AN: Just a little series to get my head back into Negima characters. For the moment, each chapter will be 100 words as counted by Microsoft Word. The chapter title will indicate which manga chapter it corresponds with. Enjoy.

Period 32

Tsukuyomi looks down at the battlefield thoughtfully.

What should she be today? Bloodthirsty mercenary? Naïve schoolgirl in way over her head? Clumsy bystander?


The thought makes her laugh—only not too loudly. She hasn't spotted her entrance cue yet.

No… she'll have some fun before she goes that route. She does so enjoy that numb look of shock that crosses her victims' faces seconds before she bleeds them dry. Depriving herself of that would be far too cruel.

Her eyes drift over to the swordsgirl.

Maybe… Hm. Could that work?

It could—Ah! Time's up!

Shy kohai it is!