"Jordan Zwitkowski?" asked a doctor.

It had been four hours since Heidi had been brought to the hospital. The doctors had spent the last three and half hours operating on Heidi and Jordan had fallen asleep in the waiting room.

"Yes?" yawned Jordan.

"Miss Wilson is out of surgery. I'll take you to her room now but she's still unconscious. You may also want to prepare yourself because she isn't in a good state."

"That's okay. She's still my girlfriend."

The doctor gave Jordan a friendly smile and led him to Heidi's room. The minute Jordan stepped into his girlfriend's room, he almost fainted. Heidi was covered in wires and tubes. She was pale and, when Jordan picked up her hand, he realised that she was also cold. In addition to the heart monitor, oxygen, blood pressure cuff and pulse clip, Heidi was on two IVs. One of the IVs was in her right hand, giving her fluids. The second IV was in her lower right arm, giving her blood.

"Hey Heidi, it's Jordan. You're missing out on the best time ever. Michelle let slip that she's dating Detective Ian Johnson. Vince likes Chantelle from Head Office. Chase told me that he caught his dad and Fiona in bed together. Dean and Lara both found renewed love in their partners. Lara's getting married in four weeks and I bet she'll want you to be her maid of honor. But, to do that, you need to wake up," said Jordan.

Michelle walked into the Rescue base to find her team in a group. They were all sad. She couldn't blame them. Heidi was their favourite team member and their friend. Jordan had called to say that Heidi was out of surgery but was still unconscious.

"Hey guys. I've got news for you. Heidi is out of surgery but she's still unconscious. Jordan is going to call when she wakes up. For now, go home. Get some rest. You did a great job out there today and I promise that Heidi is going to be jealous that she couldn't be a part of the rescue," said Michelle.

Everyone smiled in response before they left the base. Michelle walked over to her office and shut the door. She sat down at her desk and put her head down. Tears were rolling down her cheeks and she didn't notice Vince sit down in front of her.

"Michelle, Heidi will be okay. She's a fighter. We all know that she won't let anything stop her from being a part of Rescue. She loves this job. She loves being with the guys and Lara. She loves working for you," said Vince.

"I know Vince. It's so hard to believe it though when she's fighting for her life. I should be there; I should be fighting with her. I would love to take away the pressure and make her wake up. She's like a daughter to me Vince. That means that I have to protect her."

"Heidi's like a daughter to me too Michelle. I want the same thing. There isn't anything we can do for her right now. All we can do is hope and pray for her. She'll wake up soon. I know she doesn't deserve this but we can't change it now. You should go home too. Come on, I'll get Johnson to take you home. He's outside."

"Thanks Vince."

The next morning, Jordan woke up to find that Heidi had opened her eyes. Smiling, he leaned over the bed railing to pick up Heidi's hand. Looking into Heidi's eyes, Jordan saw that she was scared.

"Hey Heidi," said Jordan. He was so relieved.

"Jordan," whispered Heidi as she tried to squeeze his hand.

Jordan stood up and kissed the top of Heidi's head.

"I'll be right back. I'm going to find the doctor and call Michelle."

Heidi nodded and then closed her eyes as she rested her head on the pillow.

"Okay, thanks Jordan," said Michelle as she hung up her phone. "Hey guys. Heidi's awake. She has only just woken up so Jordan is the only visitor allowed. However, tonight, you will be allowed to see her so we're going to work today. Let's finish that paperwork."

"Michelle's going to come down tonight to visit you Heidi. How are you feeling anyway?" asked Jordan. The doctor had just left. He had told Jordan that Heidi was very weak and that she was to stay in the bed until the morning. He had also removed the IV containing blood.

"That's cool. I feel alright, I guess. What happened with that guy?" asked Heidi.

"I don't know. Dean went after him but I came in the ambulance with you and I haven't gone home yet."

"Okay, thanks Jordan. I love you."

"I love you too baby."

Heidi smiled and then confusion hit her.

"How long have I been out Jordan?"

"Since about ten yesterday morning."

"That's a long time. What did I miss? I heard you say that Michelle and Johnson were dating, that Vince likes Chantelle, Dean and Lara rekindled old love flames, and that Chase caught Shane and Fiona in bed. What else did I miss?"

"Just some paperwork. You may have missed a rescue or two. I'm not sure about that."

"That's okay then."

Suddenly, a sharp intake of breath made Jordan look up. Heidi was clutching at her chest and gasping for breath. Jordan pressed the 'call' button on the control next to the bed and then reached up to adjust the oxygen tube under Heidi's nose. After a few minutes, a nurse came running in.

"Miss Wilson, honey, I need you to calm down for me," said the nurse.

"What's wrong?" asked Jordan as Heidi's breathing started to return to normal.

"The injuries to her chest were constricting her lungs. The surgeon relieved the pressure by pumping air into the space between her lungs and heart. Since she's just woken up, I doubt she's been told that she needs to stay calm. She'll be fine by lunch time but it's probably better that she stays calm for the rest of the day."

"Can she still have visitors tonight?" Jordan asked as he gently stroked her head. He knew that Heidi was looking forward to seeing the rest of the team.

"Of course she can. As long as they don't stress her out, that should be fine."

"Thanks Sarah."

Sarah smiled at Jordan and then left the room.

"Are you okay now sweetie?" asked Jordan.

"Yeah. I might just go to sleep though," replied Heidi.

"Alright sweetie. I'm going to head to Rescue for a while and fill them in on everything. I'll be back in about an hour or two."

"Okay," said Heidi. She allowed Jordan to plant a kiss on her forehead and then she closed her eyes.

"JORDAN!" screamed Lara as he walked into the office.

"Hi Lara. Hey guys. I've got some good news. Heidi can't wait for tonight. She's expecting all of you to be there. She misses everyone. Where's Michelle?" asked Jordan.

"She's on the phone with Chantelle," answered Dean.

"Okay. Can we avoid a chat between Heidi and Chantelle for a couple of days? Heidi's not allowed to be stressed out today. She needs her rest. The doctor said that she'll probably be weak for the rest of the day and possibly tomorrow."

"Of course. I'll talk her around," said Vince.