Title: Blackmail and Betrayal

Author: Orilon

Rating: R for bad language

Spoilers: small one for Season 4 of Buffy

Distribution: If you want it, take it and let me know where.

Disclaimer: Everything from Buffy the Vampire Slayer belongs to Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy. Characters not from Buffy come from my imagination.

Summary: Xander's flying lessons go wrong.

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I'm worried when I can smell Black Widow but not see her. I know the bloody bitch is after my childe because he turned her down. I watch him soar over the cemetery, practicing some flying move or other, which I protested to the bitter end. I don't see why he needs to learn how to fly and I'm pissed at my poof of a sire black mailed him into learning.

He's been pretending to be human around his friends and due to what little attention they pay to him; he's gotten away with it. The Slayer paying more attention to commando boy has helped too. My damn sire threatened to tell his precious slayer the others that Xander was a Nevel Falcon if he didn't learn. I don't see why he is so insistent that he learns.

Anger and fear flow through me when I see a crossbow bolt hit him in the right wing and the automatic change from bird to human. I run to where he fell, relieved when I hear his heartbeat and breathing even though he is unconscious. I get him back to my crypt, hoping that Black Widow won't follow and try to finish what she started.

As I'm bandaging his arm, the change in heartbeat and breathing alert me to the fact that he's awake. I stop my tirade about Nevel Falcons as a whole and one particular falcon and just listen to the sound of his breathing. I run my hand over the back of his head to find the wound and he whimpers. I purr, hoping that it will put him to sleep so he can heal

When he wakes up again, I tell him about what she did. He thought that she would leave, accepting the fact that he declined her, but I knew better. She had hunted Dru and me for years after we escaped. She's persistent, and after 30 years she gave up; that's why I believed the rumors that she was dead, she wouldn't give up unless she was dead.

He lays his cheek on my chest and sighs when I run my fingers over his good shoulder. Falcon healing is faster than human but slightly slower than vampire and I can tell from his stiff movements and muttered cursing that he still hurts. I purr again, trying to put him asleep so the healing process can continue.