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I really shouldn't be here.

There are too many humans.

I can hear every heartbeat, every muscle that is moving.

How lovely it would be to sink my teeth into their…..



"Come dance with us."


From my seat on the balcony, I watch as Rosalie and Alice dance on the floor below. Alice, with her raven hair, petite body and dazzling smile, is someone who calls to every gentle soul, beckoning them to be her friend, her lover. Rosalie is all curves, soft with roads of desire and pleasure mapped along her skin. Her blonde hair begs to be touched fingers itch to be lost in the golden color.

They are sensual together, touching, eliciting, reaching and creating a cloud of arousal floating all around them.

Stupid humans.

I roll my eyes at the sight of the drooling men and women watching them, thinking that they have a chance to be with one of these ethereal beauties; each one hoping for the pleasure of touching, teasing and tasting.

As I scan the crowd, amusing myself with picking out nicknames for a few of the humans, I smell something.

My fingers, my hand, grasp the railing in front of me.

Good thing they chose wrought iron.

I grip tightly, the black metal bending to conform to my fingers.

Unwisely, I take in a large breath, my body and mind trying to absorb more of what I smell.

Holy fuck, what is that?

I am over two hundred years old, and I have never smelled anything so…appetizing.

Venom pools in my mouth;my top teeth tighten against my lip.

The aroma swells in the air, filling the room, a haze enveloping me, creating need and want.


Oh, fuck.




Please, no.