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It was not long before the police had organized a search team to look for Baby Face or his remains. But though the effort went on for hours, nothing more than his hat was ever located. The police, the Monkees, Baby Face's mob, and Tony's gang were all left to assume that Baby Face had indeed perished in the waterfall.

Tony's fate was unknown, as were his whereabouts. Though everyone searched, he, Vince, and their quiet friend had all vanished. Linda could not be located either.

As Micky and the others were heading back to the Monkeemobile, Micky caught sight of a familiar blonde girl standing apart from everyone else, staring forlornly over the edge of the cliff.

"Ruby," he whispered in realization. She had returned at the wrong time, after the police had arrived, and was visibly shaken at the news of Baby Face having fallen off the ledge. Micky bit his lip, hesitating for a moment, and then slowly went over to her.

"Hey, uh, I'm sorry," he said awkwardly, and meant it.

Ruby started and looked up at him. For a split-second, hope was in her eyes. But she quickly recognized that this was Micky and not the man she loved.

"I knew this would happen someday," she said softly. She was not being charged with any crimes, as the extent of her involvement with Baby Face was not known, but the police did want to take her in for questioning. She dreaded it, as she did not want to say anything that could further incriminate Baby Face—just in case there was a chance that he would still turn up alive.

Micky shifted, not sure what to say to her. "I did try to save him," he admitted finally.

"I know," Ruby answered, and her gaze turned to one filled with confusion and curiosity. "Why did you? It would've been better for you if he'd just fallen. You almost got killed yourself because you tried to help him."

Micky shrugged helplessly. "It . . . it was the right thing to do," he said at last.

Ruby nodded slowly and did not say more. After a moment one of the officers came and began leading her to the nearest squad car. She went peaceably, but with a heavy heart. She did not want to lie, but she would if she had to. Silently she slid into the backseat, her thoughts whirling.

Surely Baby Face was alive somewhere, and perhaps someday he would turn up when she least expected it. She had to comfort herself with this thought or she did not think she could bear it.

Micky watched her go. A soft, sad sigh escaped his lips. In some ways, he supposed, she was like Linda. Ruby had also gotten into a mess that she could not easily get out of. The difference was that Ruby did not seem to want to try. She genuinely loved Baby Face and it did not seem as though that would change. It's too bad, Micky thought, that Baby Face can't just realize what a good thing he already has and get out of the crime business to be with her.

Mike sighed as well, and laid a hand on Micky's shoulder. "Let's go," he said quietly. "There's no reason for us to hang around."

Micky gave a nod of agreement, and he and the others left.


Still, even when Micky read the news of Baby Face's demise in the paper the following day, he found that he still had his doubts—quite a few of them. He could not shake the feeling that he had not heard the last from his double, but of course he did not have any proof other that that. And he was not at all sure that he could consider a feeling to be solid proof.

With a sigh he set the newspaper back on the table and leaned into the soft couch. "Boy, that was some wild experience, I'm telling you," he remarked, looking up at the ceiling but speaking to his friends.

Peter nodded. "I sure hope we don't have trouble like that again," he said with a shudder as he poured himself a bowl of Corn Flakes. "Maybe from now on we should just leave things like that up to the police."

"Well, we really couldn't help but get involved, Peter," Davy replied. "After Henry and Linda took Micky, how could we just sit home and twiddle our thumbs?"

"I know, but we didn't have to do anything else after Micky was found." Peter looked around at the others, his brown eyes serious and filled with concern. "We took a lot of chances, especially by going up to that cabin." He sighed softly. "I don't think we really did any good by going there, anyway. All we did was find a box of jewels. And poor Micky almost got killed in that fight with Baby Face because of them."

Mike shook his head, frowning down at the piece of toast he was buttering. "I wonder what happened to him," he muttered. "And Linda, too. She kept babbling that the gang war was her fault."

"No kidding." Micky leaned on the couch arm. "I wonder what that was all about, anyway. I don't get how she could have made much of a difference there. They would've all started fighting whether she did anything about it or not."

And perhaps the same could be said for her part in what had happened to Micky. He remembered that she had pleaded with Henry at the manor and that she had insisted that she did not want to kill Micky. And she had chased her husband around the mansion, trying to get him to stop. Yet it still seemed that she had not done everything that she could have, as Mike had pointed out to her before. She could have called the police and told them what was going on, but she had not. Most likely she had not wanted to get Henry into trouble, even though she had known that what he was doing was wrong.

"Well," Davy said after a short silence, "I hope she's alright, wherever she's gone." He paused again. "The police said that they found Henry's body in the woods."

The others looked at him in shock. "How'd that happen?" Mike wondered. "I thought he was working with Baby Face's mob."

Davy shrugged helplessly. "They thought that maybe he was trying to get out of the business and the mob wouldn't let him go," he answered. "I'd like to think that, rather than thinking that he wanted to stay with them. After all, he and Linda did say that they were planning to run away from everything."

Peter sighed. "Hey, I wonder if he was the guy who called you, Micky," he mused.

Micky blinked. "Him? That's ridiculous! I would've recognized him!" But he frowned. Was it possible? Henry could have been disguising his voice. And even though he had said that he did not work for any mob, he could have been saying that to throw Micky off the track. At any rate, Micky should not forget about the possibility. Actually, it would make him happy to know that it was Henry. That would indicate that he had been trying to do the right thing in the end.

Mike looked over at him. "I hope all that excitement yesterday hasn't put too much of a strain on your wounds, Micky," he said in all seriousness. He, Davy, and Peter had been worrying about that since they had returned home the previous night, but of course Micky had said that he was fine. They had all noticed, however, that he seemed very tired and worn out, and that he did not seem to want to do much of anything that would require him to move.

"Me? Pshaw, I've never been better," Micky answered typically with a smile. "The next time we've got a gig, I'll be able to come with you guys and play the drums." He leaned back into the soft couch. He was eager for things to start going back to normal, especially after how hectic their lives had been for the past few weeks. The most excitement he wanted to see was ecstatic teenage girls dancing to their music.

"I hope so," Peter smiled back. Now he glanced over the newspaper. "Hey, it says that the police are sure that Baby Face is dead," he announced.

"Yeah, I know," Micky sighed. "I really think they're jumping the gun. It hasn't even been twenty-four hours yet."

"Well," Mike mused, "if he hit those rocks, then there's probably not much hope for him. I kinda don't think he'll be bothering us anymore."

Micky rubbed his eyes. "You're forgetting how sneaky he is," he retorted.

"Yeah," Peter nodded, "sneaky and vicious."

"Sneaky and vicious can't keep someone alive in every situation, Peter," Davy pointed out.

"His crimes would have to catch up with him sooner or later," Mike agreed.

"Well," Micky answered, now coming over to the table, "I guess we'll just have to wait and see." He grabbed for a piece of toast. "Hey, do we have a gig tonight?" he asked.

Mike shook his head. "Not tonight. There's one set for Friday."

"Oh good." Micky smiled. "That'll give me a few days to practice."

He settled back. It was not that he wanted Baby Face to be dead, but he had to admit that he would be relieved if the crime lord would not be around to cause more trouble for them. That was the last thing any of them needed right now. Maybe with any luck, they would be able to go back to their normal lives.

"You know," Peter said suddenly, "I wonder what happened to that guy Tony."

"You mean if he's alive?" Mike asked.

"Well, that too," Peter admitted, "but what I'd really like to know is, How did he meet up with someone like Baby Face anyway? He was a police officer in Detroit, but he started doing bad things before he even quit the force. How does something like that happen?" It made him feel quite sad, actually. He did not understand, if Tony had originally set out to uphold the law, how he had suddenly got turned around and joined the very forces he had been fighting against. Part of him wondered if Tony's situation had been similar in some way to Linda's, at least in the beginning. Perhaps Tony had started dabbling in certain criminal activities and then had been completely pulled into the trap without even quite realizing it until he was in too deep.

"Who knows," Mike said with a shrug. "Maybe he was always a crooked cop. Maybe he joined to please his dad or something, but he never really believed in it."

"Or maybe he just got mixed with the wrong crowd," Micky suggested.

Davy nodded. "Don't think about it too much, Peter," he advised.

Micky nodded as well, in agreement. "After all, we'll probably never know the truth."

Peter nodded slowly. "You're probably right." But he still wondered. He had the feeling that they had not heard the last from Tony and his friends, either. Sooner or later, they and Baby Face would probably all be back.