So this is short, and as I see it, crappy. But I haven't done any poetry for characters I love in a long time, and I wanted to do something for them.

In a time long ago, there was a spring

Concealed in the woods too deep to disturb

And by the spring there was a maiden

Her voice rang with her harp, and sang out her words

With dark hair that tumbled down

Sinking into the glassy pool so peacefully

With a smile that sang of an unheard sound

Turned to the one for whom she played

The ringing of her harp's threads

And the singing of her life's years

Called forth someone to watch her

Resting by the pool without fear

A woman of pain and despair

Found herself healing under the power of melodies

And fell in love with the loops of the maiden's hair

With her voice, her heart, everything she was and would ever be

The pool shimmered with the memories of both

And even as time slipped away in the weaving of songs

Dark to white, and age from youth

They stayed together their whole life long

Now if you go to that undisturbed wood

And to that moonlit spring

You may just hear the voices of two maidens

A ghostly harp to accompany those who sing

In the depth of quiet woods, a pure voice, resounding

Far back in the age of myth there was a spring where a goddess dwells

So, feedback please?