Just a little drabble inspired by the end of Ep 1x3.

Dyson lay in bed, unable to sleep; unlike his red-headed bed partner, who was fast asleep. And his current bed partner was part of the problem. He wanted it to be Bo in bed with him… But he'd made sure that wasn't going to happen again. He'd told her he'd be there for her 'like that' if she needed healing, but he knew she wouldn't take him up on that. Not unless she was so hurt she had no choice. Choice.

He'd made his choices, and now he had to live with them. He'd chosen the Light, and was now bound to it. Even if that meant hurting Bo – hurting himself. He'd chosen to do as Trick had all but ordered, and drive Bo away. Put emotional distance between them. More distance than he'd ever intended to. The pain and betrayal in her eyes… He'd hoped sleeping with the red head would help him forget. It'd just made him wish he was with Bo. Oh, he'd lost himself in the physical for a time, but the guilt after… And there was no way to confuse the girl in his bed with Bo. She'd described it as the 4th of July in her mouth. He'd felt is as his body, senses, even soul, coming alive in a way they never had before.

But in a way it was a relief. He'd hated hiding the truth from her. Dreaded her reaction when she realized what he'd been hiding from her. She wouldn't understand, and he was afraid she wouldn't forgive. So he'd chosen to drive her away now, before they got even closer. Before he told her something that he wasn't allowed to. He'd chosen to betray her in a different way. He'd made his own bed, and now he was sleeping in it – without Bo.