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Chapter 1


That was the third time Derek had heard that breathless moan through the paper thin walls of his office. Well, not exactly the same moan. The first time, it was a definite Ooooh, and the second was an Mmmmm. It was doing strange things to his libido.

His Baby Girl was really enjoying something over in her lair…

In the course of seven years, Derek had made Penelope laugh, he'd made her angry, and he'd made her cry—unintentionally for sure on the last one, but he had done it. What he hadn't done was make her sound like that.

"Oh, God, yes!"

That was it. He needed to go over there and find out what the deal was. Whatever was giving her that much pleasure had to be investigated.

He pushed away from his desk and then stood. Looking down with disgust, he readjusted his trousers and shook his head. It had been far too long since he'd been with a woman. Penelope normally turned him on—she had from almost the moment they'd met—but usually not quite this rapidly. Sure, she was a gorgeous, curvy bundle of sexiness, but she was also taken—quite happily, from what he knew. That made him pause as he reached his doorway. Lord, he prayed that Lynch wasn't the one making her utter those delicious noises. He'd have to gouge his eyeballs out and scour them if that was what was happening.

Watching hot Garcia sex? That would be a hell, yes. Watching hot Lynch sex? Hell, no.

Sadly, those two went hand in hand and had been hand in hand for nearly the past four years. He wished it wasn't true, but he'd learned a long time ago that wishing, hoping, and praying didn't get him what he wanted…and he wasn't the kind of guy that chased after someone who didn't want him.

Unfortunately, that didn't mean that his dick listened to him. His rational side was fine with their long friendship and sincere love for one another, but his physical side craved that woman.

Shaking his head for being a glutton for punishment, he walked over to the office next door and peered in the open doorway. Garcia was sitting in her chair, facing her computer screen. On the screen was the image of a dancing baby wearing a New Year's top hat and sash, which was obviously not what she was oohing and ahhing over. He then noticed an unwrapped bar of Lindt Chocolate Truffle.

"Ohhhh," she moaned again and then made a smacking sound with her lips, proving that she was devouring said truffle bar.

Leaning against her door frame with one shoulder, he crossed his ankles and watched the show. She had somewhat of a ritual for eating that chocolate. First, she broke off a piece, sniffed it like it was a rare rose, holding her breath for just a moment before letting it out in a sigh of ecstasy. Next, she fingered it lovingly, touching the smooth, chocolatey texture. Lastly, she closed her eyes and popped it into her full mouth, licking her lips before releasing that not so subtle moan.

It had to be the most sensual thing he'd ever seen. Derek had to uncross his ankles at the reaction his body was having. He wanted to be that bar of chocolate so badly…

She opened her eyes and turned in her chair. "Love bug! What are you doing here?"

He cleared his throat and then adopted a teasing smirk. "Enjoying yourself a little bit, sweetness?"

Amazingly, she looked uncomfortable. Her cheeks flushed and she looked down. "I know. It's shameful, isn't it?"

Shameful? No, that wasn't the word he thought of watching her making love to that chocolate. Hell, no.

"I wouldn't say that, baby."

"Oh, yes," she said, her eyes wide and guilt stricken. "It is shameful, Derek. I have an addiction. Like heroin or crack, I have an addiction."

He would've laughed if she hadn't looked so panicked. "Baby, that's a little dramatic, don't you think?"

"Derek, I ate two of these today," she replied, holding up the now empty wrapper. She gave it a shake. "Look at it! Servings: four! I had eight servings, and I couldn't help myself."

He stepped into her lair, dragged a chair over, and sat down. "Sugar, that's not that bad. Normally, you don't do that—"

She shook her head vehemently. "Yes. Yes, I do. It's my one true vice, Hot Stuff. I have to give it up. I have to."


"Kevin came over to my apartment yesterday," she whispered, sounding so shamed, he knew whatever she was going to say wasn't going to be good. "We were supposed to go for dinner, but I wasn't hungry. I told him I didn't feel like it.

"When he sat down on my couch, he saw my garbage can…" She stared forward bleakly, looking numb.

He squeezed her hand. "Go on, baby."

She turned to face him with tears in her eyes. "It was full of Dove chocolate wrappers. Full. I'd eaten half a bag after work yesterday."

Yesterday had been a terrible day. The case they'd worked on hadn't turned out well, ending in a blaze of glory and three dead victims. Not a banner day for the BAU team.

"Penelope, that's understandable."

"No!" she snapped and then tugged her hand away and wiped at her cheeks. "Angelfish, you don't understand. I had plans for dinner with Kevin, and I chose the chocolate over him."

"Baby, you did not."

"He was so angry, he left!" she cried.

Derek had to fight rolling his eyes. Good grief, that's what this was all about. Lynch making her feel guilty because she didn't go out with him instead of being there to support her like he was supposed to. What the hell was wrong with that stupid ass?

"Honey, that's—"

She put her hand up to stop him. "Well, I have decided. I am giving up this vice. I am stronger than the cocoa bean, stronger than Godiva, stronger than Milton Hershey and his legacy. I no longer need chocolate in my life." She paused for as second, smiled at him, and said, "Except for you, my carob coated cutie."

Derek sighed. "Garcia. I don't think you need to do that."

"Yes, I do," she stated firmly. "It is my New Year's resolution: to kick the chocolate craving to the curb and be done with this, once and for all."

"All right, baby. If that's what you really want."

"Oh, it is!" she exclaimed, sounding rather excited. "It will show Kevin I love him more than I love Cadbury Cream Eggs."

Derek winced a little. Damn, those things were sickly sweet. Even he loved Lynch more than those.

She reached over and squeezed his hand. "Derek…will you help me?"

Inside, his stomach roiled. He didn't want to help her win back the affection of Lynch. She deserved better than the man in the first place. However, if Garcia wanted help with this "wicked" addiction, he'd help her.

Sucker that he was.

"Okay, angel. I'll keep an eye out for you."

"You're the angel." She leaned forward and kissed his cheek. "My guardian angel."

Derek groaned internally. What had he gotten himself into?