Chapter 1

I promised I'd do another Jem and the holograms fanfiction. So here's your sequel! I hope you love it everyone! Now ONWARD TO THE BATTLE FIELD!

It has been a few days since the concert of Metal Voice and Jem, so far the Misfits hadn't done anything else to ruin the two bands. Shirley had been sticking around a lot longer than she intended; the money she had saved to go to the city had been spent helping Rennie and the others, and helping Ren afford another bottle of her medicine.

"Shirley aren't your mum and dad worried about you being here for so long?" Samantha asked, Shirley shook her head.

"Nah they're too busy with Lily." She said, then turned to Rennie, "but anyway Rennie I gotta tell you something, it's super important!"

"Can it wait a little bit? I'm in the middle of something." Rennie said scribbling on a sheet of paper.

"No! it's important! You need to know this!" Shirley shouted, Ren sighed and turned to her friend.

"Nani o?" she asked, Shirley opened her mouth to speak when the sound of someone banging on the door interrupted her. The gang turned to the door, it burst open to reveal a short blonde haired girl with brown eyes, she glared at the band.

"Rennie Mary-sue Hagane! You're in big trouble!" she shouted stomping over to Ren, who shrunk back.

"Uhm excuse me but who are you?" Jerrica asked. The girl looked up at her.

"I'm Zoey Hagane, I'm Rennie's older twin sister!" she shouted, Jerrica and the other holograms stared at the girl.

"Is that true?" Kimber asked, Ren nodded and stood next to her sister. They had the same face and hard stare and merlot colored eyes, they were the same height, the only difference between the two was their hair color and clothing style. Ren had long dyed silver color hair whilst Zoey had platinum blonde.

"We told you she had one, why are you guys so surprised?" Becky asked, Zoey huffed.

"Anyways I heard what happened with your medicine." She said turning to her sister. Ren narrowed her eyes and turned her head uninterested. Zoey grabbed her twin.

"Hey! You listen to me right now darn it!" she shouted, Ren huffed, "You know what can happen if your voice get's dried up!"

"Baka it's not a big deal I got it back, drop it." Ren said in her monotone voice. Zoey sighed letting go of Ren and looking over to Jerrica.

"You run this joint?" she asked, Jerrica nodded.

"Me and my sister Kimber actually." She said, Zoey snorted.

"That's just peachy. Anyway what all do you know about my sister's condition anyway?" she asked, Ren grabbed Zoey's shoulder.

"Uresai!" she growled. "It's not a big deal! I can sing just fine!"

"And what happens when you lose it again? What then?" Zoey asked. "Judging by Ren's reaction I'm going to guess you don't know a thing, am I right?"

"Zoey, that's not true they know Ren has to take that medicine or else her voice diminishes." Becky explained. Zoey gave the people in the room a hard look. She grumbled.

"That true?" she asked looking to the holograms. They nodded, Zoey put her hands on her hips.

"Then you should also know that without that medicine Ren's voice isn't the only thing to go out." She said. Ren, who had finally had enough of her sister's rambling growled and stomped out of the room slamming the door behind her.

"What do you mean by that Miss Zoey?" Jerrica asked, Zoey looked toward the door where Ren had left.

"Listen when our parents died there was a huge commotion about it. Ren took it the hardest; her body was under so much stress it nearly shut down." Zoey began, everyone including the members of Metal Voice seemed shocked at this development.

"Needless to say it nearly killed her, however the medicine the doctor prescribed her this special medicine that keeps her body working despite her everlasting depression; if she stops taking that medicine she could go into shock and die." She concluded; suddenly what Ren had told Jerrica about Eric had made since

'This is my way of avoiding complications; if I can keep from being sued Raymond, who I'm sure has the best lawyers money can buy, I can avoid embarrassing him when my lawyer, Shirley's father, counter sues for theft, lying about a contract and a possible attempt of murder.' The words flooded back to Jerrica's mind like a bad song lyric.

"Wait a minute; you're saying that if Ren doesn't take this stuff she could die?" Becky asked, Zoey looked up at her.

"You're telling me, Rebecca, that in the three years you've all played together as a band you didn't even know Rennie's medical condition?" she asked, they all looked to each other then shook their heads.

"We had no idea; Hagane-sama never tells us that stuff." Creepie said.

"And for good reason too, stupid!" Ren shouted, Zoey cocked her head in her direction.

"So you're finally done pouting?" she asked. Ren glared.

"Stupid! I wasn't pouting!" she growled, Zoey shook her head.

"In any case I'm going to be staying with you until I'm sure this is over." She said, then walked out of the room. Ren stared at the window opposite of the crowd with a angry blank look. After a long pause of silence she grit her teeth and pulled on her ponytails.


So how do you like it so far? I know Lilyd was curious as to who Zoey was, I could have sworn I mention who she was in the last story. Oh well haha anyway yep she's Ren Hagane's twin sister. She has her own manga story, which I have yet to submit onto yet. Where she's a transfer student living with her kick boxing uncle. She only appears in Metal Voice when something happens to Ren. Kinda like she's got twin telepathy! Haha don't know why I'm telling you all this, you all don't read this. POOP! Haha anyway review please FUKU-OUT!