His Last Call

The tom had been seeing a specialist for the past months. Ever since he was released from the Megakat City's Rehabilitation Center, Rick was starting to become a more stable citizen. Even though he was getting better and back on the track of success, getting a job was difficult. His record was smeared with the fact that he was convicted of attempted murder.

At his trial, he was restrained by a straitjacket and held in a private room, consisting of his lawyer, a guard cop, and the judge. This surprised him since this was a serious case, but somehow they decided that it would be best judged privately and quickly.

Sentenced to twenty years in prison, he was first taken to a mental hospital for treatment. At first, he didn't comply with the hospital and did nothing. After a couple weeks there, he was given his first mail from Jake. He was surprised that he was still alive and that strived him to getting out of here quickly.

Months passed and he slowly regained his civility, but he still had to do nineteen years in Alkatraz. He soon was given a new head doctor, but this one seemed calm around him. It was like she had known him for years and was being friendly other than business like. Her nature surprised him and felt strange in her presence. She shared with him; little things about her and she made it important that Rick shared with her.

He didn't know why, but he was starting to fall for her. His thought of escaping was so far out of mind and would only pursue on making her happy. He told her everything about himself and the terrible thing he did to his friends at the camp. The look of shock and anguish masked her happy nature, yet she didn't request to find another patient. She stayed with him and Rick thought that she too was starting to like him.

One day in one of the sessions he had with her, she announced that if he proved his mental stability, Rick would be released. His eyes widened with joy and embraced the she-kat, quickly letting her go after realizing what he just done. She could only laugh at the sudden action, but complied by landing a kiss on the tom's cheek. She told him that he would be released sooner than he thinks and was cured long ago.

The day Rick was being evaluated from the information the she-kat imposed on the verdict allowed his freedom and was soon walking down the streets of Megakat City. She was no longer by his side, but was given her business card. After all the time they met in the small room for their session, he never knew her name since it was not necessary for him to learn it. Now he is free and was in love with Katherine Walker.

Rick didn't waist anytime tracking her down and met her in her own home/office. She willingly let him in and sat to talk about how Rick felt now being free from prison. He told her everything, even the feelings he harbored from her. His face warmed up when she laughed, but it wasn't a mocking laugh. She laughed because she was glad to finally hear him say how he felt.

Days passed and Rick was finally used to his freedom, but the guilt set in when he noticed in the news paper that two Enforcers stopped Mac and Molly from robbing a bank and are now being held for their trial. The names made him flashback to the night he thought he killed Jake and then tried to kill himself. Caring arms wrapped around him and was pulled into Katie's embrace. With a worried tone, she asked what was wrong and Rick told her the sudden memory.

Katie told him that the mention of Chance and Jake made his mind go into a state of guilt; one that could lead to depression and end up hurting himself or others. Rick didn't like what he heard, but he knew she was right. He needed to patch things up with the ones he hurt to calm his conscience and live a normal life. Katie surprised him even more when she passed down the number of the two. They lived here in Megakat City and not very far either.

He contemplated that night on whether or not to call. Rick would pace the living room, grab the phone and set it back down from time to time. The tom sat on the recliner and buried his face in his paws. He groaned and rapidly bounced his foot in distress. This was hurting him within his chest and felt the need to pull his fur off, feeling that it was irritating him throughout. He huddled and rocked back and forth moaning impatiently, telling himself to do it. With a long breath, he picked up the phone again and began to dial the numbers.

It rang for several minutes, but didn't drop the phone back in its carrier. When it was finally answered, he heard the somnolent voice he recognized had to be Chance. His breathing spaced out from short to rapid, paws became covered in sweat, and his mouth left agape with words trapped in his throat. The tabby became agitated and warned him he was an Enforcer.

"I'm sorry."

Rick hung up. He fell to his knees crying that he couldn't even make a simple apology to the one he hurt most. He just hoped that he would forgive his unexplained admission of guilt. All the pain he kept in the back of his mind just flowed out in one massive breakdown. So many thoughts went through his head and not one of them made him feel any better. All he saw was a balcony and he knew he was high enough to die from the fall.

He got up using the table that held the phone to get up, straining from being hunched for a while on the ground. Rick breathed slowly as he made a slow advance to the glass door. The night's cool breeze hit him when sliding the glass pathway and paws on the edge of the railing. He looked down and saw that it's just perfect; nobody around to bother or notice that he died until morning. Rick cringed as he leaned forward but not far enough to actually do it. His paws began to shake uncontrollably and shut his eyes as he went to sit.

Rick sat in the balcony for hours until dawn made its turn for the day. Not even he knew what he did to pass the time. He was too oblivious to his surroundings that he didn't even notice Katie asking if he was alright. After all this time of getting better and thinking that he could finally move on in his life, that one tragedy will always haunt him until he can make amends.

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