" The Gemstone questioned.

"Well Gunha-sama, to put it cleanly and quickly…." Daichi began, clearing his throat. "…Academy City needs your help."

"With what?" The natural born esper asked with baited breath. He was always ready to help Academy City at any time.

"We need you to participate in the city's first annual Date Auction." Daichi explained. "The money would go to helping fund Academy City's various budgets, like Judgement and Anti-Skill."

"Uh huh…" Gunha said looking contemplative.

"You will also be helping out one person or more become happier by being their date." Daichi said, reaching into his pocket to pull out a form. "You will also be joined by both Judgement and Anti-Skill."

"All right. I'll do it." Gunha decided, just before thrusting a clenched fist up into the air and bellowing loudly, "With Guts!"

A large explosion, with multi-colored smoke, suddenly went off behind him. Daichi, having the living daylights scared out of him, took comfort in the fact that several screams of panic were quick to follow.

Chuckling weakly, he managed to coax Sogiita Gunha into signing the application for m before the esper ran off towards the screams.

Two people down, three more hopefuls left.

Mugino Shizuri sighed happily as she relaxed in her chair.

It was a bright and sunny day, the birds were signing and she had a cup of her favorite tea in front of her at her favorite café.

Nothing could ruin this day.

"I'm super telling you! There's no way that Hamazura couldn't live after being throw into a lion pit with a sausage belt." Kinuhata Saiai shouted, pointing her finger at Fremea Seivelun, the young blonde girl, who sat across from her.

"You are wrong!" Fremea shot back crossing her arms cutely. "Essentially, Hamazura's chances of living are close to, if not exactly, zero if we did that."

Mugino sighed softly as she held her forehead. Nothing, except these two, could ruin her day.

The subject of the conversation just sat there quietly, his head drooping in sadness. The girl to his right, one Takitsubo Rikou, said nothing, but gave him a comforting pat on the back.

"Will you two just shut up already?" Mugino snapped angrily. "Besides Hamazura would live if he knew what was good for him."

Hamazura groaned in defeat, letting his head smack against table loudly. The others could only chuckle at how pathetic he could be, and were so distracted with each other that they never saw the man in the black suit approach them until it was too late.

"Excuse me Mugino-sama…" The man in the black suit began. "…But I would like to talk to you if you have the time." Giving her friends a quick glance, he added, "Privately if you can."

Mugino glared at him as she took a sip of her tea.

"Whatever you have to say to me privately is something that you can say it to me in front of them as well." She said calmly as she set her cup down. "Be glad that I'm giving you this chance and not just blasting you to kingdom-come."

Hamazura sighed, exhausted. "Mugino…" he said shaking his head. "Don't. Please."

"What? I gave him a chance to explain himself." She defended herself, shrugging her shoulders. Turning back to the man in black, she snapped, "So what do you want?"

The man in the black suit just stared at them in shock before a small cough brought him back to his senses.

"Uhh…right…" He sputtered reaching into his jacket pulling out a business card that he held out to her. "My name is Mizushima, and I am here on behalf of Academy City."

Mugino took the offered card and glanced at it before setting it down.

"Right and what do you want?"

"Academy City would like you to participate in its first ever city wide Date Auction." Mizushima stated politely.

The only thing that anyone could hear for the next several minutes was the chatter of people around them. Mizushima could only stand there, feeling as if he had set off a nuclear warhead, as the other people at the table just stared at him like a deer trapped in the headlights.

"Umm…Mugino-sama?" Mizushima ventured. "Your answer?"

Fortunately for this poor soul, if looks could kill, he would've already been six feet under so fast that nobody would've know what was going on till it was too late.

"You want…me to go on stage and let people bid on me like I was some cow?" Mugino asked, her slowly face slowly going several shades of red.

Whether this change in her appearance was because she was embarrassed or angry and pissed off beyond belief, nobody could tell.

In either case, the poor teacup gripped in her hand shattered rather quickly as she suddenly shrieked, "Is this supposed to be some sort of joke!"

Mizushima was shaking in his shoes as saw Mugino slowly rise to her feet, looking murderous. He quickly scrambled away from the clique's table as fast as he could; praying that nobody or nothing would trip him up.

"No!" Mugino yelled, holding up her silicon card and making sure to aim at the poor soul that had pissed her off. "Take that AND this back to your bosses!" she shrieked.

It was only thanks to Hamazura's quick thinking and interference that Mizushima was allowed to live as the blonde Level 0 knocked Mugino's aim off sending the destructive beam into the air harmlessly.

Mugino growled angrily as she turned around, her anger now focused on the poor soul who'd foiled her.

"You have three seconds to run, Hamazura." The explosively angry Level 5 warned venomously.

Hamazura gulped as he scrambled away as quickly as HE could this time. There was nothing fun or good for one's health like a pissed off Mugino.

"Three!" Mugino screeched, charging down the street after her hapless victim, if only to blow off some steam.

Kinuhata, Takitsubo, and Fremea could only sigh as they watched the scene. Each of them knew that things could be worse.

Throwing down some money for their food, the three of them left the café. On a whim, Fremea grabbed the card that Mizushima had left behind.

"How long do you think Hamazura could super last?" Kinuhata wondered, a playful smirk on her lips.

"Essentially, Hamazura will last only five minutes." Fremea giggled, smiling slightly.

"No way~, I bet only 3 minutes."

Their laughter could be heard as Hamazura yelled in fear as he ran for his life.

Shokuhou Misaki giggled happily as she swallowed another spoonful of her parfait. Times like these were the epitome of joy for her.

Of course, her loyal followers always tried to get her to stop eating them saying that they were bad for her figure and that it would be unbecoming of their master if she got fat.

That last little bit steamed her quite badly.

How dare they insinuate that she was getting fat!

She made sure she worked off whatever sweets she ate.

So what's wrong with having a treat every now and then?

The problem was that to Misaki's followers 'every now and then' really meant every other day. In her mind, it wasn't her fault that they were delicious and she had a sweet tooth for them.

As she sat there eating her parfait, she never noticed the man in the black suit approaching her till he was close enough for her to hear him clear this throat.

It was enough of a shock for the blond esper that she nearly dropped her spoon.

"What do you want?" Misaki asked huffily, a tad upset that not only was she found, but she nearly lost her spoon as well. She made sure to lose her followers as they tried to trail her.

"Shokuhou-sama, my name is Fuuto." The man in the black suit, Fuuto, stated as he held out a business card for Misaki, which she took languidly. "I am here on behalf of Academy City…"

Fuuto trailed off as Misaki sat there, eating her parfait without a care in the world. Seeing no argument from her, he continued on.

"Academy City would appreciate it if you would be so willing to grace us with your presence at Academy City's first ever annual Date Auction." Fuuto requested formally, hoping that she would agree easily. Sadly for him, Shokuhou Misaki would not be won over that easily.

"No." Misaki said plainly as she ate another spoonful.

"Wh-why Shokuhou-sama?" Fuuto wondered, obviously flustered. "Surely your presence would draw a large crowd of people."

"Well for one thing: it sounds boring." Mental Out replied, shrugging as she set her spoon into the now empty parfait glass.

"Is there anything I could get or do for you to change your mind?" Fuuto urged franticly. He did not want to be turned down so quickly. He began to quickly run through everything he knew about her, in the hopes of find something to convince her.

"Don't even bother." The mind-reader stated as she took a peek into his mind. "There's nothing you can offer me that'll change my mind."

Fuuto sighed deeply as he turned to look away from the blonde oujou-sama. It was then that he noticed a small group of people had gathered watching the two of them.

He grinned as he realized what he could use against her.

"Shokuhou-sama…" Fuuto asked slyly, smirking slightly. "What if I said I could get you a date? One that not even your followers could stop?"

This was it; his final shot.

His little gambit worked, because it got Misaki to glance at him curiously. While romance wasn't high on her list of things, it was still there nonetheless.

With her status, she couldn't exactly approach romance lightly. Plus her followers would drag any poor boy who tried to approach her away, no matter how often or how many times she told them to stop.

"I mean a maiden as beautiful as you surely have had dreams of going out on a date or two with a boy right?" Fuuto suggested lightly.

Noting that Misaki had given him her full attention, he hit the hammer home. "The rules state that the person up for auction HAS to go on the date or dates with the bidder or bidders. So with that in place, not even your followers could stop you if they tried. Not if they know what's good for them."

That… actually sounded extremely appealing to Misaki. The more she thought about it, the more she liked it.

The date auction would allow her to cross one more thing off her secret list.

With that in mind, she nodded decisively.

"All right then…" The sweet toothed esper said, holding out a hand. "I'll join your little date auction."

Fuuto could only grin in triumph as he handed Misaki both the form and a pen, which she filled out hastily.

"Thank you again, Shokuhou-sama. Academy City appreciates you for joining the event." Fuuto said happily, slipping the form back into his jacket. "I wish you good day."

Giving one last polite bow to her, he left quickly; Misaki's followers quickly rushed forward, making sure to glare at him as he passed them without any concerns.

At the end of the day, of the six men that went out, only five of them returned having made contact with their intended target.

Of these five, only three of them had confirmed that their targets were signing up.

Additionally, one of the two failures hadn't given up hope of their target changing their mind.

Accelerator grumbled as he hobbled back into the apartment. He was still pissed off at that Raito guy having the gall to ask him to join up with that stupid event.

"I'm back." The Vector Esper yelled, hobbling into the kitchen and dumping the groceries on the counter before passing the two Misaka clones perched before the TV.

"Welcome home Accelerator. Misaka replies as Misaka plays the game diligently."

"Heh, welcome home Tou-chan." Worst shot over her shoulder not even bothering to look away from the screen.

Accelerator took a glance at the screen and saw that the two of them were playing a simple racing game. From what he saw, Worst was far ahead of Last Order. So it wasn't long before the game between the two was over ending in Worst's victory.

"Ahh! You cheated! Misaka accuses as Misaka points at the cheater."

"Oh? And how, pray tell, did Misaka cheat?" Worst wondered aloud, an evil grin on her face. "I've been playing fair this entire time."

Last Order just glared at the older version of herself.

"Grr…give Misaka a rematch! Misaka demands as Misaka threatens to throw a tantrum!"

"Hmmm…" Worst drawled out, that evil grin of hers still on her face.

Her answer?


Last Order yelled angrily as she stomped on the floor hard enough to it to be heard from the kitchen, yelling how she wanted a rematch now.

Accelerator felt his eyebrow twitch as her yellingbecame too much for him and snapped.

"Last Order!" The pissed off esper yelled, causing the young girl to stop in her tracks. "Quit yer fuckin' yellin' and shut up! Worst!"

Worst slowly turned to look at him, a shit eating grin on her face. "Yes, tou-chan?" she asked sweetly.

"Quit pickin' on the fuckin' brat and just give her the goddamn rematch so she'll stop screamin'!"

"As you command, tou-chan," Worst nodded, suddenly all saccharine sweetness in her voice. "Come Last Order, we shall have your rematch."

Accelerator groaned at the stupidity of it all. Shaking his head, he fell onto the couch, closing his eyes in the hopes of getting a short nap.

Accelerator woke a short while later when his name was called for dinner. Taking a seat at the table, he quickly dug into the food before him.

Yomikawa sighed softly as she sat her rice bowl down.

"What's wrong Aiho?" Yoshikawa Kikyo asked her friend. "Rough day at work?"

"I guess you could say that." Yomikawa groaned, looking at her friend. "The Chief just told us that both Judgement and Anti-Skill have to join this date auction the Super thought up-jan."

Accelerator snorted at that news having turned down the chance to join earlier.

Good riddance, he decided.

There was no way in hell he'd join something so ridiculous.

"Who the fuck would want to bid on an old lady like you, anyway?" Accelerator sneered in passing as he shoveled another spoonful of miso soup into his mouth.

Yomikawa just glared at him as Worst just chuckled quietly.

Then the glamorously-proportioned teacher suddenly grinned slyly."Oh? Afraid someone will steal your Yomi-nee away?"

"Yeah, right," the albino scoffed derisively.

"You know, speaking of the date auction," Yomikawa stated remembering the questions from her meeting. "…I heard that they were trying to recruit the Level 5's. Did they ask you yet?"

Accelerator rolled his eyes as he finished emptying his rice bowl.

"Yeah, but I turned the fucker down." Accelerator said as he held out his bowl. "Seconds."

Yomikawa sighed as she shook her head as she gave him more rice.

Suddenly, she had an idea. She grinned mischievously as she turned to look at the white haired boy.

Her grin was so mischievous that it even made Worst proud.

"Oh? Why did you turn him down?" she teased her oldest charge relentlessly. "Afraid you won't get a date? Or maybe you're afraid you'll be sold for a low amount-jan?"

Accelerator paused in his eating to glare at the older woman with the royal-blue hair. She simply gave him the most innocent smile she could muster.

"Yeah, fuckin' right," the albino sneered. "If I joined, I'd be the top sold all night." he boasted.

That was the moment Yomikawa was waiting for. Without missing a beat, she pressed on.

"Ara? Are you SURE about that Accel-chan?" she sang, smirking. Worst sniggered as she could tell where this was going.

"Abso-fuckin'-lutely," The strongest esper sneered, crossing his arms over his chest arrogantly.

"Then why don't we place a bet on that hmm?" Yomikawa offered, smiling coyly.

"What type of bet?"

"Just a simple one…" Yomikawa said as she rose from her seat. "You join the auction, and if you ARE NOT the highest person bid on, then you will work for Judgement for two weeks."

He twitched reflexively, as if to launch a stream of invective, and she held up a finger in warning. "Uh-uh! You do those two weeks of Judgement work without complaining."

If looks could kill, then Accelerator's glare at Yomikawa would've turned her into a little more than a bloody smear on the far side of the apartment. Finally, he managed to say, "And if I am the highest bid of the night, then what?"

"Well, that's for you to decide," she shrugged. "Anything you want, Accelerator…as long as it's within my power."

The Vector Esper stared at his guardian for a long time. He wondered if she would really keep her word.

If she didn't then she would be in for a rude awakening.

To him, this was a suckers bet.

There was no way he was going to pass up a chance to get something out of Yomikawa. In fact, he already had several things in mind.

"All right, then, you're on." Accelerator grinned as he reached over to shake his guardian's outstretched hand.

There was absolutely no way for him to lose.

There was no one more famous or infamous than him.

Raito sighed deeply as he backed his bag.

Today had been a horrible day for him.

When he and the five other men had drawn lots on who would get what Level 5, he had drawn Accelerator, who they considered to be the most violent of the bunch.

He cursed Daichi a little. He had drawn Gunha, the would-be hot-blooded hero, and one of the more-genial Level 5's.

He tried to get to Daichi to switch with him, but their boss had made it clear that they had to stick with who they had drawn.

So when he had set out to try and recruit Accelerator to join the Date Auction, he'd failed spectacularly.

Thankfully he wasn't the only one that had failed. He was glad that Mizushima had failed in recruiting his own target as well.

As he stood there packing his bag up, he felt his phone vibrate in his pocket.

Wondering who it could be, he hesitantly answered it.

"Hello? Raito speaking."

"Hey, I've changed my mind. I'm joining the damn event."

Raito blinked in confusion, pulling away to stare at his phone. Putting it back to his ear, he asked, "Who is this?"

"Who the fuck do you think this is?" The voice suddenly exploded into a shout, making Raito pull his phone away from his ear by reflex.

The agent's eyes widened in surprise as he quickly recognized who the crass voice was.


"No shit Sherlock," the vector esper sneered acerbically. "Like I said, I've changed my mind about joining the damn event."

"Of course Accelerator-sama, I just need you to fill out the registration form." Raito replied quickly, already fumbling through his bag for the necessary paperwork. " I can bring it to you quickly, if you so desire."

"Fine fine, just hurry the fuck up," the albino sneered over the phone. "I don't have all damn day."

"Absolutely sir, I'll be there in ten minutes." Raito assured him.

Hearing the call end, Raito whooped with glee.

Maybe today wasn't going to be so bad after all.

Quickly grabbing the form, he left for Accelerator's apartment.

The day the advertisements for Academy City's Date Auction went up, the entire city went into an uproar of excited chatter.

They were especially excited when they learned that four of the city's Level 5's would be participating in the date auction, alongside the single members of both Judgement and Anti-Skill.

It wasn't even a day later before the advertisements had changed again. This time saying that registration had been opened up to the public as well.

It had been a few days since that change had gone up when Kinuhata Saiai, Fremea Seivelun, and Takitsubo Rikou had gotten together to formulate a plot.

What should be known is that whenever a plot was made involving Kinuhata, and it wasn't for battle, then you could be sure that it wouldn't be pretty for ITEM's lackey, Hamazura Shiage.

So when Hamazura found himself surrounded by not only his girlfriend, but also his leader and the team's youngest member, he was dreadfully worried about himself.

"Uhh…what's going on guys?" Hamazura asked as he glanced around nervously.

There was sinking feeling in his stomach and he knew he had to get away.


"Well Hamazura, the thing is…" Kinuhata drawled, pulling out a form from her pocket. "We need you to super sign this."

"What's it for?" the blonde wondered, taking the proffered sheet. "Not that I'm against it or anything."

"Essentially, it's the signup sheet for the Academy City Date Auction that's coming up in about two weeks." Fremea explained a hand on her hip.

Hamazura nodded slowly, processing that info.

"Right right…" he muttered, looking down at the sheet. It was then that he fully understood what he was told. "EH! What? You guys gotta be jokin'!"

"Nope." Kinuhata said bluntly. "We want you to sign up."

"Why?" he was almost in tears at this point; nothing good could come of this.

"Because we're bored and thought that this would be fun." Fremea shrugged.

"Ugh…even you Rikou?" Hamazura asked his girlfriend, hoping that she'd be able to spare him from this horrible idea.

The girl in question just stared at him before placing a hand on his shoulder and flashing thumbs up, a slight sparkle in her eyes.

"It's going to be fun, Hamazura-kun." Takitsubo muttered, staring at him that slight sparkle still there.

"Essentially, you should just sign it quickly, Hamazura." The youngest member urged, pushing a pen into his hand.

Hamazura was feeling trapped. He tried to back away, but hit the wall behind him.

Here he was; stuck between a rock and a hard place, and with absolutely no place to go at all.

To his left were 2 friends of his; one of which had a maniacal grin on her face as she approached him, and on his right was his girlfriend. He took a glance at his girlfriend, hoping that she'd spare him.

What he saw not only dashed his hopes, but also made his heart flutter about wildly.

Takitsubo had a soft and gentle look on her face that Hamazura knew that he couldn't defend against.

"Please…not the face Takitsubo." The blond Level 0 begged, trying to avert his eyes to no avail. His eyes kept being draw back to the cute look she had.

"Please sign up then…." The Level 4 esper said quietly before blushing; her final secret weapon. "..Shiage-kun."

That last word was all it took to break the final straw on his (weak) will against Takitsubo. He groaned loudly, tear at his hair in frustration.

"Argh, fine!" The lackey groaned, giving up. "I'll sign up! Just put the face away for now Takitsubo."

Kinuhata and Fremea both cheered loudly, while Takitsubo held up a single clenched fist and gave a quiet 'Yay' of joy. Hamazura grumbled to himself as he filled out the form.

"There! Happy now?" The level 0 grumbled, tossing the form back to them. "You'll at least bid on me right, Takitsubo?"

All he got from her was a slight nod letting him to sigh in relief.

At least he wouldn't be a complete and TOTAL wash out on stage.

"What's got you lot so excited?" Meltdowner's voice rang out crossly, making all four of them flinch.

Mugino Shizuri had appeared from behind them, several shopping bags in her hands. Noticeably, she had a curious look on her face.

"You super remember that auction you were asked to join a while back right?" Saiai asked a small grin on her face.

"Don't remind me." The Level 5 snarled, scowling at the unpleasant memory.

"Right, well… Anyway, we got Hamazura to super sign up!" The ITEM leader exclaimed happily.

"Is that so?" Mugino sneered, suddenly calculating.

"Well, better him than me, I guess." Mugino said grinning evilly at her blond Level 0 stooge.

"Hmmph, at least I'll get someone to bid on me." Hamazura shot back.

"Just what are you implying Hamazura?" The Meltdowner demanded, sounding homicidal.

"I'm just saying that…" the blond shrugged with a casual nonchalance that he wasn't feeling. "Well…I don't think anyone wants to go out with someone as crazy as you is all." He had to be careful here, or he'd be eating a beam full of energy for dinner.

That seemed to get a reaction out of Mugino who dropped her bags to the ground in anger. Her face was flushed in rage, as she stalked forward to shove herself right into Hamazura's face, so he could see just how angry she'd become at his comments.

Part of him would always swear that he saw a hurt look in her eyes from his words.

Maybe he shouldn't have been so harsh.

"As a matter of fact, Hamazura, I have a LINE of people wanting to date me!" The ITEM member screeched angrily.

Then, again…

Inspiration can strike anyone, even Hamazura Shiage. Meltdowner's words had provided the perfect platform for his next move in a quickly-formed plan that he hoped to pull off successfully.

"Then prove it!" he yelled back, shoving himself into her personal space until their foreheads were touching. Predictably, her flushed face reddened even further as her anger resurfaced in the face of his sheer audacity.

"Join the date auction and show me that you really do have a line of people who want to date you then!" the blond Level 0 demanded.

It was now or never, he had it all riding on this one shot.

"Fine!" Mugino cried, snapping her fingers and holding out her hand. Fremea understood what Mugino had called for and reached into her purse and pulled out the card that Mizushima had left behind some time ago. Handing her the card, Mugino only glanced at it as she pulled out her cell phone.

Dialing the number quickly, she didn't have to wait long before someone picked up on the other side.

"Mizushima?" Mugino began, glaring at Hamazura. "It's Mugino. I just wanted to let you know that I've changed my mind. I'll be joining this date auction of yours."

The only things that the other ITEM members could hear for the next several minutes, was Mugino's side of her conversation.


"All right."

And finally, "Just get here." Before she snapped her phone shut and stalked away, but not before affixing Hamazura with her most poisonous glare yet.

Hamazura sighed to himself as he sat down on the ground, his back against the wall.

At least now, he wasn't going to go down along here.

Even if it meant that he was going to be target practice for the next while.

He could live with that.


The following day, the ads had changed once more.

This time, they revealed the fact that five of the city's seven Level 5 espers had joined Academy City's date auction.

The whole city was in a massive uproar, openly speculating about how the city had managed to convince five of the city's seven most powerful espers to gather all in one place for the evening.

"I can't believe it." An awestruck Saten Ruiko murmured. " The city's gotten five of the Level 5's to participate, Uiharu. FIVE! The whole city's in an uproar! This may be the biggest and most exciting night of the entire year."

"I know that, Saten-san." Uiharu Kazari said placidly. "It's all that anybody ever talks about lately."

Then the flower wearing girl trailed off as she turned to her friend next to her. "Although…how DID they get you to sign up Misaka-san?"

Misaka Mikoto only blushed in embarrassment looking at the floor, sipping her drink quietly.

"Onee-sama sold herself out for a Gekota item." Shirai Kuroko explained bluntly, rolling her eyes. Mikoto's eyes widened in shock as she choked on her drink, her face flushing red with embarrassment.

"Kur-Kuroko!" Mikoto yelled, fully embarrassed now and blushing furiously. "…it-it was a limited ultra rare item!"

Uiharu and Ruiko could only chuckle weakly at their friends antics. Uiharu simply smiled as she dug into the parfait before her with joy. The small things in life, like these, were always good Uiharu concluded.

Then Kuroko turned to Mikoto, a frown on her face.

"Onee-sama!" Kuroko exclaimed dramatically, a hurt puppy dog look in her eyes. "You'll keep your promise to Kuroko right?"

"Huh?" The Railgun wondered, trying to remember that particular promise.

"Don't tell me you forgot, Onee-sama!" The aggressive lesbian wailed, throwing her arms around the electro master's waist. "You promised to help buy Kuroko, remember?"

Mikoto sighed dejectedly as she plucked Kuroko offer of her.

That's right…she did make that promise, didn't she?

It was times like this that made her wonder what she did to garner Kuroko's affections like this.

"I said I would TRY, Kuroko." She replied, clarifying the nature of their agreement.

"But I don't want to be won by anyone other than Onee-sama!" the teleporter wailed, trying to hug Mikoto again.

The Ace of Tokiwadai sighed. Of all the-

No, she shouldn't go there right now. She needed to control her temper.

"I said that I'll try Kuroko." Mikoto reaffirmed. "Other people could want you more then what I could afford."

Kuroko sighed deeply as she rested her head on the table. While she was sad that her Onee-sama hadn't offered to pay for her completely, she was glad that Mikoto would try.

Even if her plan didn't plan out like she had wanted, there was still a chance she could be won by Mikoto when she was on stage.

"Thank you Onee-sama." The Judgement member said smiling faintly. "That should make this auction a bit better."

However, a high pitched aristocratic laugh could be heard from behind her. Kuroko groaned internally when she realized who that laughed belonged to.

"Please…not now, Kongou-san." Kuroko said politely, as she turned to look at her…friend, for lack of a better word. "I'm not really in the mood at the moment."

"Oh hoho!" Kongou Mitsuko cooed mockingly, sensing gossip.

"Now why would you be in the dumps at this moment, Shirai-san?" Kongou Mitsuko asked rhetorically, a smirk on her face.

Snapping her fan, she turned towards Mikoto with a smile. "Hello Misaka-san."

"Hello Kongou-san." The electro master nodded. "How are you?"

"I have been well thank you." The Level 4 Aero Hand mused. "Are you doing well yourself?"

"I'm good thanks."

"That's good, but what's upset Shirai-san?" The proud girl asked politely.

"You know the date auction that's coming up next week?" Mikoto asked.

Seeing a nod, she continued on. "She's a tad worried about it is all."

Kongou nodded slowly, understanding dawning on her.

Giving Kuroko a quick look-over, she sighed softly before patting the young teleporter on the back in consolation.

"It's all right Shirai-san," she consoled Kuroko. "I'm sure you'll find someone who will want you." She offered, trying to give the teleporter some measure of hope.

Of course, all the talk at the table stopped as Kuroko slowly turned to look at her fellow Level 4, a deadpan look on her face.

"What?" Kuroko asked wondering what she was really talking about.

"I mean that I'm sure that auction will have people who areinto into women or girls with a chest like yours." The Aero Fist user explained calmly.

"You think that I'm worried about the auction because of the size of my chest?" Kuroko sputtered, trying not to fly into a rage.

"Of course," Kongou shrugged, snapping her fan open and waving it before her face. "Men will always go for the women with bigger chests."

If TV and manga has taught her anything, it was that the bigger the chest, the more the guys would want you. It was (probably) scientifically proven!

Kuroko could only chuckle darkly as she shook her head at Kongou's logic.

That type of thinking was so stupid!

Even small chests could be wonderful!

Like her Onee-sama for starters.

"You know what…" The teleporter decided, still shaking her head. "Why don't you join the auction, and prove your theory then? If you go for more than me, I will concede defeat."

"Oh and why would I just join up like that?" Kongou Mitsuko asked, honest curiosity warring with her pride.

"Are you afraid that you're going to lose to me, Kongou-san?" Kuroko goaded. She would not stand for what Kongou was insinuating!

The size of one's chest does not cause more or less attraction to any person!

Her Onee-sama was a testament to that!

Kuroko would NOT stand for this AT ALL!

Kongou could only frown as her courage was called into doubt.

She would not have any of this. None at all.

"Fine, I'll accept your challenge Shirai-san. I will prove you wrong!" she declared, storming away in a huff. Vengeance would be hers next week.

Uiharu and Mikoto glanced at each other before looking down at their own respective chests frowning.

'There's no way that could be true.' The two of them thought to themselves, placing a hand to their chests self-consciously. 'There's just no way.'

Mikoto frowned as she glanced away. "They're not THAT small." The Electroshock Princess mumbled to herself.

"Of course not Onee-sama!" Kuroko chimed in, scaring the living daylights out of the Railgun. "Kuroko says you have the best breasts!" Throwing herself at Mikoto once more, her hands reached out and grabbed at the electro master's breasts.

"KUROKO!" Mikoto roared, electrocuting the aggressively outgoing lesbian in her fury.

Aleister Crowley could only smirk to himself as he watched the pieces to his puzzle fall in place.

It was the eve of the auction and he couldn't be more please.

Everything had gone exactly as planned.

He had everything ready to go and nothing was going to stop him.

All he had to do now was open the doors and let the treasure fall into his lap.

He could hardly wait as the auction drew ever closer.