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Chapter One:

Denying Feelings

"Eye on the ball. Bases are full and the pitcher is set to throw. With a swing of the bat…kakeen! The ball is out of the park!" Jake pretended to strain his eyes as if the imaginary baseball left the orbit. A gentle breeze caressed his brown furred face in the early autumn season.

"You're holding the bat wrong." Chance said after quickly glancing at his lean friend. Jake slightly glared at him for correcting him on such a simple mistake. His glare softened to concern at how Chance didn't even bother to acknowledge his trying to make him feel better. Chance sat there hunched over with his back turned.

"What are you doing?"

"Homework," Chance replied quickly. He couldn't hide his annoyed tone and he could sense Jake's disappointment. Nonetheless, he continued to work on his Pre-Cal.

"Are you planning on joining the baseball team?"


"Then, why do you carry a baseball bat if you're not going to use it?" Chance didn't respond and continued to work on his homework. The silence got too awkward, so Jake slightly tapped Chance on his head with the bat hard enough to feel like a friendly punch.

"Ouch, why did you go and do that for?" The tabby spat and willing the spot on his head to stop stinging. Jake smiled softly and dropped the bat. Slowly, Jake wrapped his arms around the tabby's neck and took in his scent. The lean tom nuzzled his face on Chance's.

"You seem stressed. Want to talk about it Chief?"

Chance looked away from Jake's gaze and was becoming uncomfortable. "You smell like cigarettes." Jake continued to nuzzle against Chance. "The strong ones."

"I haven't been smoking."

"Why do you always do this?"

"I'll over flow." Jake softly whispered in Chance's ear before he nipped on it a little. "If I don't express how I feel, I'll over flow." Jake's weight forced Chance to fall with him. Chance just let Jake do his thing as he just stared towards the sky. Clouds lazily pass by with the flow of the wind.

"You've changed."

"Nothing has changed."

"You're trying to become like him; to protect and care for me in his absence."

Chance gritted his teeth and stayed quiet. Their hiding spot under the bridge shielded them from everyone's view. The only other person that knows about this spot was Chance's brother, or in other terms, Jake's boyfriend.

Chance's brother left to pursuit his baseball career by attending a university out of the city. Jake was devastated by his sudden leave a couple months ago. Ever since then, Jake has been using Chance to fill that missing piece he longed for. Chance does care for Jake, just not in a way that showed the same affection. At least, that is what he kept telling himself.

The energy drink can clanked to the opening of the vending machine. Chance sighed frustrated because Jake intercepted by pressing the button of another drink. Jake took his drink, opened it, drank it, and breathed out in relief.

"Here, I left half of it for you since it was your money."

Chance took the can and stared at it. The brim of the can had traces of green liquid. "You know I don't like sour stuff."

Jake smirked widely, "Oh look, a mark." Jake said. Chance quickly covered the bite mark on his neck. "Want a band-aid?" Chance ears started to warm up and flicked them back to hide his embarrassment. "Well, I'll see you later." Chance continued to stare at the can as Jake made some distance away from him. The tabby clenched his teeth and tossed the can at the base of the vending machine.

"Hey Jake," Chance called out. Jake turned around giving his friend a raised eyebrow. "My brother, he…" Chance stopped. As much as Jake annoyed him today, he couldn't bring himself to hurt his emotions this way. It was cruel. But what his brother did was far worse.

The lean tom sighed and shook his head. "Look Chance, I really have to go." With that said, Jake made his way home.

Chance, still staring at the can on the ground, sighed heavily. If he did tell him the truth, what would happen to them? Most importantly, what would happen to Jake? He couldn't think of a world where he would hurt Jake. Maybe, Chance did care for Jake in a way that showed the same affection.

"No," Chance shook his thought aside. "There is no way I can like toms. I haven't then and I won't now."

The bell rings to signal the start of class. Chance hasn't spoken to Jake since yesterday. He also hasn't seen him around either, which was strange all on its own. Jake actually liked school and finding out that he isn't here made Chance worry. Did he find out or did Chance hurt his feelings without knowing? This was his primary focus until he finally saw him during lunch.

Jake looked up to see that Chance was hovering above him and looked back down to his book. The silence they had together was noticeable even in the loud crowd of high school students. Chance was about to speak until Jake spoke up first. "Are you going to just stand there?"

Chance shrugged, but couldn't help but notice the hint of anger in Jake's tone. "I was going to ask you where you've been this morning."

"Don't worry about it. I was just running late."

"Let me see."

"See what?"

"Your eyes." Chance said roughly to make Jake flinch. He saw the lean tom wasn't cooperating so he forced Jake to look at him. Jake hid his eyes, but the scent of smoke betrayed him as it was noticeable to Chance's sense of smell.

"You've been smoking. You know what will happen to you if they catch you high on that stuff again."

"I know; I just couldn't get him off my mind." Jake got himself free from Chance's hold of his face and continued to read his book.

"And you thought getting high would help you with that?" Chance stared at Jake with disbelief. "That's the worst loud of crap I heard in my life. I know you Jake. You're smarter than this. I would hate to see you get your future destroyed just because…"

"Because what, that your brother left me alone without telling me that he was leaving himself!" Jake yelled at his friend. The students around them hushed so they can hear what was going on. Chance glared at them hoping they would look away, but that was effortless.

"I wasn't going to say that."

"Then what were you going to say?" A crowd has started to form around them. Some thought they were going to fight and others just wanted to see what was going on. Chance was starting to get embarrassed and began to leave, but Jake stopped him by holding his paw. The crowd gasped and murmured at what's going.

At that moment, Chance felt warmth in the way his paw was being held. It was firm, yet gentle by the touch. But he knew it was wrong. Jake still loved his brother and he is taking his emotions out on Chance. The tabby forced himself free and stormed away from the crowd. Jake was left alone as the group of students faded away. Remorseful, the lean tom grabbed his things and started to head for his next class.

"Just give up already." A skinny calico tom walked beside Jake. "There is no way you can turn Chance over. You were just lucky that his brother was." Jake ignored him. "Come to think of it, I haven't seen him around lately. Do you know what happened to him?" The tom's tone seemed mocking as if he already knew.

"He left the city to go to the University of Meclawpolis for his baseball career. Besides, I wasn't trying to turn Chance over, it's nearly impossible Brent."

"Good," Brent smirks and gets in the way of Jake. The lean tom notices that Brent is wearing white jeans and a button up light blue shirt. Brent teasingly pulled out his the sucker from his mouth. "I have an idea, why don't you and I go out?"

"Not interested." Jake pushed Brent out of the way. Brent chuckled and continued to follow. Jake was getting annoyed of being shadowed by the one kat who lusts for him. Brent's sucking sounds could be heard loud enough to make Jake feel uncomfortable. Jake immediately stopped and so did Brent.

"Alright, what do you really want?"

"A date."


"'Cause I like you."

"Well I don't." Jake crossed his arms and glared at Brent. Sure, he's a friend he has known since middle school, but that's nothing compared to how long he has known Chance…um…Chance's brother.

"Come on, please." Brent put on a cute pouting face that could make any tom he wanted sigh and give up trying to deny his plea. But not Jake; he scoffed and headed for his next class. Brent leered at Jake as the tom walked away. Smirk wide across his face; he pulled out his sucker making a loud smacking sound.

"Playing hard to get, I like that."

Chance waited for the train to pass by on his way back home. He didn't want to meet up with Jake at their usual spot after what had happened. The sound of a moped closing in startled the tabby because he knew who it was. "Hey," The she-kat's tone was high pitched and annoying that Chance lowered his ears. "I heard what happened between you and Jake; let me guess: marital issues?" She giggled to show off her sarcasm.

"Screw off Katie; you wouldn't understand."

"I think I do," Katie raised an eyebrow while eyeing the big handsome tabby before her through her biker goggles. Chance wished the train would go by faster so that he didn't have to hear what she had to say. "Jake and your brother dated and now he is gone. So, Jake is turning all his feeling and emotions onto you to rid of his lust for him. I think it's really cute that you're letting him do that." Katie smiled very sincerely and since Chance didn't reply, she must have guessed right.

"Is that all?"

"Yeah," Katie stretched and yawned from leaning on her moped. "I really think you and Jake would make such a cute couple, but you're too much of a bigot to let your real feeling for him to get control over you."

Chance gritted his teeth and fisted his paws. 'Why is Katie even talking to me like this?' Chance thought. 'She and I used to date all the time, why tell me this?'

"But, I guess you're just trying to make Jake feel better." Katie averted her gaze away from Chance and prepared to start her moped again. The last train car passed by and the red and white barrier lifted up to grant them safe passage. "It was nice talking with you again Chance." She rode off with the sounds of moped. Chance couldn't help but feel like she could be right.

Something inside him made him feel happier being around Jake. At first, he thought it was just friendship, but maybe, it really could be something more. He wanted to make Jake happy from the get-go ever since his brother left. That even included to letting Jake let out all his needy emotions out on him. Jake just nuzzled against him or gently kisses his neck and that's just about it. Chance felt uncomfortable about it at first, but now, he learned that he really did care for Jake, and maybe, Jake really does care for him too. But if he didn't, how would that make Chance feel? Could he ever be seen the same way again by Jake? He had to know.

He runs to the usual spot under the bridge. It isn't very far, but Chance was sweating and swallowing for air to recover from his sprint. The tabby went down and saw that Jake wasn't around. Chance hunched in disappointment and started to head up again. His walk home was silent, except for the sound of the neighborhood; kits laughing and playing while at the same time yelling when a car is approaching.

He opened the door to the bakery shop and was greeted by his father. "Hello son, how was school today?" Chance kept on walking up the stairs passed the counters. His father had a bewildered look and continued to work. Only it wasn't baking that he was working on. He was cooking up a new article for his magazine.

Chance walked into his room, dropped his book bag by the desk and dropped dead on his bed. It didn't take him long to fall asleep. While asleep, he dreamt of his brother and Jake together. Every gentle and caressing touch they had made Chance feel jealous at his brother. He couldn't move, talk, and even look away. When their lips got closer, Chance's heart skipped a beat and, finally, could scream. Then he woke up. He weakly made his eyes adjust to the sudden cool darkness surrounding him.

"Chance, dinner!"

As much as Chance didn't want to leave his room, he did need to eat something. Going down the stairs again and turning to go into the dining room, his eyes widened upon seeing their dinner guest.

"What is she doing here?"

"Why are you yelling Chance?"


"She's here to have dinner with us." Chance's grandfather answered.

"Oh don't worry; I won't stay long." Katie smirked after finishing her mouth full of noodles.

"That doesn't explain why you're here?" Chance sat in his spot feeling really agitated.

"Her moped broke down a few blocks away and I said she could stay here until she finishes fixing it." Chance's father explained. He seemed very excited telling his son.

"Oh, well then…what you're letting her stay here?"

"What, don't you want me to stay?"

"Oh I see," Chance's father pushed his glasses back into place and the glare of the light hid his eye's expression. "You're trying to keep your relationship with Katie a secret."

"That's not what I'm doing!"

"Maybe he didn't want us to think that Katie is still his crush." Chance's grandfather joined in with his son's ranting.

"Actually," Katie began and was getting both fathers' attention. "Chance and I are already in that kind of relationship." Katie got up and wrapped an arm around Chance's neck. Chance gasped at what she is doing.

"Oh, how so?" Chance's father cocked his head a little while scratching his chin.

Katie placed her paws on Chance's face and leaned in close, but making sure there was enough space for her to speak, "Mouth to mouth." She was awarded by shocked expressions from both fathers. Chance was the one that was surprised the most.

"So, Chance is seeing a she-kat that he told us that he couldn't be with anymore because he feared it would make him feel weird dating a completely strange she-kat." He glares at his son and smirks. "How long were you planning on hiding that little secret?"

"I wasn't hiding anything! She's lying through her teeth!"

"He's right." Katie agreed; getting an even bigger reaction from both fathers, especially Chance's.

"So you're not dating Chance?"

"Nope, I'm not. I'm really more of a same team player now."

"Now!" It was Chance's turn to get shocked.

The shouts and chatter continued down stairs as Chance was taking a shower. He's really mad at how Katie messed with him, but not as mad as how his own father jumped to conclusions. "They're all in a good mood." He headed for his room while drying off his still wet hair. He could hear Katie in his room, but who is she talking too?

"Yeah…uhuh…yeah that's right…I don't know it's really weird. The people at Pumadyne are really making me work for it." She falls back and sees that Chance is standing by the door shirtless and all muscles.

"Knock before entering my room." The tabby shut the door behind him. He noticed that Katie was talking to a bird on the windowsill. Katie smiled and sat up.

"I'm sorry, for what happened in dinner I mean."

"Why did you do that?"

"I wanted to see how you felt."

"About you?"

"No, about him."

"Jake?" She shook her head and looked a portrait that held a happy moment of Chance and his brother.

"I wanted to know how you felt about your brother. I can tell he's been bothering your mind. It's like you two have a connection that I can intercept easily and feel the tension." Chance scoffed and headed for his bed. Katie sighed and smiled at the tabby's behavior. "I guess I'll sleep on the top bunk since it's vacant."

"You can't, it belongs to my brother." Katie looked disappointed and headed to lie down with Chance. Her back touched his and Chance quickly sat up.

"You're sleeping here?"

"The top belongs to your brother, right?" Katie didn't turn to look at him and simply buried her face in a pillow. Chance sighed and took his pillow. He grabbed a black muscle shirt and swiftly put it on before heading to sleep down stairs.

He walks into the living room and was stopped by his father. "Hey Chance, you don't mind that Katie is staying?"

"No, I don't mind." Chance saw his father sneer at the corner of his eye.

"You know, Jake is it, he left these for you." Chance took the photos that they took together at their usual spot yesterday. He felt guilty for not once smiling in any of them. "He really cares for you. He even bought the bread that's been on the counter from a week ago." Chance winced. "Is Jake's family poor, if you don't mind me asking?"

Chance stormed out of the house to head for the usual spot. Katie was sitting near the railing with her head leaning over it. "He's alright." The little bird next to Katie chirped in agreement.

Jake put away the lighter from lighting up his cigarette. He puffed in through the filter and then breathed out the smoke. He saw Chance from the corner of his eye and turned to look at him while snuffing out the cigarette. Chance just stared into Jake's eyes while breathing heavily from the long run. Jake goes to sit down and grabs the bag of bread next to him.

"They're hard."

"You read the sign right, it's a week old." Jake stopped from taking a bite, drops it back in the bag and casted the bag aside. Chance went to sit down with Jake. Jake had his arms around himself to keep warm.

"We were evicted from our house today." Jake voice cracked a bit but it showed no sign of crying just yet. "My father doesn't want me near them because they think it was my fault; just because I wanted some college classes."

Chance placed a paw on Jake's shoulders. Jake slightly turned to face him and saw how concern Chance was. The lean tom fully turned to him. "Chance…"

As much as Jake is suffering right now, Chance felt it would be better if he knew now than later. "My brother…in Maclawpolis…he…"

Katie gasped and turned away from a picture that was sent to Chance by his brother. "He has a new boyfriend! I must respect his brother's privacy." Katie said sarcastically, but then she felt like something was wrong. She looked out the window towards the bridge.

Jake groans and pushed Chance's paw off him. He didn't want to let Chance see his face and turned away. Then a wave of emotions rushed through him. Jake placed his paws on his head and started to moan in pain.

Chance rushed closer to Jake's side. "What's wrong?"

"I'm going to over flow!" Jake managed to say from his ordeal and throbbing pain. Chance felt like he couldn't do anything to help Jake. He felt helpless, but he did get an idea on what he could do. The tabby mentally debated to himself to whether or not do it. Another scream of pain brought Chance to make a decision. He placed his paws on Jake's face and pulled him to meet his lips.

Jake felt release. The pain he felt melted away and started to roam his paws on Chance's broad body. Chance pulled Jake to stand and continued to taste his friend. He pressed the lean tom closer and was given a moan. Jake, to his surprise, pulled away from Chance's lips. Chance still held him close, but Jake didn't even try to get free. "I'm…I'm alright now." Chance gave him a hurt look and let Jake go.

"Glad I could help." Chance averted his eyes from Jake's. He sighed and headed towards home. Jake didn't try to stop him. He too was confused at how he feels. He thinks he still loves Chance's brother, but the way his friend kissed him, it felt more than just friendship. He actually felt the tabby's love for him. The gentle touches and passionate kisses made Jake want more. Chance was already out of view. Jake grabbed the bag of hard bread and tossed it over the ledge of the bridge.

"Chance…you really have changed."

The next morning, Chance got dressed and got ready for school. He didn't have time to eat at home so he decided it would be best to get an energy drink on the way. The vending machine by the bridge already had a costumer. Chance noticed it was Jake. Jake turned to meet him. He smiled and handed his drink to him. Chance took it and stared at the can. The brim of the can had green liquid.

"I thought I told you I don't like sour stuff?" Chance complained. The tabby shrugged and drank from the can.

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