He May Come Back

Frodo stirred and, opening his eyes, gazed , as yet only half- awake, at Gollum. His peaceful face changed as he saw Gollum start and, raising his head gently so as not to disturb the still slumbering Sam, he looked deeper into the creature`s eyes. Gollum shuddered once more.

"Master", he whispered as if trying to reach across to the hobbit. Frodo`s look deepened with compassion and understanding and he half - rose. Gollum immediately fell back.

"No! ", he hissed.

Sam woke to see the crouching Smeagol , his eyes ablase with evil, a snarl on his lips.

" You old skunker, what are you up to now? " he shouted, jumping hurriedly to his feet. " Back to your old tricks , are you?"

Gollum cowered before Sam`s wrath, and shrank still further back.

"Don`t, Sam! "spoke Frodo." You shouldn`t call him names".

"Aye", Sam muttered, " I suppose I am to address him as " Dearest friend"".

"Just friend will do", Frodo answered softly without taking his eyes off Smeagol`s face. "He is one- or was a minute ago."

Gollum`s face stilled, his breath almost ceased. Slowly he raised his head to meet Frodo`s gaze.

" Oh. yes, a fine sort of friend that one", Sam readily responded. " Mr. Frodo, you know pretty well there is no trusting him , night or day. He is always on the look- out for some treachery", he added, looking at Smeagol with disgust.

" That`s enough, Sam" Frodo said quietly but firmly, throwing a warning glance at Sam. Sam was hurt.

" What, are you defending him from me? Surely..Surely you don`t understand…

" Do you? "

Sam met Frodo`s steady eyes.

" You can`t trust him!" he said in despair.

" Can HE trust us?"

Sam lowered his eyes and Frodo turned back to Smeagol. A soft light still hovered about him but an expression of pain settled on his features. And Gollum silently returned the gaze.

Even Sam seemed to be momentarily hushed.

Suddenly Smeagol shrieked.