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"It's none of your business" Courtney told him "I plead the fifth!"

"Why don't you tell us why you're here, Chris" Bridgette glared

"Well I can tell you that I didn't get here for having sex on a surf board" Chris told her

"Whatever" Bridgette crossed her arms "I don't care why you ended up here anyway"

"It was epic!" Duncan told her "You should have been there!"

"You wouldn't even know!" Chris told him "Quitter!"

"Boohoo!" Duncan mocked Chris "So, I didn't do your stupid scavenger hunt!"

"That's the only reason you didn't land up in jail, dude!" Chris told him

"Listen you came to me!" Duncan told him

"What choice did I have?" Chris asked him

"I'm totally lost here" Gwen told them "Does someone want to explain?"

"Maybe Duncan can!" Bridgette glared at Chris "Since someone else won't tell us…."

"Fine!" Duncan told them "I'll tell you what happened if you all shut up!"

Duncan flat out lied to DJ, he told him he was going to help him with this scavenger hunt and they would win this together, however after an hour of looking around for stuff Duncan got bored and decided this was a really stupid idea and so he "Accidentally" lost DJ in the woods. Duncan decided to steal everyone's stuff from their cabin's, he was surprised that nobody had bothered to come into any of the Cabin's since he got there, either way he wanted to take some stuff from the others. Duncan walked out of the Cabin when he was done and saw nobody anywhere on this island with the exception of Noah who was reading a book and Chef who was cooking something. Duncan decided that since he couldn't find Chris anywhere that he would go and steal some stuff from him too! Once Duncan got there he immediately forgot all about stealing Chris's stuff when he saw his bed! It was huge and looked comfortable! Much better than his bed in Juvie or at camp! He couldn't resist laying on it, Next thing he knew he was being blasted in the face with a water gun!

"Dude!" Chris yelled "Get outta my bed!"

"Huh?" Duncan woke up "I was looking for…..Scavengers?"

"Uh-Huh" Chris shook his head "Get up!"

"Chill" Duncan told him "I've only shut my eyes for a minute"

"Try 7 hours" Chris told him "You're the only one left! I'm going crazy!"

"I won?" Duncan asked "Awesome!"

"No, you didn't win" Chris told him "I went to my trailer to get a facial and when I came back everyone was gone! I left Chef in charge and he's gone too! Then I figured I could just forget about them but then I saw you sleeping in my bed and I went to look for everyone!"

"Yeah, don't know where they went" Duncan yawned "Don't care either"

"You think I do?" Chris asked "Regardless you gotta help me find the rest of the brats!"

"What's in it for me?" Duncan asked

"Immunity?" Chris suggested

"Screw that" Duncan told him "I want it all! Give me the money and I'll do it!"

"Fine! Whatever!" Chris agreed "Let's go find them"

"Why do you have a water gun?" Duncan asked

"Just in case I need to defend myself" Chris told him

"That's not going to help you" Duncan laughed "Dude! Get us some paintball guns!"

"That's a great idea!" Chris told him "I don't usually defend myself…..Chef usually does"

"Okay, first we need a way of transportation!" Duncan told him

"How about a helicopter?" Chris told him "It may work….or kill us"

"Yes! I always wanted to fly a helicopter!" Duncan told him "I'm totally driving!"

Chris allowed Duncan to fly the helicopter and they flew up high into the sky, Duncan was the first to notice the sights below him.

"Is that a Zoo?" Duncan glared at Chris "And a hotel? And a Coffee Shop?"

"It would appear so" Chris shrugged "Who would have guessed?"

"You didn't know?" Duncan asked "This place is really just a camp? What the hell?"

"I guess the others found out" Chris told him "I guess that's where they all went"

"Yeah, I guess so….." Duncan looked at Chris "So now what?"

"We could go back to the island" Chris told him "They'll eventually come back"

"You mean the CAMP?" Duncan asked "I want to check this place out….."

"Dude! We can't just land a helicopter in a town!" Chris told him

"Technically the camp is part of this town!" Duncan told him "So, I can land it wherever I want!"

"No!" Chris told him "I'm taking us back to camp!"

Duncan and Chris were fighting now over who was going to drive the helicopter, the Helicopter crashed into a building and started a fire, sadly for the town it was ironically the fire department that caught on fire.

"At least we get to explore the town!" Duncan smirked

Suddenly a nice police offer came to assist them!

"Do either of you have a license to fly this plane?" The officer asked and Duncan looked at Chris

"Not really" Chris told him "Besides I wasn't the one driving! He was!"

"How old are you?" The cop asked Duncan

"I'm 16" Duncan told the cop

"Are you his guardian?" The cop asked Chris

"No, I'm his TV host….." Chris told the cop "It was for the show! We lost all the other campers and he was all that was left"

"Do you realize what you did to the fire department?" The cop asked "Do you know how much money it will take to fix that?"

"I'll pay" Duncan proudly told everyone "I'm a Billionaire now!"

"No, You're not…." Chris told him

"Yes, I am!" Duncan told him "You said I could have the money!"

"You could" Chris told "If the money actually existed"


"I never thought anyone would actually win" Chris admitted

"Hands behind your backs" The cop instructed "Both of you"

Chris and Duncan did as instructed and were placed under arrest and thrown into a cop car.

"What the hell did I do?" Duncan asked "He's responsible for everything!"

"You're under arrest for flying a helicopter underage without a license and destroying the fire department" The cop told Duncan

"But he's responsible!" Duncan glared at Chris "I hate you so much!"

"You're under arrest for illegally running a TV and putting the lives of children in danger and also flying a helicopter without a license and destroying the fire department!" The cop yelled at Chris.

"That's what happened" Duncan sat on the bench in the cell.

"NO PRIZE MONEY?" Heather yelled

"You didn't even want to find us!" Bridgette glared

"You ditched me in the woods!" DJ yelled at Duncan "You went to sleep when you said you were gonna help me too!"

"Uh…Sorry?" Chris left out a nervous laugh "The point is we're all in this together now!"

"Says the host with no prize money" Noah glared

"I can't believe Duncan stole from us!" Owen gasped

"Really Owen?" Gwen asked "You ate people and you're surprised that Duncan stole from us?"

Everyone was glaring at Chris right now

"So, would this be a good time to ask Cody why he's here?" Chris chuckled "C'mon Cody! Help me out!"