Okay I know its been a long time but for those of you who are still with me…here ya go :D

"Okay start talking." Simon said as we sit down at our usual lunch table.

"How did you know that car would crush through the school?" Izzy asked, her blue eyes staring at me eagerly.

I look around the lunch room, the white painted cinderblock walls lined with thick green lines all the way around, the white tiled floor and brown tables. People are getting

there lunches on the same old orange tray and whispering about what happened this morning. Our school is the only school that would stay open after a freaking car

smashed into it. I look across the room, Jace is sitting with his group of friends but he does not seem to really be there. They are all laughing and joking around. He is just

staring. At me. Maureen and Sebastian try to get his attention; he looks sideways at them and laughs a little. Maureen spots me looking over and gives me a look. I roll

my eyes and catch Jace looking at me again. His golden eyes piercing through me. I take a deep breath tarring my eyes away from him and tell my best friends the whole

story starting from when I had just gotten my visions and ending with what just happened.

"You know the one time I go away, I come back and you inherit some super power." Simon says shaking his head but smiling at the same time.

"This is so cool! Do you know when they are going to happen?" Izzy says in amazement. I am surprised they even believed me.

"No they just do, I wish I did though so I can leave so people don't see my eyes bleeding." I say looking out the window.

"You can't say anything, you have to promise ok." I looked at them worryingly.

"No way Clary we are going to tell everyone and send you away to be tested on!" Simon says grinning.

"Very funny Si, I say rolling my eyes. But I am serious, this summer I tried to save someone from being kidnapped and the cops questioned me. I couldn't tell them how

I knew what I did." I say taking a deep breath again.

Oh don't worry, your secret is safe with us, just like all the rest of them. Izzy says giving me a wink. I give a little laugh, I feel as if a weight has been lifted off my


"Um Clary?" My heartbeat quickened, and my stomach dropped.

I turn around to see none other then Jace Herondale.

"Yes?" I ask my voice shaky.

"Can we talk for a minute?" he asked me.

"Ugh sure." I say motioning him to sit down. He looked a little hesitant. Before he says anything else I get up from the table take his wrist and go out the back door of the

lunchroom. I pushed open the door into the sun covered grass and sit down on the picnic table. "What's up?" I asked normally, hoping he couldn't see right through it.

He sits down next to me on the picnic table. He doesn't say anything for minute just stares into his hands.

"Clary… I …how did you know.. I mean how did you know the car was coming." he looked at me with confusion.

" Jace I don't know what your talking about, I just heard the sirens like you did." I say to him. I don't know where this is coming from I am just spitting out words, at this

point my stomach has dropped to my feet.

"Yea but no one would be able to react fast enough I mean I was right there and you were down the hall, how did you -?" I can see he was getting angry but so am I.

"I didn't know anything was going to happen ok? I just acted on instinct." I almost yell at him. The bell for class rings and I look in the window and see students filing out

of the lunchroom. Izzy is waiting for me, we have class together next period. I hop off the picnic table. I look back at him.

" You know a "Thank you for saving my life" would be nice." I say his face softened. I opened the door and filed in behind a group of people with Izzy at my side.

The rest of the day was a blur, I pulled into the driveway and see a cop car waiting out side.

"Ms. Fray, can we have a word with you?"