Okay, this is my first Fan-Fiction from My little Pony. Mostly because I just yesterday discovered the series to be interesting for me. But i already have favourite characters. Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash.

Please, don't go easy on me when I've done something wrong.

My little Pony doesn't belong to me.


In a silent night, everyone in Ponyville was sleeping. Everyone except one certain female unicorn pony. Twilight Sparkle sat in her library and skimmed through a book, a photo album. She smiled at the pictures in there. Every one of her and her friends. But this book held a secret, a secret only she and her assistant Spike knew about. Still smiling she took a new picture from a desk and tipped it with her horn. The glowing went over the picture, then it disappeared and she placed the picture on an empty page. With one last smile she opened a secret bookcase behind a plant and placed the book in there. "See you after our next adventure", mumbled Twilight and stifled a yawn. Then she went to bed. She didn't know she was watched. A black, pony-shaped figure was in front of the window and sneered: "Beware Twilight Sparkle, because soon you'll lose everything." With that the figure disappeared.


Rainbow Dash jerked out of her sleep and looked out of the window. Had that been…?

"FIRE!", shouted someone again and the Pegasus Pony thought; Who knew Fluttershy could yell like that.

"FIRE! The library is in flames!"

At this Dash jerked out of the bed and speeded out her window, flying into town as fast as she could. When the library was in flames, then Twilight was in danger. "Don't worry Twilight", mumbled Rainbow Dash. "I'm coming!" Fast the sky-blue Pegasus reached The town-centre and screamed. The whole tree was burning. It surely was terrible. She just hoped Twilight had gotten out of there. "Twilight!", shouted Rainbow Dash and flew over the gathering crowd. Everybody watched in shock while the fire-emergency-Pegasus flew off to get a rain-cloud. "Twilight!", called Rainbow Dash. She called her friend again and again, but got no answer.


She looked down. Applejack looked up at her and called: "That's useless we've searched her everywhere!" "Everywhere", mouthed Rainbow Dash. Then it hit her. When she wasn't out here then… "Not everywhere!", called Rainbow Dash back. "Dash what are you trying", called Applejack while Rainbow Dash flew a bit away to gather enough speed.

"I'm going inside."

"Are you crazy", shouted another voice. It was Rarity. The unicorns normally white fur was grey and brown from mud and ashes. "But when she isn't out here", cried Fluttershy frantically. "Then she's still in there!" Everyone stared at her. She'd never talked that loudly. But she was in panic for their friend. Rainbow Dash gulped, then called: "I wouldn't be worthy being called her friend if I wouldn't try it." With that she flew off. "Rainbow Dash", called her four other friends after her. Dash prepared herself for some pain while she headed straight to a already cracked window. "Okay, trust yourself, trust yourself….TRUST YOURSELF!"

A loud crash, and she fell down onto a wooden floor. Dash pushed herself up, to start coughing. "Twi-twi-twilight! Twilight Spark-Sparkle….where a-are you!" "Rainbow Dash, is that you?" That voice wasn't Twilight's, but Spike's. Flapping her wings to clear a bit of the smoke, she ran through the house and called: "Spike….where a-are you?" "Down here!" Rainbow Dash's eyes widened. They were in the library during a fire? Who could be dumb enough to do so? She crashed through a door and heard Spike calling: "Twilight, do you have it?"

"Al-Almost", came a weak reply.



Rainbow Dash raced on, clearing the smoke and soon found Spike, staring into the dark-grey smoke. "Twilight, where are you?", called the small dragon.

"Almost…at the tree."

"Hurry up!"

"What is she doing?" Spike looked at Rainbow Dash and answered: "She's trying to save the book about…" "A BOOK!", screeched Rainbow Dash in disbelieve. "She's risking her live for a stupid spell-book?" Rage built up inside of her and she jumped into the smoke. Flapping her wings once more didn't help much, there was too much smoke. "Twilight…TWI-…" The Pegasus broke off and started coughing harder. Frantically she scanned the smoke while she thought; What is that unicorn thinking? Getting herself in such a danger to save a stupid book! She almost yowled in rage, but remembered herself of the situation. She couldn't breathe in too much smoke I it was to safe Twilight, Spike and herself.



"Dammit you stupid unicorn! Get here so I can get you outta here."

"Not…without it!"

"Oh for Princess Celestia it's just a stupid book!"

"It…it's mo-more than that", came the weak reply, then a sudden scream of pain. "Twilight!" Rainbow Dash ran on again, trying to remember where Twilights voice had come from. Finally she believed to have found something that looked like her friend and dashed up to it. It was Twilight. Her leg was almost crushed by a bookcase and Dash immediately tried to get her out from under there. She grunted and pushed, but the shelf wouldn't move. "Just…leave me here", coughed her friend weakly. "No, no matter if you got us into that situation because of a stupid book, I won't leave." She pushed against the shelf once more and finally it got off of her friends leg.

Twilight dashed forward, but Dash held her back and hissed: "Oh no you don't. You don't get yourself killed with being stupid enough to go there." "But the book", argued Twilight coughing. "No! We won't die because of some stupid book." "It's not stupid", snapped the unicorn. "It's my greatest treasure." Rainbow Dash got impatient and yelled: "Your treasure means nothing when you're dead you…" A coughing fit stopped her sentence, then she took Twilights mane between her teeth and started to drag her to the door.



"Out of the door!"

She dragged Twilight farther, ignoring the struggles of the already weakened pony. "Taking such a risk for a stupid book", grumbled Rainbow Dash to herself while she dragged Twilight out. Finally she reached the door and tried to open it, but couldn't. She tried to shortly let go of Twilight, but she bolted up and tried to run back into the fire. Rainbow Dash caught her once more and growled: "Spike! Open the door!" "On it", called the dragon and raced to the door. He crashed against it and it broke open. Immediately Rainbow Dash dashed outside and dragged Twilight with her. "No…please…", whispered the lavender pony weakly. "It's okay Twilight", mumbled Dash against her burning rage.

Twilight started to cry and soon all of her friends comforted her, but she kept mumbling something about the stupid book she tried to safe. Finally the Mayor called that the fire was out. Rainbow Dash sighed in relief when Twilight suddenly stood up, tumbled a bit, then headed for the burned down tree. "Spi-Spike", coughed the unicorn. Her assistant followed immediately and Dash held a groan. Even now she couldn't stop thinking about that stupid book.

Twilight Sparkle's POV

I dug through the remains of the library. To be honest, I felt just despair. How should the book have survived that? I sighed. All those work and everything else I've put in it, gone. My friends would never get to see it. I would never see if their eyes would shine after seeing it. "Twilight?" I looked up. Spike looked at me worriedly. "What…what if we don't find it?"

"Then I'll have to tell Princess Celestia."

Spike nodded thoughtfully and meant: "The book was really special. It would be awful if it was destroyed." I tried to smile at him and meant: "Don't give up hope yet. Maybe we have luck." The small dragon nodded and we went to work once more. After a few minutes I heard Applejack's voice.

"Twilight, whatever you do, give it up please. There's nothing left." I sighed and answered: "If there is any hope that it is still there, I'll find it."

"You're acting ridiculous. And that's coming from me", shouted Rainbow Dash. I looked at her. Her sky-blue fur was a dark-grey-blue and her eyes burned with rage. I sighed once more.

"You don't understand. This book…"

"Is a book", interrupted Rainbow Dash. I winced back.

"No. It's more than just…"

"I have to agree with Dash in that matter", meant Rarity. "Twilight, you can't risk your life for one simple book."

"But it's not…"

"What have you thought with that?", asked Applejack.


"I thought you like us", meant Pinkie Pie.

"But I do…"

"Then what?", hissed Rainbow Dash and stepped in front of me. I was close to tears. Why wouldn't they allow me to explain? "Do you even know how dangerous that was? We all nearly died out of worry and you're calling suicide because of a stupid, old, stinky…"


I felt how my tears ran down my face and yelled: "You don't understand. You just don't understand!"

I spun around and ran off.

I didn't know where, but away.

Applejack watched after Twilight when she ran off. "Dash, maybe you've been too hard to her." "Soooo not", answered Rainbow Dash, then a sudden voice called: "I found it! Unbelievable, one has survived!" We all looked up when Spike's had appeared behind a pile of books. "Twilight, Twilight, one is still intact. Twi…Where's Twilight." "We talked to her, since it appears a book means more to her than her life", answered Rarity. The dragon stared at her, but not with sweet love, but shocked disbelieve.

"What? Do you know what you've done? Now she probably is who knows where. What have you said?"

"I shouted at her for putting a stupid book over herself."

"A stupid…That book is everything but stupid", yelled the dragon. "She made it herself. The book was from her!"

We all winced back. We didn't know that. "Why didn't she just say so?", asked Pinkie Pie. "Because", answered Fluttershy silently. "We didn't give her the chance to." "It wasn't even a normal book", meant Spike and pulled out a photo. "It was a photo album, an album about all of your adventures. She wanted to show it to you next week. She…if you would've liked it, she would've copied it for you all. The album was special." We all were stunned, then Rarity meant: "I agree that an album like that is special, but no reason to put it over your live."

"But her memories were in there!"

"That's what photo albums are good for", snapped Rainbow Dash. "No", answered Spike. "They actually were in there. She transferred her memories of those adventures in there so the pictures would move. She would just have had to pull them back a few hours before she would've shown you. Now…with the album destroyed, she lost her memories of all of it. Sure, she still knows what you've managed together, but she doesn't know more." Applejack was speechless. No wonder Twilight has so desperately tried to get it back, thought the pony.

Suddenly a pony dashed up to them. Or more a zebra. Zecora, thought Applejack.

"I want to know what you did", demanded the zebra. "Twilight Sparkle ran past me into Everfree Forest with all her speed." "Everfree…", whispered Spike shocked. "NO!" He fell onto his knees and punched the ground. "Spike", asked Fluttershy carefully.

"She left", whined the young dragon. "You made her leave us forever!"